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Title: Serious Vest Question
Post by: No'saj Huune on Feb 16, 2010, 04:01 PM
Here's the short version...

I have Type II Diabetes and one of the complications is that I gain and loose weight on a weekly basis.  For example I'm 5ft 9in and usually weigh about 200lbs.  Last week at my doctors office I weighed in at 190lbs and today I weighed in at 235lbs, and typically I flux between 5-20lbs +/- weekly (yes its hell on my body and sucks when I go shopping for new clothes, usually get XL shirts but jeans are a pain).

The vest is the hardest part of my costume, the part that I've tried to get right on my own but due to my weight issues I can't get one thats made to fit me correctly.  My mother tried to make me one but like I said, one week it fit perfect, the next it was too tight, and the next its waaaaaayyy too loose on me.   :-[

I'm hoping someone can give me a good direction to go in as far as making a vest that can accommodate me or if one of the vest makers here has an idea about making one of their vest better suit my needs please.  I did try making a "2pc" with velcro on the sides but that didn't work, either the velcro ended up hanging off on my back when I was down to "normal" weight or just too tight that it barely held together.  I was thinking the "lace up" version I remember someone mentioning may work, but not sure.

Thanks to everyone who gives some input or suggestions, I really appreciate it.  Like I said, this is about the last piece of the costume I need before I can finally submit to become official. :(
Title: Re: Serious Vest Question
Post by: OriKad on Feb 16, 2010, 04:09 PM
I'd recommend using adjustable buckles and straps on the sides.  Quick-release buckles (this kind: ( work well.  Two or three straps on each side, secured far enough away from the overlap that they can be tightened enough to fit you at your smallest.
Title: Re: Serious Vest Question
Post by: BedlamX on Feb 16, 2010, 04:14 PM
Do you wear a back plate or back cover? If so, make the 2-piece design with velcro side closures on both sides but extend the front pieces side flaps to reach around to the back more. When you are heavier, it will still look like a single piece from the sides and the back plate will cover the flaps. When lighter, the flaps will just be a little closer together...but still covered by the back plate.

I'm thinking of making my next one like this for simple ease of getting dressed. My current one has velcro closures at he shoulders and a zipper on the side (that is hidden by the slight overlap sewn in), but I think this will be easier to put on.

The lace-up sides would work, too. It would just be more noticable when you are at the heavier weight due to the gap.
Title: Re: Serious Vest Question
Post by: No'saj Huune on Feb 16, 2010, 04:33 PM
Due to the weight loss/gain a backplate is out of the question for me.  I've got two now and both are going to my two oldest sons.  I've decided to go with a full cape as much as I would rather not because it'll be overkill with cloth combined with my kama and loin cloth.

EDIT: With the current CRL's (forgot about that part LoL) I'm going to use a cape and a "segmented" back plate with plates covering the shoulders, kidneys, and lower back, maybe four to six peices total.
Title: Re: Serious Vest Question
Post by: Bishorzidi on Feb 16, 2010, 05:19 PM
Major bummer dude. What material are you using? Cuz I know they got a few materials out that, combined with elastic or straps, should be able to help accomodate you. It'd suck if you have to resort to something you hate if there is another way. I can't help directly but I'll keep thinking and throw up what I got and if I can, do some research.
Title: Re: Serious Vest Question
Post by: Pheonix023 on Feb 16, 2010, 06:32 PM
As a seamstress, I would suggest doing what Ori suggested with the quick release can pick them up for 97 cents at wal mart.  They are very easy to adjust (as they are essentially the snaps that come on fanny packs)  and you can even pick up "webbing" that fits into them at wally world too.  I'll also personally vouch for them since I have an adjustable corset that I made (because I've lent it out to other people before) that uses those.
Title: Re: Serious Vest Question
Post by: Calo Mer'kal on Mar 01, 2010, 09:15 AM
How are you attaching your plates? If you use industrial velcro for your plates you may be able to solve this by simply making a couple of different vests.
Title: Re: Serious Vest Question
Post by: No'saj Huune on Mar 01, 2010, 09:52 AM
I plan on using the bolt system like K'ramm Xrati suggested for his armor as I just bought a set from him so its easier for me to add/remove the plates.

I'm seriously considering using the buckles that OriKad mentioned and just making a "poncho" style vest so I can adjust it as needed.  My oldest son will be having the same problem as he just signed up for football next school year so he'll be loosing a ton of weight then gaining again.