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Title: Backpack Idea Bounce-Around.
Post by: Danne Outlander on Jan 16, 2014, 12:14 AM
So, time to think about a backpack!

In-universe, Danne has a backpack filled with high explosives. He can use these as grenades. It also acts as a dead man's switch. Recently, a fellow Merc showed me a picture of a batman character with ammo belts feeding out of his back. I really like this idea for my Fletchet Cannon. So, I'm thinking of making a pack with an ammo box on the side and the high explosives in the main area. I can keep a few other boxes around it for storing various items.

All of this on it's own isn't bad. However, I've been thinking of implementation. I want it to be like it's part of Danne, kinda like a parasite.

Just asking for general ideas and suggestions.