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Title: Koran Orainn's equipment and accessories
Post by: Korran Orainn on Apr 28, 2015, 05:26 AM
Hey Forum,

As I am leaning my kit towards being a scavenger-come-engineer, I'll be using this thread to house my equipment and accessories. When I get around to making my fusion cutter et al, they'll be posted here!

I do have something tasty for you though, a doopydoos thermal detonator! This is a prop resin kit that looks something like this:


Nice and simple, you get a body and the 'trigger' to assemble it either as primed or unprimed. I drilled 3 sets of 2 3mm holes in the body to embed some magnets, allowing me to actually 'prime' it whilst on troops!

( (

Both bits have now been primed, so a paintjob is soon to follow!


Till next time...!