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Title: Mercs "17 Wing Fall Fair" Invasion Report
Post by: Nate Jangotat on Sep 23, 2011, 10:15 AM

Invasion Location: "17 Wing", Winnipeg, Manitoba (Can)
Date: September 10, 2011
Clan Involved: Vhetin'Ade
Mission Objective: To provide entertainment to the friends and families of those who serve in the Canadian Armed Forces, and to promote the Mandalorian Mercs local clan.

Invasion Report: Clan Vhetin'Ade was once again asked to attend the annual 17 Wing Fall Fair hosted by the Winnipeg MFRC and PSP.

The day kicked off at 1000h, beginning with the Wing Commanders welcome (and coffee) before the Clan dispersed into patrols of two Mercs and made the rounds, much to the delight of the local civilians and base personnel.The event was attended by Sh'Sou HolDa, Telos, Arketh, Thorfastr Tyr, Gur Aryeh and Kranix. The clan also ran into a few "familiar faces", and joined forces resulting in a two prong attack of Mandalorians and Sith. Pictured: Sh'Sou HolDa, Arketh, Kranix

Original report by Sh'Sou HolDa