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Title: BS Mandalorian Helmet Modifications??
Post by: RogueHeals on Nov 16, 2021, 01:18 PM
So I am looking into using this for a costume build and curious if anyone knows the specifics on what needs to be modified on the helmet.

Like I read that the seams need to be covered but I donít really understand what exactly that means.

Also any guide on how to take the thing apart would be helpful. Like I can see there are screws I need to take out, but I am more worried about any places where things snap on that I need to be extra careful on piping out so I donít break anything.

Also random question, but is it approved to use vinyl decals to add customization? I am not the best at painting and also like the idea of being able to swap out different designs by simply peeling off the vinyl and adding something else.
Title: Re: BS Mandalorian Helmet Modifications??
Post by: Second Son on Nov 17, 2021, 09:50 AM
Filling/covering seams, filling/disguising canon damage molding, darkening the visor with tint film or totally replacing it are the basic structural mods, and of course a custom paint job never hurts.

A while back I found  This Video by The Welding Geek  ( who is an OM (majaschwa is his forum handle, IIRC). He goes through a lot of what you're asking about in the video.  HIs other content is pretty dang cool also, including putting a DW paint job on a BS Boba. (

I snagged a DW black series as a base for a future project, so I'll be in the same boat sometime later on. I'll look for your WIP detailing how it goes.