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 *** App Team PSAs ***

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*** App Team PSAs ***
« on: Nov 15, 2016, 01:07 PM »

PSA #1
Provided by: PO Ulrik Kanteer

Ninja Masks:

Ninjas you say? We are seeing a trend of individuals taking their application "helmet off" pictures with their protective balaclava still on, so that it covers their entire face; but their eyes... NINJAS!!!!! To avoid getting kicked back on this minor issue make sure your face is fully visible when taking your "helmet off" picture.

The first of many of our PSAs that we will roll out in the future as we see things that need to be addressed pop up. Again if anyone needs any assistance do not hesitate to send a pm to members of the App team.

Provided by: PO Ulrik Kanteer

Application Procedure:

During the application process we overlook each application and if we need adjustments to the armor and email is sent and from that time there is a 3 Week time frame in order to get the adjustments made; though if more time is needed an email or pm sent to me requesting an extension is possible but must be made within that three week time frame. Once adjustments are made I ask that the pictures be sent back via email and as attachments so we get the actual size of the pictures; there is no need to re-apply with the adjustments as this only clutters the application board.

Provided by: Ralin Voth

Application Procedure and proper App Pics:

Good application pictures will make it easier for the App Team to  critique your armor, which in turn will get you approved quicker. There are six (6) required pictures: Front, Left Side, Right Side, Back, Helmet Off, and Weapons. The Helmet Off picture must be without balacava, head wrap, etc. We want to be able to see your face in it.

Triple check your armor before taking pictures. Look for: Vest straight and fastened properly, torso armor lined up and evenly spaced, sleeves not poking out of the gauntlets,  belts straight., knees not on crooked, thigh/shin plates not overlapping the knees or boot plates, and any excessively baggy parts of the flight suit get tucked away or strapped down.

Take the pictures in good lighting. The photographer should  line up the shot so it is focused on you. Your head should be near the top of the frame, and your feet at the very bottom. There should be very little “empty” space above or below you in the picture. The photographer should make sure he or she is not angling the shot up or down, a.k.a. “looking up” or “looking down” at you. Conventions are not ideal places for clean application pictures. Do NOT do action poses in your pictures, do not angle yourself to the camera.

When submitting your application pictures, please upload them to an image hosting site such  Photobucket or Imgur. Once your pictures are  uploaded, you want to copy the “direct link” address that ends in .jpg into the corresponding line in the application. Any other link will result in broken submission pics.

Provided by: Ralin Voth

Using Other Properties and Sources For Inspiration:

Many of us are not just Star Wars fans. While it's okay to use some outside influence in designing your beskar'gam, think "Inspiration, not crossover". This is Mandalorian armor for the Star Wars universe, not Iron Man in Star Wars. Avoid using direct designs, logos, or color patterns that could be instantly identified as belonging to another movie, TV show, book, etc. Parts and props may used from another franchise, but they must be heavily modified in such a way that they are no longer recognizable as the original.

Provided by: Vorpan Kyr'am

How to properly dress as a Mandalorian:

Armor plates are intended  to cover specific locations of your body. One plate should not be substituted in place of another. Some of the most common missued parts include:

- Shoulder bells as kneepads
- Shoulder bells as boot plates
- Shins as gauntlets or bracers

Stick to visual references and do not misuse iconic parts of armor. It is a far better solution to come up with and build your own designs than to look cobbled together. Mandalorians have a certain aesthetic to them. We are elite warriors, not post-apocalyptic scavengers piecing their armor together. Be respective of the Era you are building for, and don't take shortcuts. In the end, it will be well worth it.

Provided by: Raestin Ke’Varek

Photo-shopping Applications:

     Being a member of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club is a privilege, not a right, and it must be earned.  Everyone works extremely hard to design and create their own set of Mandalorian armor, sometimes taking years to complete everything.  It’s a right of passage, a badge of honor, and a source of pride for every member in this club.  Everyone of us is held to the same standards, and go through the same process in order to get approved. 

     Part of that process includes the submission of “un-altered” photos on your application.  If you make the choice to submit “photo-shopped” pictures on your application, you directly violate the terms of the application.  It clearly states that if you get caught, you are subject to consequences.  By submitting altered photos, you are cheating the system that everyone else works very hard to comply with. 

     You also put the Approval Team in the unfortunate position of having to flag and escalate your application to the Personnel Officer for further review.  The amount of applications coming to our team can be overwhelming at best…so when we have to stop and deal with these situations, you are not only making extra work for an already overworked *volunteer* team, you are also taking valuable time away from those that submitted legitimate apps.

     I would advise anyone even considering the idea of altering application photos to stop…and ask yourself if it is worth the consequences should you get caught?  Is it worth it to compromise your integrity?  That is not the Mandalorian way, so please do the honorable thing and submit accurate photos on your application.

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