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Are those laser cut do-dads like spike keys for hacking doors/computer terminals and stuff?

Yup. Explosions and fusion cutters can make new doors but sometimes its better to the doors you've already got.
Armor Construction / Creed The Hunter WIP (pic heavy!)
« Last post by Kristo on Today at 08:04 PM »
Hey all!

So a few years ago when I made my account I was in Eastern VA (Hampton Roads) which made me part of Clan Firestorm. I've recently begun working on my kit again, and have since moved to the other side of the state (Roanoke area)! So Starviper now!

I've been working on a Post Empire Hunter type Mando. I've posted on the main forum, so sorry if you've seen this already! I have printed the chest piece already, and am in the process of slicing the back piece now.  Shoulder straps are next! I have soft parts mostly covered, I'm using an airsoft vest as my Flak but I haven't modified it yet. I'm also using scrubs as my flight suit. I'm fairly handy with leather so I'm doing all my leather pieces myself.

Hereís the original concept! (By me!)

Hereís the updated Mando version.

And hereís some WIP pictures!

First couple layers of silver!

Smells minty  :D

Excuse the mess.. I'm in full on ADHD hyperfixation mode.

Here's what she looks like before the penultimate clear!

Visor installed! Iím really happy with how this turned out, but I feel like I can do better. I found another helmet design I like better, and will probably print and use as my actual kit. But in the mean time, here she is all done!

I did some washes on my helmet that revealed some more issues. Delaminating on the seams that needs to be filled and some layer lines that need filled. But Iíve also made progress on the rest of my kit! Ignore the WIP helmet toward the bottom.. itís for a friend and not part of my kit.  Iím really happy with how everything is coming along!

[img  width=487 height=650][/img]

New Bucket  :cookie:

Thereís a lot to look through here, so thanks for looking!
Armor Concepts / Re: Tribute Pilot Kit
« Last post by Skub Dunkhus on Today at 10:08 AM »
Great progress! Make sure to take care of yourself, vod! Looking forward to seeing this kit finished and in action!
Are those laser cut do-dads like spike keys for hacking doors/computer terminals and stuff?
Mandalorian Protectors / Re: Kurshi's Protector WIP
« Last post by Fenn Beviin on Today at 09:47 AM »
Can't wait!

Having more Protector kits in the mid-west area will definitely help if I ever finish the script for my Star Wars fan film!
Armor Concepts / Re: Tribute Pilot Kit
« Last post by Two_Bears_HF on Today at 08:37 AM »
Looking good!
Armor Concepts / Re: Tribute Pilot Kit
« Last post by ghostred7 on Today at 08:35 AM »
As I've told fellow Naast members, due to depression and the reason behind this kit, motivation bursts are few & far between but I got one yesterday after taking 1/2 day off of work for a mental health day.  I channeled into sandpaper & paint lol.

Armor Concepts / Re: Tribute Pilot Kit
« Last post by ghostred7 on Today at 07:48 AM »
Quote from: Jennari link=topic=212098.msg2331628#msg2331628 I  date=1660054801
Where'd you find that flight suit? And is it a two piece?

Yes 2pc

Curious to know this myself, it looks awesome.

JesterProps on Etsy.  I havenít gotten it yet.  Ordered based on what Iíve seen from others.    Someone reviewed here:
Armor Construction / Re: Trampís Mando Kit WIP
« Last post by Tramp Graphics on Aug 10, 2022, 05:30 PM »
New WIP pics up.

Legends of Mandalore / Re: WIP Kal Skirata Update
« Last post by ImtheCaptain501 on Aug 10, 2022, 03:36 PM »
Some updates:

I've got gloves, boots, flack vest material, the flight suit and belt pouches.


The zipper will be covered by the boot armor. I picked the thicker tread for these because Jango's boots have such thick tread.


Belt pouches:

Question on these; the CRL says there are 7 pouches, but only states where 6 of them go. Plus, I think it looks like he's got 8 total, just like Jango. Here's what the CRL says:
"3. Belt shall contain 7 Pouches
4. Pouches should be arranged as 4 on the right and 2 on the left with a space between the right and left sides for the placement of the Jango Fett style Westar Holster."
I'm not sure what to do about these --- the numbers don't match up.

Flight Suit:

I'm not sure if this is the right color or not - it might be too light. If so, I'll dye it. Obviously I'll rip out the pockets and add the undersleeves. Here's another picture of it in different lighting:

Here is the material for the flack vest:

Here's a test-fit pic - the flack vest and plates aren't mine, but I'll likely model mine off of them.

The sleeves need to be shortened.

Any and all advice is appreciated.

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