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Forgive me if this sounds strange but - won't the red be hidden underneath the armour?
Mandalorian Protectors / Re: Yogis Mandalorian Protector
« Last post by Mi'ix on Today at 06:23 AM »
Nice job, Yogi.
Mandalorian Protectors / Re: Kai's EE-3 upgrade
« Last post by The Unknown Mando on Today at 04:30 AM »
Nice work, clean and sharp lines
Mandalorian Protectors / Re: Brett's protector wip
« Last post by The Unknown Mando on Today at 03:26 AM »
Been playing around trying to mock up the hatch area on left gauntlet, experimenting with depth of compartment
Also received another bucket, belated bday present. This one from toeleven fett ( #3). I'll paint this one up as another protector...very similar to my first one. There should be another bucket from uhbif arriving soon
At moment I think I'll paint that similar to one of the prepro helmets..think it's the second version, and the fett (animefan v3) will be based on esb fett....just a little different. Still waiting for mate to get his helmet ready for a paint job as well ( nme mercenary)
As with my'll be slow, when time permits, and the inspiration strikes
Bits of pvc cut to fit, roughly. Need to work out gauntlet closing and hinge on hatch. Bit of paint needs patching up too

Waiting for their mate from uhbif
Mandalorian Protectors / Re: Yogis Mandalorian Protector
« Last post by The Unknown Mando on Today at 02:47 AM »
Awesome 👍🏻
Armor Construction / Re: Fuo'Ko's First Armor
« Last post by Fuo ‘Ko on Today at 02:35 AM »
Thank you!!! It is 1 millimeter. But i used also 1,5 mm. It depends of what me remain from work :P
Fantastic  ;D

Good luck with your pics, fingers crossed!
2nd fitting complete, and after some major work the weekend already have to do pics for a 3rd fitting.

Since the above pics;
-  I have adjusted the Kama,
-  lowered and better centered the thigh plates,
-  adjusted the gauntlet leather,
-  sewed some detail into the coveralls,
-  adjusted the holsters (not pictured)

I think the 3rd set of pics may be ready for approval when I take them, fingers crossed.
So following the tutorial on here, I did a thing today just needs the clips sowed on and dyed or painted emerald green

Helmets / Altering ears on NME helmets
« Last post by Adiko Minn on Feb 18, 2018, 11:54 PM »
Hey, I'm liking the visor shapes on the NME Assassin bucket, but I'd prefer to have a viewfinder/antennae and chunkier ears. Anyone have experience modding these? Suggestions?
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