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Title: CAO openings
Post by: Sh'Sou HolDa on Aug 28, 2014, 12:38 PM
The Clan Admin Office is looking for two new team members!

The successful applicant will:

- Be an Official Member in good standing with the MMCC
- Be active on the Forums
- Have on average four hours to spend per week on the role
- Experience with databases and Google Docs preferred but not essential
- Have excellent attention to detail and accuracy
- Be willing to learn
- Be willing to work within the system
- Be willing to offer ideas to change the system for the better
- Be willing to take said ideas and make them a reality themselves
- Be able to work with the strictest of confidentiality
- Be able to focus for long periods of time on really, really boring data entry
- Like drinking tea

Please send applications via PM to Pointoforigin by Saturday September 6th.

Thank you!