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Title: Vest and Armor Plate attachments
Post by: Quinn on Jul 06, 2010, 07:04 PM
No, this isn't a "how do I" thread, rather I wanted to get some ideas from you guys.

I was wondering what would secure the best to a vest, since I don't want my plates to wiggle around and flop. That would just look silly. And a silly mando, I am not.

First idea are magnets, glued on the inside of the vest in strategic locations, or just metal plates inside that a magnet on the armor plates that will magnetize to? This seems like my easiest idea for holding down plates, but I worry about the strength of the magnets. But this will allow for adjustments on the fly should I need to.

Second idea are snap buttons. This could be a problem in that if I place the buttons wrong the armor will look "off".

Third is using a MOLLE tac vest and gluing ALICE attachments to the plates and securing them on that way. But I worry about them flopping around a little. I do want to get the SPEAR MOLLE vest to go for a heavy mando look at some point, or maybe I could slide in some thin metal plates in the plate carriers for magnets to adhere to?

Would like to get an idea of how this could work from you guys and what the pros and cons are with each idea. Thanks.
Title: Re: Vest and Armor Plate attachments
Post by: C1RCA on Jul 06, 2010, 07:48 PM
i use nuts and bolts , i find it works a lot better then velcro