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Armor Concepts / Re: Rurik Ulfhamar - Armour Planning and WIP
« Last post by MrUlfhamar on Today at 03:52 PM »
Thanks for the vest tutorials. I will have to work on that when I am done with the other parts as an upgrade to the kit.

In other news started working on plans for the vibro axe!

Handle will be pvc, head will be sintra, I am planning on putting some el wire to make the blade look like Dryden Vosís knife.

Oh my, what do we have here? Oh! It's mail! I wonder what it is?

*gasp* It's my Manofwar flightsuit!

I'm going to try to dye it here within the next couple days!
Armor Construction / First build WIP
« Last post by NorrinRadical on Today at 01:14 PM »
tl;dr Ė new guy, working on first build, steel instead of sintra, pitter patter letís get at Ďer

Hey everyone, Iím going to attempt to keep this short since I always end up writing a novel of a post. Iíll try to just hit the high points on where Iím at currently and where Iím headed in the near future. I donít really have a theme ironed out yet, but I wanted to get started and hope Iíll figure out as I go.

Here is what Iíve done so far:

ē   Working with the WoF Jango template
ē   All pieces are 16g mild steel and have been roughly shaped, will fine tune once soft parts finished
ē   Vest and neck seal pieces are proof of concept pieces I made to see how I want to do them. Iíve started another vest with modifications, but it isnít pictured.

Iím sure Iíve made mistakes many new people make, one of which is being over-ambitious enough to go with steel rather than sintra. I get it, and if Iím being honest, Iím still not convinced I wonít end up starting over with sintra. A running theme in my life decisions is choosing to do something more difficult than I should, so why switch it up now? Iím just glad I was able to talk myself out of going for Boba or Jango right out of the gate.

My near future plans:
ē   Finish flak fest and flight suit so I can get the size and spacing evaluated and correct
ē   Finish neck seal
ē   Decide on the theme/brigade Iím going to focus on

Near-ish plans:
ē   Finish codpiece, gauntlets, knees
ē   Talk myself out of doing my own helmet, especially out of steelÖfor nowÖ
ē   Figure out plans for back item and weapon(s)

Ok, Iím gonna cut it off here because I could totally keep going with my thought process. That wouldnít be fun for anyone, probably not even me. Iím looking forward to any feedback/advice, especially once I have the soft parts done and start spacing it out.

Also, I figure itís worth mentioning that Iím a 2nd year med student. I bring this up because Iím going to attempt to keep a steady flow of work on this, but itís possible there will be bursts of activity and periods of no work at all that center around exams. Ok, now Iím done. Thanks, everyone.
Crusader/Neo Crusader Armor / Re: Ludor Jatu's WIP
« Last post by Kol Hokan on Today at 12:39 PM »
The evolution of this kit has been fantastic to watch!  Keep up the great work!  I love the inclusion of all the melee weapons, they are few and far between here in the Mercs! Great job!
Youíve done some really beautiful paint work on this  :o Keep it up!!
Female Armor / Re: Season 1 Sabine Wren - Build
« Last post by osukaru on Today at 12:15 PM »
Congratulations on being OM :like:
Armor Construction / Re: Pyroís Pilot WIP
« Last post by osukaru on Today at 11:51 AM »
As part of my moderation duties I must request that you please avoid Double Posting in the forums.  This is against forum rules as documented HERE.

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I really like your progress
keep going
Oya'la Ca'tra Clan / Re: Two Newbies in Stoon
« Last post by Starscream on Today at 11:51 AM »
Are either of you guys going to the Sask Expo? We will have some Mandos there that can help answer any questions you might have about building your armour.
Armor Construction / Re: Armadura Aukhan Ixxyr
« Last post by osukaru on Today at 11:29 AM »
Hola Vod
Super   :o!!!
Esta muy genial tu avance, tu kit esta quedando increible!!

Sigue adelante! :like:
Female Armor / Re: Aytella Zykiss WIP
« Last post by Bryn Cin'Prudii on Today at 10:34 AM »
Looking great!

Some feedback from me:
You will want to do some additional shaping to your chest plates, namely near the top to better come into your upper chest.
Get a balaclava so we don't see "neck meat" in the side pictures
Do some shaping on your shoulders to open them up a bit more, they look a bit narrow for your frame.
Do some white/grey weathering to your black soft parts (flight suit, vest, boots mainly) to make those match your plate damage.

overall, you are super close. I love where this build has gone. I hope to see you in person sometime for pre-app pics :)
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