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 Liaas Alinjisi Soft Parts (Rope Girth Tutorial) Pic Heavy

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Thought it'd be nice if I showed how I made my girth belt!
It's just a simple rope belt. Sorry for my lack of fancy terminology, hope this is able to be followed..
Unfortunately I've shrunk since, and this one no longer fits and I'm not sure I like the color, and I'd like it to be wider... but the second will be faster to make!

**To not make the same mistake of a too large belt, as I did, make sure the belt length is shorter than your total waist size, and straps are long enough. If you look at Boba's belt, it does not attach perfectly square end to end(in fact there are a couple inches between sides connected with leather straps, on the screen costume).

-First I started with some natural cotton clothesline. You can find it pretty much anywhere, I found mine at Fred Meyer(grocery/housewares chain) for a couple bucks.
I used cotton rope because it takes Rit dye well and easily, but you could use poly rope of a color you like, or poly rope with different dye, etc..

-Then I dyed it, along with some cotton fabric I had intended to use for my kit.
I used liquid Rit in Cherry Red and Wine colors, mixed.
I had to use a bucket as my sink wasn't large enough for the fabric I threw in with the rope.

-Then untangled the mess...And found something to wrap the rope around that was about waist size. In this case I used a chair back, and wrapped it about 12 times as I was originally trying to go for a Boba girth replica-I couldn't figure out how to make it sturdy with only buckles, and no end cap fabric. As I type this, I realize I could use a fabric stiffener to help with the rigidity.
When I do this again, I will use a few more rows to make the belt wider(taller?).
Doggie bomb...

-Next I marked off areas to sew together to make the ropes one piece.

-I ended up hand sewing through each piece of rope vertically four times every 7 inches. You could probably do this on a sewing machine, but since I didn't want stitches to show on the front of the belt I opted to hand sew the backside.

Now bear with me for the finishing, because I did a very poor job at taking pictures during this stage.
-To finish, I made fabric "end caps"(6x4 inch pieces of fabric), and turned(hemmed) the ends.
I then sewed, on a machine, the rope to the end cap fabric a little under halfway into the fabric width. I made multiple(read:MANY) passes with the machine over the rope and fabric to secure the rope to the belt ends. It came out fairly messy, but I was afraid without so many passes, the rope would slip itself out, and no one is going to see the inside anyways!

-I sewed two sets of D-rings to the outside of the first end cap, then folded the end over, matched it with it's back side partner, and sewed 'er up!

-I then made straps from the same fabric I was using and sewed those onto the second end cap, and finished it the same as the previous.

Ta-Da! The end product. Not too shabby for a couple bucks, even if I need to remake.

Next up on my crafting list are the leather belts and holsters...


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Re: Liaas Alinjisi Soft Parts (Rope Girth Tutorial) Pic Heavy
« Reply #1 on: Oct 07, 2015, 10:45 AM »
Looks like it came out pretty good!  I think I have the same or similar cord as you used, but I've been putting off the girth belt because... reasons.  When I get a free afteroon (read: after final exams some time in December  :-\ ) I'll try this out. 

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Ni taab besuum, gar ven'ijaati ni'gai o'r an gar'nare.  Ni ru'ba'juri ner'ade jate.

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