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Damn look at that title... MK5.9... SO old. Well A LOT has updated.

Ive   been too buisy working on this to do any of my own armour stuff for some time now.

This is how most of you know it, and mostly blackwash and bare metal...

Issues Ive had with it:
-Doesnt look that good in photos...
-thin pauldrons get wore down to sharp edges from abrasion
-leather stretched and wore out
-leather growing new, never-before seen species of fungus
-salt from perspiration turning the leather into rock
-salt from perspiration and the ocean making the backsides and inbetween layers get all filmy with aluminum oxide

so anyways, the last time it was worn in this configuration(admittedly didnt fit very well either) was at MercsCon.

These photos bring me displeasure for numerous reasons, all thoroughly pointed out by the scum of Instagram as a few of you saw a couple months back.

just look at that. feels like Im trying to work on my charger. Disgusting corrosion.

I refuse to tolerate corrosion on my Charger AND my armour. Burn in atomic fire, scum.

SO step1 deal with this horrible chest diamond. New one is 1/8" stainless steel base, with 16gauge bronze overlay... this makes it about the same thickness as my plating; an important aesthetic inclusion because every little detail conceivable must be included. Got the base cut out, and marked the center for cutting

pretin both sides with 50% silver... this solder is specially formulated for stainless steel, same stuff I use on my crushgaunts and for putting fancy faceplates on expensive helmets.

While still hot I bend it

then cut it out and clean it

weld on some mounting provisions.. more stainless steel. Yea I brand everything I make now... Ive had a couple wanna-be's claiming their me / made what I made.

Now that it's clean I need to make it UN CLEAN. Tarnishing it by gassing it ijn an acidic environment then drowning it in peroxide... didnt work THAT well but it made it very susceptible to atmospheric contamination. My jeweler friends wouldnt touch it out of fear of contamination because of the stainless steel part, something about nickel i don't remember.

Makeshift fume chamber

damnit wrong kind of corrosion

wipe away the green film and put it in peroxide for a while, let it dry in the air, and repeat 3 or 4 times over the course of a day.

Fits muuuch better than my original one

Like look at that... what was I- oh wait I was a 17yearold little NOOBLET

The chest diamond is very significant in Mandalorian culture... what you expected me to get all poetic on it? nah. Ive seen people giving their chest diamond to their significant other, I give them this look

But anyways this post is getting massive and I(probably) promised Thaxos the LAST time i broke my thread by making my posts too long, that I would not to that... so somebody comment while I type up the next entry...
Armor Concepts / Re: Armor Concept- do this first to expand your concept
« Last post by Hider2276 on Apr 20, 2019, 08:12 PM »
I based my dual blasters on jango fett’s blasters AND Mandalorian dual blasters.

SO as (most?) of you recall, I cloned my Destroyer helmet in Stainless steel, heres a pic of my Stainless steel one next to Moruut Naast(the original designer) Destroyer helmet. Photo taken at SLCC 2017

Info on the stainless steel build is in the previous posts of this thread.

Way back like 5 or 6 years ago now, my mk3 helmet had a either bronze or brass faceplate(you gotta go waaay back oin this thread) then I became the devil on Mandalore's shoulder and sent him some bronze(hes working on a metal helmet if you follow him on Facebook you can see his progress on his page)

Heres a picture i snuck wearing his unfinished helmet while I was working on my thigh plates in his shop before MercsCon... I took this photo for the sole purpose of urking my DM.

So yea trolling aside. About a month or two ago I unveiled this god-tier helmet I made for an investor... built to the same extreme specs mine was, stainless steel ect BUT also with bronze faceplate. Looked so damn good i decided i needed to put bronze on mine once again.

But as you now know I definitely didn't have time to rebuild my helmet before celebration.. but I COULD add a laminate faceplate with JB industroweld, the super strong 24 hour cure stuff. So.. step1 make the templates... now with EXTRA angry eyebrows... just like the hood pins on my charger.

Trace template onto some 16gauge alloy 220 architectural bronze

Now to prevent messing up the bronze I used a hard rubber mallet on my round form and a brass hammer my grandfather made, which I mangled up separating tierods on my front suspension because I'm an indiot and didn't know what a pritchel fork was (in my defense I thought the brass would prevent me from mangling the threads) SO since the hammer was mangled up,

I decided it needed to be cleaned up and polished like a planishing hammer.

not perfect but it'd get the job done.

Bit of measuring and stuff,,, it was a bit hit or miss I was going on 3 days without sleep, purely sustaining myself on energy drinks and deathmetal.

note how the bronze gets a blue/purple hue in some areas as it tarnishes... this is the finish of the sheet i was using, itll get that with age, like heat discolouration.

Originally I was going to do a single piece faceplate but the cheeks sat further in than the brow part of the face so it needed to be made of 3 parts.... top, left, and right.

Fitup looks good

At this point I was ready to get it to adhering it... I prepped the surfaces to be adhered with a small grinding/sanding wheel on a pneumatic diegrinder, the harder stainless steel faceplate I hit with a 60grit flaptdisc on the angle grinder, then clean everything with non chlorinated breakcleaner

Since I couldnt clamp a round object like this, since my clamps big enough for this weigh like 30lbs each... I used oversize washers on threaded studs and stainless steel safety wire, like some kinda deathmetal cover or those metal pin/brackets for holding shattered bones together.

While I was assembling my armour Mashukir Pruudise (spelling?) pulled the tape off my helmet, shaved down the jb weld and surfaced the bronze.

This photo was taken before I smeared some sweat and finger grease on the bronze to accelerate the tarnishing, then I put some blackwash... in an expensive hotel room while everyone else was doing pre-con stuff, like a sociopath.

And here it is being trooped. Photo taken by the legendary Zeherfoto
Armor Concepts / Re: So You're Going to Build a Mando!
« Last post by Hider2276 on Apr 20, 2019, 08:05 PM »
Anyone’s own concepts posted under your thread is unavailable because apparently it’s not working(?) you have any threads on this Mandalorian Mercs website where people post their concepts that could be easily opened to?
Legacy Era Mandalorians / Re: KE´GYCE ORI´TOR - LEGACY ARMOR WIP
« Last post by delgado08 on Apr 20, 2019, 07:43 PM »
Great work brother !

How are you going with the Pauldrons ?
Female Armor / Re: Cheri's Sabine Wren s3 WiP!
« Last post by CheriBot on Apr 20, 2019, 05:38 PM »
Thank you!!!  :sabine:

After returning from Celebration this week I was super amped up to finish painting at least the "light armor" pieces. I finally finished last night!!!!! I am super happy with how it came out, and I cannot believe it's actually done. It's so weird to look at a fully painted kit, I'm sure you all know it feels like you're just never going to finish!  :porg2:

Big thank you to everyone following my build and offering kind words of encouragement and everyone I've been asking non-stop build questions (you know who you are ;D hahaha). I can't wait to attach everything, and then it's on to the helmet and gauntlets!

Bonus pic: Bought the Her Universe jacket and I loooooove it, perfect for a casual Sabine day! This was a good opportunity to take the wig for a "test drive" haha

Legacy Era Mandalorians / Re: KE´GYCE ORI´TOR - LEGACY ARMOR WIP
« Last post by Khorkhe Ori'tor on Apr 20, 2019, 04:56 PM »
Now, this is my other progress: my Westar 35 and my Beskad... I made with MDF wood and Sintra:



Legacy Era Mandalorians / Re: KE´GYCE ORI´TOR - LEGACY ARMOR WIP
« Last post by Khorkhe Ori'tor on Apr 20, 2019, 04:42 PM »
Hello Vode:

This is one of my new advances: ammo belt, pouches and straps for the armor...

I still have to do the holsters and apply the weathering. When I have already updated this post.

Helmets / Re: Can I use this Helmet?
« Last post by UnfairerSpy2075 on Apr 20, 2019, 04:40 PM »
Thanks for the heads up guyz. 😁
Armor Concepts / Re: [WIP] very slow build of a Mandalorian armor
« Last post by mykejr on Apr 20, 2019, 04:35 PM »
I have a question. I've been showing some pictures to my wife, of course she liked Bo Katan Kryze "look" so it got me thinking. The owl mask fits but I do not wish to make a face character. I think it will be a similar or inspired design. She also liked the color scheme so... And here is my concern. My helmet is not a Death Watch design, also I was not planning my kit to resemble Death Watch but still would like to make the two kits similar. Is it still acceptable if it has Death Watch elements/color but also some other stuff different, like helmet, back plate, or it is no problem to use that color and call it simply "modern" Mando?
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