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Here is the reference article:

I am curious if I can build a Stormtrooper One/Stormtrooper Two blaster rifle built. Both are Legends weapons and only referenced in the old sourcebooks. Wookiepedia says that the Stormtrooper One is a clone of the E-11 design wise. The Stormtrooper Two is a blaster carbine according to its Wookiepedia article with the only modifications being, "the deletion of the shoulder-stock and the addition of a pistol grip and a vertical foregrip. The inner workings were also been redesigned, with the barrel, aperture, and galven coils configured to deliver a wider, high-powered bolt..."

I was looking to change the stock to one like Boba's carbine and keep the pistol grip and the vertical foregrip. Any advice on how/where to start and if the Hasbro/Rubie E-11s are recommendable?

Armor Concepts / Mando helm/headset idea?
« Last post by Dave the cooler mando on Today at 04:49 AM »
I've never built my own set of Mando armor but I'd like to start working on one soon and I've always thought it an awesome idea to have a gaming headset built in to my helmet has anyone done this before? Are there any tips on how I could maybe install some sort of headset into my helmet?

Any sort of response and feedback is helpful

Armor Construction / Re: First WIP
« Last post by Geist on Today at 12:46 AM »
Thank you for the input. I'll look for some new boots and post what I come up with before picking them up. I had those in the closet.  And that was a cheap pack of gloves from harbor freight that I can use spearfishing so I'm not out anything replacing them. Easy fixes. I'll get those changed.

Helmets / Re: Kaosu's Bucket Bucket
« Last post by 433Lapinsky on Oct 29, 2020, 10:35 PM »
Dear lord man!!! Do you realize what you have done!!!!😬😬😬😬 that hard hat (Bullard 502) is worth stupid money!!!!! Iíve seen them sell on eBay for $1,000!!!!! Thatís the only hard hat a union ironworker will wear and they havenít made them in 20 years. Itís bad -censored- though!!!!
Weapons Armory / Re: Blaster Pistol Build
« Last post by 14thWarrior on Oct 29, 2020, 09:23 PM »
Thanks to all for the compliments; I appreciate it.

I've started working on my next prop, which is going to be a massive sniper rifle. I'm using a NERF MEGA Centurion blaster as the starting point for it. I'm going to start a build thread for it in the near future.
Female Armor / Re: LStarrunner's WIP: starting armor plates
« Last post by LStarrunner on Oct 29, 2020, 08:23 PM »
Cross-posting to my own thread from the Kick the Bucket thread:

I finally got around to smoothing the cutout in my bucket today! I roughed it out a while back with a dremel tool - rough being the key word! - and it had sat staring at me accusingly since the shutdowns in March. Here it is with white paper in place of the visor for contrast:

I forget where I read it, but the originator of the advice to glue chicago screws inside and drill little holes in the corners of the visor to mount it was brilliant. Super glue on ABS plastic makes an immediate bond.

What do you think: should I leave the supports at the top and bottom of my 'beak' in after I get it all painted up (the supports would stay flat black to blend in with the visor), or cut them out eventually?

Armor Construction / Re: "Gearhead" WIP
« Last post by LordOTheWands on Oct 29, 2020, 06:51 PM »
I don't think you're quite right on that one. Looking at the Post Imperial era CRLs, and some pictures, it appears to me that the ab plate and the main chestplate is all one piece, and some of the other post-imp build I've seen are also 1 piece chest pieces, so I'm pretty sure you'r good there. With the kama, there are no specifications on how long it can or should be, only that it should cover a third or more of your waist, so you don't need to trim it if you don't want to.

Hm, ill have to look into that, but thank you for the tip! i was kinda dreading cutting the ab plate bit off hahaha
as for the Kama, i realize i made a mistake, when i said length, i meant how far around it went, which i definitely need to cut down as it could be a skirt if i were to sew it properly at the current width!
thanks again for the thing about the ab plate, thats really useful!
Weapons Armory / Re: Blaster Pistol Build
« Last post by The_Exile on Oct 29, 2020, 06:43 PM »
That is awesome! That is definitely one of the best nerf-moded blasters Iíve seen.
Armor Construction / Re: Imperial SuperCommandos (Force Arena Version)
« Last post by Jaxsem on Oct 29, 2020, 06:00 PM »
so i spoke to a friend who is in the 501st, asking if the Super Commandos were becoming an outfit there, and he said that its part of the Mando Mercs.  Would love to get involved and be a Imperial Super Commando.  Any advice on how to get started and where to go to find materials?
Armor Construction / UPDATE
« Last post by Biodelta on Oct 29, 2020, 05:57 PM »
 :jango: Ok so  here's  some shots of the armor tape on. I  didn't  like the abb plate so  i  remade it  to be a lot  bigger and longer giving the  full chest  a really cool look.
Atm im  seeing  what  i can  do for the  back plate. I've a few designs but  not  sure which one to  do yet. My  friends LandoBI made me a ruff flak  vest  to finish  and i  still have my  black flight suit and no lace boots. I also finish putting the gunthlets together. I  just  need to add some detail to them and then I  have to xtc everything  to  get  rid of the  lines and paint  it  all. The  helmet also needs to be  printed as well.

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