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Title: Skalex's soft parts WIP
Post by: Skalex on Apr 19, 2012, 09:48 PM
So I almost done gathering all of the materials to make my kit.

I'll add pics later,

Got my new flightsuit today (black, rothco), need to take about 10"s off the legs and 2"s off the arms. (yes I'm really that short, lol)

Boots: Issued leathers, need to add a spat (black faux leather) to cover the laces and thinking about a toe and heel plate.

Gloves: Removed company marks, adding plates to the back of the hands.

Belt: The base of it will be a 1 3/4" canvas belt with a faux leather overlay and ammo pouches.

Vest:  Still have to sew it but got the material, black faux leather.

Kama:  Same material as vest will be hanging from belt under pouches.