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Gauntlets / Re: The things that keep you arms safe and does stuff
« Last post by reguillet on Today at 01:47 PM »
They look a bit tight, did you leave your self any room for the flight suit?
Armor Construction / Re: First kit
« Last post by toastmaru on Today at 01:31 PM »
Here is the paint scheme I'll be using
Armor Construction / Re: First kit
« Last post by toastmaru on Today at 01:21 PM »
More progress pictures
This is after the sanding and seams were filled.

Visor added
Soft Parts / Re: Dutchess Satine - Rose Outfit WIP
« Last post by Sabine on Today at 12:50 PM »
I'm going to agree most of your choices. I think the only two that are iffy are:
A) the jacket outer, as in the concept art there is a definite pattern. The question is, is it visible on actual screenshots? If not, you should be good to go.
B) The vest? I'm gonna call it a vest. I just don't know that a microsuede is the right fit there. Generally you wear more silky things under jackets. I'm almost looking at this like its a fancy star wars tuxedo. Something like these may be a better option: Interfaced and lined, either could provide a soft, but structured piece that won't cling because microfiber.

I'm going to go out on a limb and speculate that the jacket doesn't have sleeves. I think they belong to a blouse, as you can see the same pink under the jacket at the waist, and a tiny corner sticking out from the green.
Crusader/Neo Crusader Armor / Early crusader question
« Last post by Splay on Today at 12:31 PM »
Hello all,

So reading all the different descriptions I find myself drawn to the Early crusader.  With that I am wanting to make my helmet look like it was fashioned from a skull of an creature.  I have been looking through tons of different pics and find myself having a hard time coming up with a skull that would look good and believable.  Any recommendations on creature skulls that you would think would look good as a helmet?

Thank you in advance.   
Best bet is probably going to be to use the Wizard of Flight (WOF) templates, linked here:
I need help with finding templates/ blueprints for a modern helmet that can be made out of aluminum.

anything will be helpful.
Female Armor / Re: Ka'ra's first WIP
« Last post by starfyre013 on Today at 12:48 AM »
Yay!!! So excited for you!
Thank you. That means a lot.
Female Armor / Re: Ka'ra's first WIP
« Last post by Kryamla Redalur on Today at 12:47 AM »
Yay!!! So excited for you!
Do we know which one buckets were recasts?

I think I saw a thread where he was defending his work as original. I think if he was a quality seller, he would list his appovable buckets in the Trading Station to get more busier.

Instead, it's questionable and we warn people about him and discourage sales. I feel like it's an easy step to get your work approve and run a thread here. The fact that he doesn't makes me uneasy. I will always point buyers away from him first. But I was thinking he might as well make the most of why he's got.

There's just so many reoccurring instances of people buying his stuff, getting their hopes shot down and having to spend that same amount or more again to get something that can be approved. I hate seeing it.
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