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 Female Soft Parts Resource Thread (2016 update)

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Female Soft Parts Resource Thread (2016 update)
« on: Apr 28, 2016, 04:36 PM »
    Soft Parts!

    Soft parts are the under garments, belts, pouches, kamas and all things non-armory and non-shooty on a mando.

    Soft part requirements vary from costume era to costume era. You can find the specifications on the Costume Requirement List.
    Since the majority of kit builds are modern builds, this section will focus on those required soft parts.

    Modern builds require the following soft parts under or in addition to armor:
    • A flight suit. This can be one or two pieces, but must appear to be one piece when fully kitted up. Rear pockets must be removed on any purchased flight suits.
    • A flak vest. Your armor must be mounted on a flak vest for a modern build.
    • Required two waist items. These can be a sash, a belt, an ammo belt, a girth belt or any combination of the four.
    • Gloves. For modern kits you may wear full or half fingered gloves. No open backs. Sturdier gloves are recommended.
    • Neck seal. This can be built into your flight suit or be a separate piece. It is not required, but highly recommended to help cover your neck area. No skin can be shown under the helmet.
    • Boots/shoes. Must be fully closed, no peep toes or flats. Shoes or boots are allowed, but boots are cooler!  ;) Wedge heels area allowed, but no spike heels. Any lacing must be covered by wraps, spats or boot plates. Zippers are allowed if they are the same color as your boot.

    All logos, recognizable symbols and lettering must be removed or covered from all soft parts

    Non required soft parts:
    Used to make your kit pretty, look awesome and have a distinctive flair!
    • Kamas: Also known as 'waist capes'. Kamas can be long or short, one or two or more pieces. They start at the waist area and reach to mid thigh or knees or lower. See examples below.
    • Sashes: Can be used to add color to a kit and as a required waist item.
    • Capes: Can be one or two shoulder, short or long. Can be used in place of a back plate, but it must appear that there is a backplate under the cape.
    • Dusters: Newer tend among mandos, essentially a duster coat without sleeves and open in the front. Mandalore wears one of these. Modified trench coats must be HIGHLY modified to no longer look "Earthy". It is recommend to make one rather then modify.
    • Loincloths: must be of a sturdy material and complement the kit build. May be used in place of a cod plate, but must be of good quality to do so.
    • Leg wraps/spats: Must be high-quality (not sports wraps). Can be used to cover laces or zippers on boots.

    Flight suits/body suits

    There are many different methods for flight suits. Some of us go with male styled flight suits; some with tighter fitted body suits; some do custom under-armor gear. It depends on what works for you and your mando.

    Looser fitting two piece flight suit with neck seal built in. Pockets have been removed and sewn shut.

    Tighter fitting two piece flight suit with gloves, sash and loin cloth.

    Your flight suit can be one or two pieces, but many of us choose to go with a two piece suit to allow for easier bathroom access...Very handy during a long day of trooping. Two piece suits must appear to be a single piece of clothing when fully kitted up. So if your shirt is black, your pants should be black as well.

    You do have the option to do a "two piece sleeve" look (Like Jango Fett), with one full sleeve and one shorter sleeve above it. Contrasting colors are allowed when doing this style, but only if the shorter sleeve matches the color of the flight suit.
    Here's a good example.

    If you purchase a jumpsuit for use as a flight suit, all visible pockets must be removed and sewn shut. IE, butt pockets must be removed. Thigh pockets, such as Boba Fett's, are able to be approved  but must be an in universe style.

    A popular trend among femmandos lately is using under armor as flight suits. It's relatively cheap and works well. I've also know women who modify scrubs and some who use old racing uniforms.

    I have made many flight suits for my clan and myself. It is not as difficult as it sounds. I have also been lazy and used leggings and a turtle neck. Whatever works for you as long as they are the same color and shade.  :)  ~ Aria

    Some helpful links:

    Discussion on 1p vs 2p flight suits
    Spandex flight suit & alternative flight suit discussion
    Opinions/options for female soft part designs discussion

    Guide to making your own flight suit. Not many pics
    Yaya Han's bodysuit pattern This could work for a single piece, tight fitting flight suit with some modifications.
    Yaya Han's Bodysuit Pattern #2 For curvier women.

    Possible Flightsuit resources:
    UK based overall company Lots of options. Some might need work to be able to be approved.
    Spandex catsuits One piece
    Ebay search for child's flightsuits A good place to look if you're hobbit sized like me!  :laugh:
    Red Kap search on Amazon Red Cap makes mens work overalls, but they could be tailored to work for a woman

    The Mando Maker:
    Mando Maker!! Mock up your colors and armor scheme here

    Armor "Flak"  vests

    Most of the female mandos are finding it easier to make our own custom flak vests, rather then try to modify something made for a man.
    There are essentially two ways to go with your flak vest; you can either suppress the curves or work with them. Our methods vary from woman to woman, but you can find the method that works the best for you and your kit.
    Most of us are partial to fitted vest with princess seems and a good curve. Some of us build flak vests boned like corsets, and a few of us have used tactical vests.

    The basics you will need to know going into flak vest creating:
    • No zippers may be shown. Please cover your zippers with a flap.
    • Lacing, buckles, D-rings, snaps, velcro and buttons are some alternatives.
    • Tactical vests are allowed as flak vests, but must be modified or covered heavily to look in universe.
    • Princess seems are your best friend if you want a close fitting vest.
    • You may include your neck seal in the flak vest, but it may also be a separate piece.
    • Standard materials used for flak vests are: Duck Cloth/Canvas. Leather. Pleather. Canvas. Heavy cotton.
    You are not limited to this list, but remember that your material must be sturdy enough to support armor plates.

    One thing you may want to take into consideration when making or buying your flak vest is the heat and how well you handle it. I do not recommend pleather for this reason as it does not breath at all and will melt at high temperatures. Leather itself breaths fairly well. Cotton and duck canvas are my personal favorites as they are sturdy but breathable. ~Aria

    Some helpful links:

    Vest discussion
    Discussion on avoiding a 'Uniboob'
    Discussion on how to make a flak vest with little sewing practice

    Flak Vest sellers/Resources :
    Sidi Rem
    K'raam Xrati These are male patterned vests but would work well for curvier women
    Cheerleader vests With simple modifications, these work well for flak vests
    I also make simple flak vests but do not have a thread up on the forum. Please PM me for more details.

    How to make a paper (or duct tape) dummy Very useful to have around through the entire build to try your pieces on

    Anja's modified basic vest You can see how easy it is to modify a male-style vest for a slim female build.
    Kora's corset based vest
    TracynSenaar's modified dress vest turned flak vest
    Kryamla's modified cheerleading vest

    Kamas/dusters/sashes &loincloths/girth belts

    Kamas are commonly called "Waist Capes", which is a pretty good description of what they are. They're used to deflect flak and debris from the thigh and 'rear end' of the person wearing them. We also like them becasue they can be pretty and add color to a kit.
    Kamas usually attach at the waist with either a clip, tie or sometimes are even attached to an ammo or girth belt for ease of dressing. Standard length is mid thigh or knees, though some of us have opted for longer ones. They can be torn up and distressed to match the kit and soft parts.

    Dusters are like really cool old western style coats with no sleeves. They look fabulous when done right. It is highly recommended that you make one from scratch rather then modify an older coat as coats tend to look too earthy even after modifications.
    Dusters can be made of leather, like Mandalore's, or out of a sturdy cloth, or lighter weight cloth to billow in the wind.

    Sashes can be as simple as a swatch of fabric wrapped around you waist (some have even used scarves) or as elaborate as a hand sewn embroidered sash. It's up to you. They count as a waist item and add color to your kit.

    Loincloths cover the groin area on a mando and usually hang to mid thigh. They can be simple or complex, and torn up to match the kit. They may be used in place of a cod plate, but must be of high quality to do so. You may have a loincloth and a cod plate, but the loincloth must hang over the cod plate if you do.

    Girth belts are a thicker belt, styled after a woven horse's girth. You can use a actual girth if desired, but becasue women are curve you will have to do some modification to it. You can also make one of your own design. They can be used with sashes or loincloths. Mohair girths are the commonly used horse style.

    Belts are pretty easy. Generic belts work well, as long as they are not earthy. Military belts are highly discouraged due to the recognizable styling. Buckles may be used, as long as they are generic buckles (no rhinestones or earthy designs). Most colors are accepted, but no color patterns (like a rainbow or flag colors).

    Ammo belts can be a little harder to acquire. Old ammo belts (usually WWII era) have been used many times and are the safest route if you can get your hands on them. Custom leather ammo belts are also accepted. You may use modern pouches, but they will be highly scrutinized. I recommend covering them with a sturdy, quality cloth that would look in universe if you decide to go that way.

    Some helpful links!

    Kama discussion with a few examples
    How to measure for a kama
    Aria's long Kama and sash
    Delfinatriz's kama/sash/loincloth combo
    Kryamla's kama and sash

    Delfinatriz's duster
    Kryamla's duster

    Aria's Twi'lek loincloth

    Girth belts:
    Mohair style girth search You might have to pick and choose through these options. Some look ok, some look not ok.

    Ammo belts:
    Possible Ammo belt website Old army surplus
    Custom and Cannon leather work by Delta 13

    Gloves, Capes and Neckseals

    Glove can be full or fingerless in modern era. No open backed gloves, and it is best that they come up past your wrist to prevent any skin showing under you gauntlets. Be sure they are comfortable as you will be wearing them for long periods of time while invading. It is best to pick a sturdy material when picking your gloves, such as leather or heavy canvas.

    I personally used Heritage riding (equestrian) gloves for my first kit. They are made to have a good grip, made loose to move but not too loose to look baggy and some varieties have cooling panels built in. They also offer a wide selection at a decent price for good gloves. You can find them on amazon. ~Aria

    Neckseals are a fun little thing used to prevent you neck showing under your helmet. Some of us have used turtle necks, some have made neck seals ourselves. Sometimes they are separate pieces, like dickies, and sometimes they are built into the flight suit or flak vest.

    Capes are a nice flair you can add to your kit. They can be any length, though mid thigh or above is the most common. They can be one or two shouldered. They can be used in place of a back plate, but it must appear when wearing the cape that you still have a back plate. IE, one shoulder capes without a back plate is not approvable.

    Kavryn's armored gloves
    Aria's armored gloves

    Link to Fingerless gloves on Amazon
    Riding glove search on Amazon Some gloves may require modification to meet the CRLs

    Aaray Bladesinger's cape
    Padm Thano's cape

    It's honestly pretty easy for us women to find boots that work. The best advice I can give is remember you'll be standing and walking in them for 4-7 hrs every troop. Find something comfortable and practical that looks good for you. All laces must be covered. Wedge heels are allowed, but no spikes or extremely high heels.

    Link to boots on Amazon

    I am not finished with all the links, but it is far enough along to post. Please have patience with me as I continue to update as time allows. ~ Aria

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      Re: Female Soft Parts Resource Thread (2016 update)
      « Reply #1 on: Feb 19, 2018, 11:49 AM »
      Oya Vode!

      Is there any possibility that we can get this thread updated with new pics? I have quite a number of female recruits who are looking for references that have pictures. The photobucket phiasco seems to have wiped most of the valuable information from this thread.

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      Re: Female Soft Parts Resource Thread (2016 update)
      « Reply #2 on: Feb 19, 2018, 04:19 PM »
      Hello, updates to these female resource threads are actively being worked on by the team to replace these broken images, and to refresh the content with new WIPs and references.

      If you have any WIP threads that you think are deserving please put a link to them in this thread.

      Hik'aari WIP  |  Cat #1319  |  Akii'su WIP
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