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 OMs Only - Tribunal Magister position opening

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Zophar Ptay

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OMs Only - Tribunal Magister position opening
« on: May 13, 2017, 11:52 PM »
Hey vode,

I have been given a week to submit a list of nominees for the position of Tribunal Magister.  I have to submit my nominations by May 18th, 2017 and may nominate up to but no more than four(4) members in our region.  None can be above the title of Alor'ad, but Alora'ads may apply.

Please discuss this among your clan and post the names in this thread if any of you are interested in the position. If you have any questions please ask.

The job description in English:

Think of the Magisters as judges and arbiters, as that's basically what they are.  The most common times you're going to see a Magister at work is in the course of investigating a complaint against another member who has committed a level 3, or multiple level 2 infractions.  We have an incident report form that OM's and officers can fill out when there's been an issue, the JO (High Magister) receives the complaint and sets a team of Magisters to investigate.  Once the investigation is completed, a tribunal hearing takes place.

Magisters can also advise RC's and Alor'ad on the MMCC Code of Conduct, and how it applies to a specific incident.

Lastly, if there is a disagreement within the Clan that requires some sort of mediation, the first course of action would be sending in a Magister to mediate.

This is why it's important that each region be represented with a Magister, and that your nominations for Magister be of the highest caliber.   

The Legalese version:

Article 3
1. The Tribunal Magisters shall consist of 9 regional members, no two of whom may be members of
the same Region, Clan, or Stronghold.
2. No rank above that of “Alor’ad” may serve as an appointed regional member of the Tribunal
3. The MMCC Alor shall assume the permanent role of Council Magister. This constitutes a 10th seat on
the Tribunal.
4. The Tribunal shall be presided over by the MMCC Judicial Officer, assuming the role of High
Magister. The High Magister constitutes a 11th seat on the Tribunal.

Article 4
1. The Magisters of the Tribunal shall be appointed by the Command Council, from a list of persons
nominated by the Regional Conclave.
2. At least 30 days before the appointment, the Archivist shall create a thread within the Regional
Conclave, to request all Regional Commanders nominate their choice for Tribunal Magister. The
nomination period will run for 7 days.
3. No Regional Commander may nominate more than 4 persons, none of which may be from the same
Clan or Stronghold within the respective region.
4. Upon completion of the 7-day nomination period, the Archivist shall transfer the nomination list to
the Council Chambers for an additional 7-day deliberation period. At the conclusion of the 7-day
deliberation period within the Council Chambers, Command Council will immediately vote on their

Article 5
Before making these nominations, Regional Commanders are recommended to consult with the
Regional Staff and Alor’ad within their respective regions to ensure a well-represented list of
nominations are submitted.

Article 6
At every appointment, the Command Council shall bear in mind not only that the persons appointed
should individually possess the qualifications required, but also that in the body as a whole the
representation of the global membership of MMCC should be assured.

Article 7
1. Those nominees who obtain an absolute majority of votes by the Command Council shall be
considered as elected.
2. In the event of more than one nominee within the same region obtaining absolute majority of
Command Council votes, the Mandalore will choose a Magister from between those nominees.

Late Crusader WIP

If it aint broke, fix it till it is.

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