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Title: Material guild for beginners, hard parts.
Post by: Svik Katora on Jun 09, 2013, 02:54 AM
I don't know if there is already a thread on the pros and cons of different materials, but here I go anyways.

There are a few things to consider before you try and make or buy your beskar. 1 can I work with the material, as in do I have the knowledge and tools to do so. 2 can I get the material. Will the material be durable enough for what I need.

The next step is to decide plastic or metal. They both have major advantages and disadvantages.

PROS generally easy to shape and cut, lighter, not to hard to find, and often cheap.
CONS can be weaker, paint chips will be easily visible, and if left in a hot car, some plastics may warp.

   PVC strong, cheap, easy to heat form, easy to cut, but hard to find in any shape other than a tube. Great for gauntlets, knees, shins and shoulders.
   ABS much like PVC. It is a very dense plastic, it is black so paint chips will be much less visible, will not warp, so heat forming will be difficult. Its biggest downside is its price.

   Containers. Everything from buckets bought from a hardware store to large bins and trash cans bought at wallmart, Its easy to find, cheap, and you can find any shape and size under the sun, the only downsize is the plastics may vary, its somewhat of a gamble, paint might not stick, they might lose their shape after time, or it might be just plain brittle. Do your research and see if anyone else has used the exact bin you about to buy before you go and spend money.

PROS sturdy, manly, no need to worry about chipped paint that will only make you look cooler.
CONS heavy, can be expensive, and unless you have the right tools and knowledge it's impossible to work with.

   Steel. Very heavy, but very strong, can be a bit expensive and it is certainly hard to work with. Despite these downsides, having steel beskar is a bragging right of its own. May rust.

   Aluminum. Lightweight for a metal, still very tough, much easier to shape and cut, but is both harder to find and usually more expensive than steel, will not oxidise. It will still require special tools, but in the end will likely be easier than steel.

   Other metals. Mainly brass and copper, heavy but softer. Very expensive but may give you a different look from all the other mandos. Don't sink this much money into it unless you know what your doing.

Don't take my word as law, I have only limited experience working with metals so If I missed something feel free to tell me. This is meant as a reference for people getting started so if you have your own two bits feel free to post it.