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 Trooping Toolkit

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Mashukir Prudiise

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Trooping Toolkit
« on: Jul 11, 2017, 09:23 PM »
No idea if this is the right place for this or not, but it seemed relevant to construction....if it isn't, or is deemed unnecessary, please move/erase it.

Last weekend I trooped at a con.  Apparently I was one of the few who carry a repair kit.  so I decided to make a list for people, if they choose to carry one in their totes. 

*Please note, I am a metal Merc, so this will not all apply to you, I'm going to do my best to apply this to Sintra/ABS mercs too!

The most popular things in my kit this weekend was by far the scissors, sharpies (both silver and black), and the 5 minute gorilla glue (gotta be quick dry)

Repair kit:

Sharpies (black AND silver)

5 minute gorilla glue (light blue cap)

E-6000  (thanks Drac'lyn, wouldn't have thought of that)

Binder clips (see above)


Fasteners (whatever holds your plates on, magnets, velcro/snaps/chicago screws/some sort of wizardry)  My poison is rivets

Tools for fasteners (snap setting tool, riveter etc)

Velcro (both self adhesive, and sew on)

Small sewing kit (for sewing up unintentional “weathering”/rips)

Batteries (if your kit has fans/lights up.makes noises)

Utility knife and blades

Orange electrical tape for weapons (if the con/troop is picky)  Doesn’t leave a residue.

My kit is large and excessive, but I like to be prepared.

I have (in my ammo can, not kidding...) :

A riveter
2 sizes of rivets (1/8” and 3/16th) and rivet washers
leather punch
3 colours of sharpie (copper, silver, black)
7/16” wrench
gorilla glue (blue cap)
Centre punch
batteries (AA, and 9v)
sewing kit (flightsuit colours for everyone I troop with regularly, needles)
1 lb anvil for hammering rivets
mig pliers (work for EVERYTHING including a hammer)
allen key set
Orange electrical tape for weapon tips
Acorn nuts that correspond with all my bolts

I usually have a drill and drill bits in the back of my car, as well as a proper hammer, so that is there, but doesn’t fit in my kit itself

If nothing else, I suggest a pencil case with the basics in your bin, just in case.  Accidents happen, stuff falls apart, and even if it isn't you, try and help someone else out?  We are all vode, and in this together.


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Re: Trooping Toolkit
« Reply #1 on: Jul 11, 2017, 09:55 PM »
To continue on Mashukir's topic, REMEMBER: each person's repair kit needs to cater to their own armor needs FIRST. If you want a lightweight repair kit, anything that you won't be able to use, don't bring. BUT if you don't mind supplying others in need, and you have the space, do more. Those who don't have it, appreciate it.

I'm a sintra/fiberglass merc with a segmented backplate, so my supplies ARE a little different. I also keep as sparing a repair kit as I deem possible as I use a small duffel bag for all but my helmet.

I actually have my kit split in two. For the con-floor fix, I have a special pouch designated on my belt. It usually includes:
Spare bolts, nuts, and washers
A multi tool with pliers, knife, etc.
A small multi-bit screwdriver
Pre cut velcro
super glue
sharpies (black and silver)
safety pins
Glasses wipes (surprisingly helpful)

All but the tools and markers fit in an altoids tin, so it is compact. I usually also put a USB battery and cord for my phone in the same pouch.

For the fixes that take a bit longer, or the items are just too big to carry around the con-floor I leave the rest in a pocket if my kit bag.

An orange marker or tape (for picky weapons rules)
Black electrical tape
2 needles and thread in each of my fabric colors
Nylon webbing and leather strips
Gaffers tape (so much better than duck tape. If you don't know what this is, look up Pro-gaff on Amazon. It's not cheap, but it's worth it.)
Epoxy putty
Gorilla glue
Binder Clips
E6000 (they make a small one, sometimes found in the store with jewelry making supplies)

Now this is an example specific to my own needs. Think through what you used to build your armor. What are your weak spots on your armor? What supplies do you have that are easily portable? What can you handily do in a few minutes?

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Re: Trooping Toolkit
« Reply #2 on: Jul 11, 2017, 11:20 PM »
Incredibly helpful. Thank you.

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Re: Trooping Toolkit
« Reply #3 on: Jul 13, 2017, 10:51 AM »
I've got a sintra kit and I also carry a repair kit that's pretty similar. Like Draceline mine is split in two, part in a belt pouch and a larger kit that stays in my armor tub.

Belt pouch:

Super glue and kicker
Pre-cut pieces of thin leather (for repairs if plates break, the leather soaks up the super glue adding extra stability to any repairs)
Mini multi-tool with phillips and flat head screwdrivers, pliers and wire cutter (this is essential for my kit because my gauntlets and helmet earcaps attach with machine screws)
Extra machine screws
Extra snaps
Silver, gold and black sharpies
Orange electrical tape
Black electrical tape
Four 9v batteries
Needle and black thread

Large kit:

More super glue and kicker
Leather shears
A couple larger pieces of leather
Snap setter
Small hammer
Extra buckles
Rivets and setter
X-ACTO knife
Large multi-tool
Leather punch
More machine screws
More 9v batteries
Large sewing kit
550 paracord
Black duct tape
5 minute epoxy
Small clamps
Extra velcro
Extra nylon webbing

It's a bit excessive but I'm really rough with my armor so it gets broken frequently and I want to cover all the bases.

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Mashukir Prudiise

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Re: Trooping Toolkit
« Reply #4 on: Jul 13, 2017, 12:38 PM »
I'm really hard on mine it, but it is built to withstand what I do it it.

I love that people are posting theirs as well! Gives people an idea of what might work for them!

Fenris Claddanna

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Re: Trooping Toolkit
« Reply #5 on: Jul 14, 2017, 10:46 AM »
I don't carry an "official" repair kit, but I do keep extra bits and bobs in my armour bin. Like most Mercs, I have sintra plating, so it's tailored for that. Some of the things I have in there:

Artists paint in colours corresponding to my armour colours(so greens and greys)
Q-tips/brushes(for dabbing paint on)
Extra binding posts(my preferred method for armour attachment)
Black nail polish(dabbing a bit on the binding post threads is a great way to secure them, and unlike thread lock, if you need to back them out, a bit of nail polish remover cleans them up nicely)
Paint pens that match my armour, as well as black and silver
Four portable power banks(three can only do one full charge, then the fourth can do up to four full charges)
Cable Squid(I'm not sure what it's actually called, Cable Squid is just my name for it. It's a charging cable that has all the different phone cable ends on it)
Paracord(this is mostly to fill belt pouches, although it can be useful for setting up the booth)
Two multi-tools. One traditional butterfly style, and one that's about the size of a credit card.

The last four item sets are typically in my Mando belt, so I have them any time I'm in kit. The rest generally reside in my bin wherever there's space.

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