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Helmets / Re: New life for my first helmet.
« Last post by Uhbif on Today at 04:36 AM »
I scanned the helmet to make a 3d model for printing.

I also sometimes make these helmets for the clan.

Female Armor / Re: Female modern armor WIP (3d->fibreglass)
« Last post by Uhbif on Today at 03:34 AM »
Finished. Closed. I won't be doing this any more in the near future. The plans include a compact helmet.

Helmets / Re: Nite Owl styled helmet progress!
« Last post by Flo Brin on Today at 02:30 AM »
Good job on the recovery of the bucket!  I can't wait to see this painted.  :D

I'm just excited to paint it! I'm almost ready to, my Ruus says visually it's all ready for paint, I'm just nitpicking right now.  :rolleyes:

Just saw your update about your experiments with the Montana cans, thanks so much for documenting all of this! I'm not ready to paint my own armor yet but I'm planning on using Montana as well so this will be super handy when the time comes!  :<3:

Of course! Anything to help out a fellow Mando!  Main thing is to prime the can super well, change out the standard can tip, and be very patient while applying it. Gonna start painting as soon as I'm done nitpicking and have the interior all good to go. :<3:

That visor is truly spectacular.  Digging the colors and the process, and of course the thorough documentation.

Isn't it tho!? Kalevala Visors is such an amazing site to get visors from! Haha, yeah, my friends like to make fun of me for being so on top of documenting things. Just figure that I can share as I learn things so others can learn with me. I like to share my mistakes most of all so people can see that it's okay to mess up, and that mess ups make the end result even more rewarding!

It was a great idea to pick out the visor before the concept, that way there's no heartbreak when you can't find your exact shade. :laugh:

That colorshift will be a showstopper!
Okay, but yes tho! There isn't anything more upsetting than finding out the exact thing you need doesn't exist.  :'( That's why I always look for supplies while I create my costume blueprints, thorough planning also ends up helping you save on supplies you might have otherwise bought thinking you needed it. I'm really excited to install my visor! I have 3d printed installation clips and everything!  :8):

Arco is right. Beautiful visor!!!! Helmet is looking killer as well!!! ;)
Thank you! I'm really quite pleasantly surprised with the results so far. The visor is gonna be the icing on the cake!  :<3:

Armor Construction / Re: Rhue's First WIP (pic heavy)
« Last post by Mochuda on Today at 12:52 AM »
We tried!! We were there for just one day so we only had 2 chances to get into the virtual queue, but the spots filled up in quite literally five seconds both times. Maybe next time  :-[

And thank you!! I did get some 6mm Sintra but I could use a little bit of 3mm if you're willing to donate some at the next AP. My partner was in town on the 17th (hence the Disneyland trip) but I'm definitely going to the next one!

Yea I was furiously refreshing at the park.  We were one of the last groups of the queue to make it that day.
I have plenty to donate. let me know if you need help cutting out the armor.
Armor Construction / Re: Sentra alternatives
« Last post by Greed Shen on Today at 12:15 AM »
Thanks guys for the help.
Iím working on the paint samples and it is not going smoothlyÖ! Coated the spoons in primer, then after curing, sanded to 2000 grit. Yesterday I did the first coat of gloss black, taking care it was the right temp / humidity parameters, warmed up the can, did a tack layer, did a light layer on top of that, waited 15 minutes, and did one more light layer. Looked nice and glossy, until I checked it 24 hours after curing:

Lots of little dots everywhere. Akkk. I did another layer today, weíll see how that goes.

In easier news, me and my lack-of-art-skills are sketching up some concepts. Here are my thoughts for the defensive bite gauntlet on the right arm:

This would be larger than the offensive gauntlet, covering just about the full length of the forearm. The primary equipment on it would be the electrified bars running along its length. The visual details are diamond cutouts backed with metal mesh for ventilation, and some fur trim along the edges. I wanted to make the bars light up, perhaps by running EL wires through acrylic tubing and lightly painting it silver, but I canít find the right bars for something like that. Since I have the tendency to give up due to perfectionism, itís probably best I go for a standard, non-glowy version for now.

As for the attack gauntlet, Iím not sure! I know Iíll want a flamethrower and a grapple. Iíve been toying with the idea of functional buttons from an Arduino that type Mandoía onto a screen. But much like the electrified bars, Iím afraid Iíll go too into the weeds and get overwhelmed if I add that to my base approval kit. Iím thinking Iíll leave room for them in my base kit, then implement them after approval when I have less on my to-do list.

We recently bought a drill and a hand saw, which opens the possibility of scratch building these out of PVC pipe or sintraÖ Got plenty of research to do on that front!
Makeup & Prosthetics / Re: Helmet hair (and the avoidance thereof)
« Last post by Erio J'uni on Jul 24, 2021, 09:19 PM »
I wear a long, pirate style bandana with my privateer kit.  Works just fine.  Most of the women I know keep their hair in various styles of braids.

(Oof!  Sorry for the mega necropost.)
Makeup & Prosthetics / Re: Help creating scars
« Last post by Erio J'uni on Jul 24, 2021, 09:16 PM »
I haven't had any issues with rigid collodion sticking.  As mentioned above I've gone 2 days with no lifting.  Just make sure your skin is clean and dry as possible.
Helmets / Re: My helmet build
« Last post by bpwmd on Jul 24, 2021, 05:30 PM »
So this is the modern copy of the helmet and I'm hoping that this suffices for the "back slots" for the modern.
Can I get some input on this?

Soft Parts / Overalls/flightsuit question
« Last post by WesEllison on Jul 24, 2021, 03:13 PM »
Hi there,  what would I need to do with these overalls to make them less earth like and more swarzy? I've removed tags. They're pop studs/buttons to fasten, I will probably remove them and change it to velcro.

Any info is very welcome. Also ignore the shoes, they're not apart of my kit

The picture isn't great as I had my daughter take it
Picture here -

 Edit - picture link didn't work as intended
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