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Armor Concepts / Need help with finding a mando armor
« Last post by Kuba2pl on Today at 06:05 PM »
Hello everyone! Some time ago I've made an AR7 mando helmet in paper (pic down below) and after that I was searching for some nice looking mando armor to work together with this helmet. I found one pic while I was searching around on Google but there was no informtion who made it or if there's any file for it. While I was looking for it on "The RPF" forum. I found something similar which was the "Wookie mando armor" but it still wasn't the same. I also asked for it on Pepakura group so maybe I would find the maker and so I actually found him with help from the group but sadly, he didn't want to share his armor or anything anymore . So now I would ask you guys, because I see there are real professionals on this forum and maybe you know somebody who has similar kind of mando armor? Thank you in advance

The armor pep file I was looking for:
Soft Parts / Attaching Sintra Armour Plates To Flak Vest
« Last post by The Frozen Wampa on Today at 05:39 PM »
I haven't gotten this far yet, but I'm soon going to be making a flak vest and I was wondering at the end how I attach the sintra armour plates to the vest. Obviously I want the plates to stay on good and be secure and not flailing around on my chest. Any ideas on how to attach them or professional ways to attach them?
Female Armor / Re: Eitanya's S3 Sabine build
« Last post by Eitanya on Today at 05:17 PM »
Had a few issues to tweak and couldn't find the time this summer, but I pulled her back out this weekend. I think I've got everything squared away for the most part.

App pics! Wish me luck.  :sabine:
Armor Construction / Re: Jett's first wip
« Last post by Havelock on Today at 05:01 PM »
And I can't wait until you do.
Armor Concepts / Re: Cape question for custom Mando
« Last post by Havelock on Today at 04:59 PM »
A back pack isn't required, so if you're going to have a back plate and don't want a cape, that's fine, too.  You're welcome to have just the back plate by itself, or with the cape.   :)
Helmets / Re: Jorbe Falco's Target bucket WIP - Almost done!
« Last post by Jorbe Falco on Today at 04:56 PM »
Annnnd, I'm back!

It's been a while, but after attending NY Maker Faire this past weekend, I've come out of build limbo. I re-tinted my visor and finally installed it in my bucket. I installed some foam inside but this will just be temporary as I play on ordering some professional helmet padding.

Some shots right after I installed the visor!

Wearing the bucket at Maker Faire!

Up-bucket beard shot.

On display!

Let a little guy try on the bucket. Hopefully I've inspired him to grow up and be a Mandalorian!

Plan on adding better padding, a fan, and I'd love to add one of those gaskets at the bottom. Need to figure out who makes those.

Armor Construction / Re: Jett's first wip
« Last post by jett drexel on Today at 04:45 PM »
Well i have various accessories like an ejection harness, custom leg flares, macro binoculars, thermal detonator and e.s.b. style canvas pouches but i decided to remove them all for the app phase as each of these is a step away from the h.s. fett's overall look...... i may even just add them to my jett drexel w.i.p. i was planning on going for the "double whammy" and app'ing with both kits at once.  :D
Armor Concepts / Re: Cape question for custom Mando
« Last post by jedibarriss on Today at 03:57 PM »
Thank you for your response! 
I do have a back plate and thought I needed a cape if I was not going to do a back pack.
My plan is to make a cape in place of the back pack and it would go over the back plate. Is that ok to have?

Weapons Armory / Re: W I P Blaster project (UPDATED)
« Last post by kazaster on Today at 03:14 PM »
Update 2 WIP progress video
Armor Concepts / Re: Cape question for custom Mando
« Last post by Havelock on Today at 01:37 PM »
If you don't want a back pack, jet pack, or back plate, but instead want to wear a cape, then the cape needs to cover your entire back and disguise the fact that you're not wearing a back plate.  Most people who wear capes instead of back plates attach the cape under or around their collar plate.  You can take it out to your shoulder bells if you'd like, though.
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