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Title: and so begins my jet back build.
Post by: Jar'yn Rywel on Jun 22, 2014, 04:09 PM
OK so I'm beginning to plan and design my idea for a custom jet pack backplate combo.
I have set myself the following objectives for this build
1. It must be lightweight
2. low profile so as not to snag on things.
3. Made as cheaply as possible
It will be a combined backplate and jet pack because modifying my vest to have straps will be troublesome.

I'm a terrible artist but I sketched up this rough design on my phone this morning.
Side View

Now my plan is to have a central block with a single jet attached and two small wings protruding down at an angle with a pair of jets attached.

Primarily it will be constructed from pvc and sintra with so
As to k