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 The Kit-Bash. My first mando build planning.

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Re: The Kit-Bash. My first mando build planning.
« Reply #15 on: Feb 12, 2016, 06:29 AM »
Those look better
Aye, that second picture is looking good to me.
Yep.  Much better.

Thanks heaps Vode!! I went on ahead and covered the templates with masking tape to give them some longevity given everyone seems happy with the sizing and proportions.

Thats just a little logo concept i'm working on to the left there, it's a bit of a nod to my Roller Derby team. More on that another time though.

Going to start work on putting together my buy'ce tomorrow so please hit up my WIP thread for updates and feedback.

Will be working on the armour plates between stages on the bucket. Check my WIP thread for major updates there, will be giving this thread sporadic updates but concentrating on those.

Thanks for all your support and please keep an eye on this thread as i get closer to settling on my colours and theme in the coming weeks


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Re: The Kit-Bash. My first mando build planning.
« Reply #16 on: Feb 12, 2016, 04:00 PM »
Looking forward to it.

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Re: The Kit-Bash. My first mando build planning.
« Reply #17 on: Feb 26, 2016, 01:08 AM »
Been a whole lot longer between updates than i had planned but life has kicked off at full steam ahead this year! Looking like this derby season will be full of trips away and fun times, and work certainly hasn't pulled any punches the last few days! Our entire storeroom flooded on Wednesday so that was fun...

BUT ON TO THE GOOD NEWS!! I have had some serious luck on while out hunting for greebs today, my pics will explain it all!

This is the majority of todays haul, mostly intended as blaster/weapons parts.

Fairly self explanatory but because i'm excited i'm going to talk about a couple of things:

- Top left is a water pistol set, the pistol itself will be scrapped for greebs, but the 3 belt clip canisters are the true heroes of that purchase. Grenades, chem canisters, who knows?? total of $5 well spent.
- The two toy revolvers I intend to be the base for a blaster pistol and a carbine. I'm not entirely sure what they will look like in the end but design ques will be pulled from all over the galaxy to make it happen! The grips are a touch too wide for my taste and feel quite weak so they will probably be filled in BUT they also house the speaker for their PEW PEW noises, which i might like to keep? Will tackle that when i get around to it. A solid start for $3 a piece.
- I got myself 2x 15m lengths of cotton rope for $6 total. These are for a girth belt, i'm gonna try my hand at one of the hot glue/velcro tutorials from on the forums. There is also and Orange martial arts idea what that will be good for but it was only $3.50 so who knows??
- Everything else is just greebs, barrel options, couplers etc the fluro pistol in the middle MAY be ok for a holdout blaster...maybe

Here's the absolute JACKPOT of todays hunt....

$8 FLIGHTSUIT!!! *contains super dynamic posing and hand gestures*

Making a decision about the flightsuit has been killing me. I didn't want to risk purchasing something that wasn't exactly right for my build etc so that ruled out many cheap ebay options. I have been equally concerned with the fit as i've spotted quite a few recruits with the skinny man problems i have with an oversized suit which then need to be tailored to buggery just to fit, i don't have the sewing skills to make that happen nor do i want to spend the cash to have it done by a seamstress...enter $8 flight suit.

This thing is just about a perfect fit, its a long cut so the legs are too long for me but i am handy enough with a pair of scissors and some iron on hemming tape. The body is probably a half size too short as it puts a reasonable amount of pressure onto the cod area and i think gives a slight wedgey...but for the price i'll take it! haha

And then there is this:

Utas is the local University and O-week(big giant party where people sign up to societies in exchange for cheap drinks) has just happened so i gather that this was a costume for that event. So i'll need a way to try and attack these spray paint stains.

I do plan on trying to re-dye the entire suit, this product is readily available and has a good rep, has anyone ever used it? Will it attack the paint as well as the orange dye?

Presuming the colour remover does its job but doesn't attack the paint i'm sure some weathering will go a long way to covering up the stains. While i would like to stick to my original colours of either Tan or Grey, i am happy to take advantage of this lucky find and adapt my colours around it...but not if it's orange, that's not gonna work for me haha

Thanks for keeping up with my progress Vode!

P.S. work on my bucket is still progressing, see my WIP thread, i'm probably one days work away from cutting my armour plates and i';m slowly but surely getting closer to finding my Mando name. WATCH THIS SPACE!

Re: The Kit-Bash. My first mando build planning.
« Reply #18 on: Mar 13, 2016, 06:02 AM »

After a run of the Rit colour remover the orange was only just reduced, i resorted to a 24hr bleach bath which also only JUST made the flight suit faded orange. I decided just to go with it and figure something out and figure something out i did! I have also finished my first attempt at a girth belt and i am supremely happy with it. All that is left is some precautionary sewing on the right hand join just to make sure the hot glue doesn't fail.

I will be posting my full write up in my Soft parts WIP momentarily. Any comments and feedback are always welcome ner vode!

Flight suit BEFORE:

Flight suit AFTER:

With girth belt:

Girth belt rear closure with old belt for reference:

I will be pausing my soft parts work for now and moving back onto to my bucket and armour plates as i originally intended. I will also be revisiting my colour planning over the next few days as brown was not one of my two preferred suit colours. Oh well, the Kitbash is progressing and that's what is important!


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