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Title: Rhoss Fal's journey into existence
Post by: LilBroBear on Oct 13, 2021, 02:13 PM
Hello y'all^^

So, since I have no clue how to get started, I'll just follow the guidelines!

so, I want to make a custom modern/post imperial Mandalorian armor, based on some modified concept art for the Mandalorian TV show. The whole idea sprang from seeing the Dunewalker helmet design from AlterEgoArmory on Etsy. I really liked it, so that's where the idea for Rhoss Fal's look started.

Here're the concept for the costume:

Rhoss Fal:

So, probably medium armor, post imperial style, Rhoss Fal would probably be using a shore trooper E-22 blaster rifle.

 The armor would mostly be a mix of armor pieces based on Paz Visla and Din djarin's armor. Mainly using the solid chestplate of the heavy assault armor. the only armor piece I'm not sure about is the Shin guard, I was thinking a shoretrooper style shin guard, but y'all can help me with that^^

The helmet is the Dunewalker, from AlterEgo Armory:


Still not sure what kind of gauntlets I would do, so I'm open to suggestions on here as well
Title: Re: Rhoss Fal's journey into existence
Post by: Matchstick1021 on Oct 21, 2021, 06:58 PM
Very cool design! I like the mismatched armor. Remember you will need 2 shoulder bells to apply for approval but then you can remove one after.