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Armor Construction / Re: Help! Helmet problems
« Last post by GavBot703 on Today at 09:11 AM »
I've decided to re-print the helmet. Thanks for the help though!  :mtu:
Female Armor / Re: Kurs Me'suum'ika ( My forest moon 2nd kit) WIP
« Last post by Qa'rin on Today at 02:49 AM »
I was thinking about something like a 'semi shnee' (if that makes any sence) as an uppgrade for my kit. I've been looking at how some motorcycle armours are constructed. Like these:

It gives the apperance of a single piece when you stand straight but are infact two separate pieces attached on a softer piece, perhaps that type of construction would suit you as well?
Canon Brigade / Re: Raysc Sho’sen Live Action DW—maybe?
« Last post by Raquel91 on Today at 01:48 AM »
Hi Bryan! Happy to find your wip thread.

Just inputing what I mentioned on the builders group to here.

- Rachel G. Nguyen

Great kit so far!

Based on visuals from the show, Live Action DW seem to have slightly bigger armor plates. I believe the kidney armor should be a bigger size, maybe your left thigh as well.

Other recommendation would be weathering the flight suit, leather accessories, and boots a bit to be consistent with the vest and armor plates. But it might be the lighting, you could always take close up shots of those items if the weathering is indeed present.

You are on the right track! Great job.
Armor Concepts / Re: Post Imperial armor build
« Last post by Krorr te Naast on Today at 12:53 AM »
Looks awesome! Can't wait to see it all come together!  :like:
Armor Concepts / Re: armor era question
« Last post by Krorr te Naast on Today at 12:46 AM »
I do not see the problem with having Modern and Post Imp pieces for your armor. However, if parts of your armor are considered Post Imp, according to the CRLs and/or your Ruus'alor's input, it will put your armor in the Post Imp era. Though Modern/Post Imp helmets are put together on the CRLs, some helmets are considered Post Imp in reference to The Mandalorian/BOBF, such as the Armorer's and Paz Vizsla's, etc.
Canon Brigade / Re: Raysc Sho’sen Live Action DW—maybe?
« Last post by Raysc Sho'sen on Jan 30, 2023, 10:27 PM »
First time testing the fit. I changed to a slightly larger chest plate from past posts. I am weathering chest plate. At least it shows the weathering of my other armor. Compare/ contrast. The bucket has been repainted and I am weathering. The shirt is to short. I need to add some material to bottom of shirt so it tucks in. Kinda upset about that. It fit back in Sept when I received it. Also may need to add to waist of pants for more secure fit. Just a tab to tight. Anyway-looking for feedback on armor placement/fit. Weathering.

Armor Construction / Re: Second Son Second Kit
« Last post by Jennari on Jan 30, 2023, 08:43 PM »
Beautiful start! Love the kit design!  :like:
Armor Construction / Second Son Second Kit
« Last post by Second Son on Jan 30, 2023, 08:37 PM »
Well. I'm looking at Post Imperial for a second kit. I want to re-do the helmet color scheme from my absolute first foray into the Mando world, and use it on an official kit.
For the rest of the armor, the Look I'm currently feeling is "assembled from a few different sets of Mandalorian armor". I'm looking to walk a line between the COTW scrapper look and the more polished Kryze examples - mis matched colors and individual plate styles, but still a set of Mando plates, with no imperial scrounging. I'm planning to only use colors I already have in stock, and use current fabric and workwear supplies for soft kit. I have a Black Series Deathwatch helmet, but I have not committed to using it for this kit just yet.

I've drawn and mocked up a variant of the live action deathwatch chest plate, tested it for size, and double checked with the application approval team that it meets the design aesthetics for a PI chest plate.

I'm pretty sure I have what I want for my chest plate colors, and what I want my primary vest color to be. The arm and leg plate colors are not 100% fixed. I'm torn between having everything look like I just got dusted it off and put it on, or having the various color schemes peeking out from a newer paint job. Either way, I'm going to let the design flow as I work on it and see where I end up. Worst case scenario, I hate it and layer another paint scheme on top. I think the part I'm hung up on is the flightsuit color.

I'm looking at going one of these two directions:

The remaining plates are variations on my existing designs, as are the gauntlets. I may have accidentally sort of begun making the hard parts, just a little bit.

I've put a hard pause on that, since I haven't actually finished the soft kit. Even though I "know what I'm doing" (ha!) I intend to follow the prevailing wisdom and get that all sorted out before I go further.
I've got the beginnings of soft kit for either option - for the blue I have a set of coveralls and a matching work shirt that I would slice up and reassemble.
For the grey I would re-use the charcoal scrubs I used for my very first 'flightsuit' and similarly convert it into a PI style.
Neither option has less work involved, so it comes down to grey or blue.

Meanwhile, I have plenty of other stuff to work on for the flagship kit. See you all later with some sort of progress, sometime soon.
Armor Concepts / Post Imperial armor build
« Last post by OddViking on Jan 30, 2023, 08:05 PM »
I am already underway on this build! I started with some cool knee models by discountmando on IG, and once I chose colors for that, I figured it was time to sketch out the rest of it. I had the gun belt setup already (holds a data pad on the left thigh) and the SE-14R pistol, so I designed around those elements.

Here is what is already done, and in progress:
  - Knee armor: done
  - Chest armor: Resin cast chest is primed and gloss 2K base down for the Alclad Chrome
  - Right shoulder: Death trooper shoulder is done (painted rust red and weathered)
  - Helmet: Din cast is underway, with modifications to make it more unique. Primed and gloss 2K base down for the ALclad Chrome.
  - Flight Suit: I have the fabric and pattern for my flight suit, so sewing that will be the next big step.
  - Blasters: I have the SE-14R, and an Imperial Smart Rocket Launcher done.

I post some of these builds on Instagram, same username: OddViking
Armor Construction / Re: WIP - Tro'VCal Hurn - Build 2 - Artic
« Last post by trashcanmando on Jan 30, 2023, 08:04 PM »
Awesome! I love an arctic kit!  :cookie:
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