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Female Armor / Re: Avior's First Armor
« Last post by Choruk Diryc on Today at 08:24 AM »
Those are some very pink plates! With that green, I really like it  ;D. Great start
Don't be scared with the Rondo - get some good, thick coats of resin on there, hit it with a primer grey and then, find a section to work on - mix up a SMALL amount of filler and paste it onto the flat areas and spread it/sculpt to create the curves you want (what you're mostly trying to do is create a curve between the 4 flat corners of each pepakura segment), let it dry, then sand with rough sandpaper to take off the big lumps/brush marks, then lighter sandpaper to get smooth.

Rinse, repeat, working your way around the pack.

The real trick is NOT slathering the entire pack with filler and struggling to rescue the shape from there - do it in sections - perhaps start on the cone at the top of the pack first to get the method down and then work slowly down the pack as you gain confidence.

Every so often, respray with primer grey to give your eyes a base level to gauge your progress.  Don't be afraid to put on another coat of resin to smooth things out - that can help strengthen as well as fill in the big gouges that sanding sometimes levels.

Of course, if you need practice - how about cutting out a second nose-cone and making that to try out first?  If it turns out great, you can always cut off the one on the original pack and glue that on.  If it's a fail, you'll likely have learned a whole bunch and won't have done it on your masterpiece.

Armor Construction / Re: Mari WIP- Modern Femmando
« Last post by Raene on Today at 07:18 AM »
Thank you for the encouragement. If I think about everything too much I get overwhelmed lol. Step by step then.

I cut out a first try at poster board armor pieces at work. Will try them on tonight to check for spacing and flow with the chest pieces.  Seeing the sizes IRL, yeah I may need to simplify lol.

I think that's one plan I'm going to work to. 3D print a figure with transparent filament and light from below.
Armor Construction / Re: Armour Planning & WIP for 2 of us
« Last post by Syko Voss on Today at 05:20 AM »
Thanks guys!

Soo...I've been trooping a number of times with the lovely Reyn Vok'chi and the last time (trooping at the Notts Children's Hospital at Xmas) I figured out why just being around him (apart from his killer costume and great personality) feels like you're in the presence of Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...

As Reyn walks, his kit makes clinking sounds - the kind of which you subliminally associate with the sound of heavy bits of armour and weaponry or the spurs in a Western movie.  It's hard to notice, it just 'is' and it's tricky to pinpoint...  I finally figured out what it was - a small bolt in each boot heel and a couple of washers - simple, but INCREDIBLY effective at providing an air of baddassery - the kind of foley that would be added in a movie to enhance a character's presence.

So, I finally got time to make this mini upgrade - I took a couple of strips of aluminium, bent them in a D shape, drilled a bolt through my Foamex heel plates and dropped on a bunch of washers and split rings that when I take a step make just the right kind of clinking sounds.

Then it was a bit of a paint job and dirt wash to match them into my boots...

These are obviously close-ups, but the strips, from a distance/standing around the costime conceal what's going on while leaving enough open space for the sound to get out.

Clink....  Clink... Clink... 
Aaaahhh I love your plates design! Paint job looks perfect :D
Good luck with the jetpack! Apply your rondo in really light passes spot by spot makes it easier to get a smooth finish. Takes long but worth it.
Armor Construction / Re: Mari WIP- Modern Femmando
« Last post by The Unknown Mando on Today at 04:18 AM »
Depending on how you want it to turn out. Replicating that in a paint job should be straight forward. Add in some cool weathering and it'll look good
Armor Construction / Re: Mari WIP- Modern Femmando
« Last post by Raene on Today at 03:55 AM »
Probably weathering.
Armor Construction / Re: Return of the Slade
« Last post by Vhett Naast on Today at 12:40 AM »
Glad to see our OG horn-head mando back in action  ;)  8)

I look forward to following your progress man, looking good so far!
Armor Concepts / Re: First armor design
« Last post by jett drexel on Today at 12:28 AM »
You will need to tweek your visor design so that the vertical section of the t meets the minimum requirement stated in the c,r,l.'s and i would also check to make sure you can have the maul-dalorian  horns on a non cannon kit. But i'm sure a member of the app team will be along to guide you shortly. Other than that your concept looks pretty good to me.
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