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Title: Flight Suit Short Sleeves
Post by: JediTechGuy on Nov 15, 2021, 08:33 AM
Hello all,

My flight Suit will have two colors... Dark Grey body with an Army Green left Thigh Pouch... The flight suit does not have short sleeves built into it... I am looking to have a Vest made that will have Short Sleeves built into the vest to give the appearance of the extra flight suit sleeves... That being said. I want the Short Sleeves to be the same Army Green as the Left Thigh Pouch of the Flight Suit... Also the Neck Seal and Right Shin Wrap will be of the same Army Green and Material... Would this be approvable?
Title: Re: Flight Suit Short Sleeves
Post by: Arkham on Dec 19, 2021, 08:57 AM
Per the CRLs:

With double sleeved flight suits, contrast of color is acceptable on the arms if the shorter sleeves match the color of the flight suit.

So in answer to your question; No, it would not be approvable if you are trying to get the vest sleeves to be the flight suit sleeves.

However, you could just make the vest that green color. Or you could make the side panels of the vest and the sleeves that color. This would give you the effect you are looking for. If it is clear that the short sleeves are part of the vest, and not the flightsuit, then you should be good.

But the short sleeves of the flightsuit must match the main body and legs of the flightsuit.