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Title: Praetor's Mandalorian Pilot Armor
Post by: Praetor Ordo on Oct 24, 2010, 05:46 PM
This thread will show the build progress of the armor-part of my Mandalorian Pilot.  For details on the pilot, please refer to Praetor's Mandalorian Pilot Planning and WIP Thread (


As you can see the armor is Boba-style with all of the appropriate dents.  I cut off the higher line of the neck with the computer keys so it sits up to the same height as most other Mercs' neck pieces.  The face is sanded down and is awaiting another nice-ish day to get the back bondoed for strength (it is fiberglass).  I'm going to keep all the dents in it, too.  Sometime soon, I will post some pics of it taped to me for sizing, but it is about the right size for a Boba-style armor (shorter than the Jango).  The abdominal plate will be modified with lego-blocks for a "chest box."
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