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 May the 4th Awards

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Zophar Ptay

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May the 4th Awards
« on: Mar 13, 2016, 11:54 AM »
Passing this down the chain:

Clan Members,

As we approach the month of May, everyone starts to get excited for the annual "May the 4th Awards".  Several of those awards revolve around Invasions, and the number of Invasions reported.

In order to have time to compile all the data for the "May the 4th Awards", you are hereby notified all Invasion need to be reported to the CAO Team, via an Invasion Report, no later than April 30th, 2016, 12:00am GMT (Greenwhich Mean Time).

Any Invasion Reports we receive after this deadline will not be added to the totals when calculating the "May the 4th Awards".

The "May the 4th Awards" and their requirements are listed below:

The Posterboy Award is for the individuals with the most appearances in their costume in Mercs news items. These individuals have appeared in 9 or more news items since that information started being recorded

The Ground Pounder award is for individuals who have participated in large numbers of Invasions. These members have participated in 13 or more invasions since May 2015

Hard Contact
Hard Contact is the Clan level award for large numbers of Invasions. A Clan level invasion is three or more Clan members at a single event. For Squads, this is two members present. These Clans have 10 or more Clan level invasions recorded since May 2015

Recruitment is the Clan level award for the most new members added to a Clan. This is worked out in percentages to be fairer - so a Clan with 50 members who adds 10 members would not necessarily receive the award, where a Clan with 10 members who adds 5 may. Retired members are not counted on either side of the equation. The formula is: ((Number of new members / total number of members * 100) / (number of months Clan has been active / 12))
These Clans have added to their membership by 40% or more since May of 2015

In addition to these awards, I am going to enact a new award.  The "Caring Mando Award" will be granted to those Official Members who have accumulated 40 or more charity hours during the year of May 2015-April 2016.

Starting on April 1, 2016, I will post up a thread in the Lounge forums for the "Mando Choice Awards" nominations.  The categories will be:

1)  Most Fabulous Mando - this award is for the "flashiest, most brightly painted" Mando

2) Best Scratch Build Helmet - Only scratch built helmets that you personally created are allowed.

3) Explorer/Pathfinder - this is for the best photo that depicts a Mando in an exotic or non-earthy locale.

4) Best Rookie - you must be made an Official Member after May 2015 to be considered for this award.

5) Been Through Heck - this is for the Mando with the most weathered armor.

I know in the past, we have taken suggestions from the membership as to what the awards were going to be, but each year we keep getting an overwhelming number of suggestions for these awards, or similar awards, so I am deciding to keep these specific awards going forward.

I also am going to announce that if you were a winner last year, you cannot nominate yourself for the same award this year.  I will also post a list of last year's winners and their category.

So please make sure you clan members are aware of this information, and be on the lookout for the "Mando Choice Awards" coming in April!

Kaden'Dha Runi
Clan Administration Officer

Late Crusader WIP

If it aint broke, fix it till it is.

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