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 Sizors' WIP

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Re: Sizors' WIP
« Reply #30 on: May 24, 2019, 02:33 PM »
Leading up to Megacon 2019 in Orlando, we focused mostly on redoing all my wife's costume.

I think it turned out really well.

I only worked on a few things. I got some handcuffs and new 3d printed gauntlets. the prints were pretty good, but still had quite a few flaws. We were running out of time so instead of taking my time to fix them, i just simply painted over them for the show.

I also had a family member create some utility pouches and sewed them onto my pants. I dont have any close up pictures to share. Unfortunately it was a rushed job and while some people think they look good, they arent up to the quality that I wanted. I think I will purchase some from an etsy vendor and dye them black.

Here are a couple pictures from Megacon 2019 in Orlando.

Re: Sizors' WIP
« Reply #31 on: Nov 12, 2020, 10:55 AM »
Since Megacon 2019 weve done a lot of work and are trying to focus on becoming official members. We have worked with our local clan leaders/ruusalors and they have been a huge help. Im going to break up my update post into two posts, one for my wifes armor and one for mine.

My wifes armor progression:
We struggled for a long time trying to get the chest plates to shape properly. She has a large chest and as good as we could get one chest plate to start and look good, we could never get the second one to line up and look close enough. I saw a post from Cindy about how she used a mannequin to make her chest armor. I thought it was an incredible idea and there was a local Sears that was closing. I went and bought up 2 female mannequins.

Working with my ruusalor we traced out what we thought was a good design. I then cut the mannequin in half to make it easier and then cut out the overall shape of the armor.

From here we used cardboard to get the overall design of the rest of the armor pieces and would make those out of sintra.

My wife decided that she wanted to go with the ursa wren style helmet.  So we bought the file from here:
A friend from our clan was able to print it out for us. Here she is working on the helmet.

My wife decided that she didnt really want to have shin plates and wanted to go with thigh plates instead. Our friend that did the 3d printing also happened to have a jetpack that someone had commissioned but then decided they no longer wanted. So we picked that up for her.

So my wife decided she didnt want to carry around a blaster and decided shed rather have 2 pistol blasters instead. We were going to try and make holsters out of leather but decided to do built in thigh armor holsters instead. We didnt really see templates online so we just decided to make our own. i made little boxes out of sintra and then glued them onto the thigh plates.

At first I tried to cover the gaps/holes with spot/glazing putty but it just wasnt good enough. So I eventually had to carve it all out and redo it with bondo.

I then covered all the gaps in bondo and sanded it up.

 think they turned out pretty well.

I am currently working on her jetpack. Just need to sand up some of the print lines. I plan on doing a couple more coats of filler primer and then light sand and it should be ready for paint.

I know I skipped a few things in this post but will cover it in my own update. This is what her kit looks like currently.  She plans on using a dark purple and bright green as her main colors.

Re: Sizors' WIP
« Reply #32 on: Nov 12, 2020, 12:29 PM »
I have to say I am in love with her helmet so far.  I can't wait to see the finished helmet.

Re: Sizors' WIP
« Reply #33 on: Nov 12, 2020, 01:23 PM »
My mando progression:
Back in late 2019 I started working on my knees. My wife actually created the design and I liked it so much I decided to use the same template for my own.

Building out the outside edge to attach mini rockets/darts/whatever they are called.

For mine I will eventually attach the super caps as the rockets/darts.

For my wifes I grabed the extra mini r2d2 leg panels from when she built a droid at disneys galaxys edge.

I cant remember where I saw it, probably one of the various mando facebook groups, but I wanted to have something similar to Din Djarin's little sticky bombs. I found these little lights at home depot for $15 and decided to paint them up and eventually attach to my belt.

We bought these dual light saber pack for my kids along time ago. they came with these little connectors so you could make a dual light saber like mauls. We were just going to throw them out when I decided to keep them for my belt.

I plan on attaching them to my belt using magnets so I bought some online at and then glued them inside.

I decided to strip and repaint my binders as well.

This is the paint we are using as our beskar/metal base coat.

In early 2020 before all the covid stuff happened, I met with my ruusalor and we traced out my new armor design. It is similar to my previous design but this time we allowed for the right spacing and overall better fit.

A couple days later I traced out my cod and shoulder plates.

I decided to add some damage to it.

Around that time I bought a helmet off a member.

After looking at other peoples builds I decided I wanted to add trauma plating to my design. This is what I came up with:

here is the overall

I primed it all and then layed down 3 thick coats of my metal/beskar base coats.

After a little bit of time I started to work on my shins. I decided that I was going to use the same shins from my previous build as my ruusalor thought they were good enough. Using my heat gun I shaped them better to my legs.  I saw several mandos including Din Djarin keep/hide knives on their shin armor. So I decided to buy a knife and do something similar. This is me testing to make sure I would have enough room for it.

I bought this knife from Magmel on etsy. it was more than I wanted to pay but it is very high quality.

I think it came out well enough.

I know I had already purchased a helmet, but I fell in love with Ryley Amedens helmets.
I contacted Ryley and he did some custom work on his Gaurdian design for me. He designed some custom ear caps for me. They have the range finder as well as antenna but also have cut outs so hopefully I can hear slightly better.

He also closed up the gap in the front middle and added the little diamond design I have incorporated into my overall armor design.

I decided to add a few greebles to the helmet as well.

So far Im really happy with the way the helmet has turned out. Right now I am waiting on the weather to get better before I attempt to use XTC-3d resin to smooth it all out.

I bought a jet pack from awhile back in late 2019. I went with the standard Boba Fett rocket, but after doing a few cons I realize how much people will just bump into you. Because of that I decided to go with his Din Djarin thrusters so they dont extend out on the sides and hopefully wont cause as many problems walking around.

This configuration of the jetpack will be very long vertically. I knew this would be a problem transporting it back and forth. So I decided I wanted to make the thrusters and the rocket detachable. I found a BBQ sauce bottle lid that was the exact same size as the base of the rocket.

I cut off the top and then glued the top of the bottle to the inside of the rocket body.

I measured where I wanted the rocket body to line up with the rocket base and I cut it off.

I then sanded it flat and glued the bbq sauce cap to the base of the rocket.

Now the rocket is easily removed.

The thrusters were much harder to figure out than the rocket was. I struggled for a few weeks to get it right. While I really love the jetpack, it is incredibly light weight, the walls are incredibly thin. At first I wanted to use magnets. I was going to glue one inside the base of the body and then another on the end of the rocket thruster.

However the magnets I have are N52 and are extremely strong. I realized doing that would rip out the base of the jetpack. So that wasnt going to work. Next I tried to find little bottles and copy the rocket idea.

The problem there was that all the small bottles and containers I could find were glass and that just wasnt going to work.

I was going to try and 3d print some little nuts/bolts but was afraid they would weaken/wear out over time. So I went to my local hardware store and bought some regular metal nuts and bolts.

I cut some sintra disks to help strengthen the body where the nut would be glued to. I then measured about how deep the holes would be and about where I wanted the thrusters to hang.

I cut the bolts down and then glued the nuts in place.

I remeasured where the thrusters would line up. The holes were not the same depth so it was a little tricky to get it right.

After cutting them, I hollowed out the thrusters and filled them with bondo so that i would have a flat surface to glue the bolts to.

Unfortunately while trying to get the bolts to glue just right, I didnt mark exactly where they would line up when fully tightned so they would line up properly. This didnt really matter for the rocket but the thrusters are supposed to have a certain orientation. This is ok because I can just loosen them and keep them somewhat in the right orientation. I just wish I didnt over look that part. Overall I think it came out well.

I have not decided if I will make a back plate or not, but I do plan on attaching the jetpack with magnets. Like I stated before I love the jetpack but its walls are incredibly thin. Because of that I plan on gluing the magnets in place and then covering the entire back of the jetpack in fiberglass to help strengthen it. My wifes jetpack already has precut out sections for magnets to be placed.

I bought my belt off amazon:
It is a 3" wide belt and I plan on cutting off the excess adjustment portion.

From right to left:
coke bottle cap from batuu I modified
Leather phone case that I want to embroider with the medic logo on it
belt buckle I made out of sintra
2 little bombs I made out of light saber handle connectors
leather pouch to hold trading cards I will eventually get when I become an OM.
2 sticky bombs

Pics of the bottle batuu coke bottle cap.

2 months ago I worked with Xl Gedyc to design some gauntlets for me. This is fairly close to the final design. A friend from the clan will be printing them up shortly.

I think that about covers my build up until this point. As soon as my gauntlets are done, I will coat them in XTC-3d resign along  with my helmet and then I should be able to start panting them. I hope to start the pre-approval process by the end of the month.

Re: Sizors' WIP
« Reply #34 on: Nov 12, 2020, 01:28 PM »
I have to say I am in love with her helmet so far.  I can't wait to see the finished helmet.
My wife loved how I put some greebles on my helmet and decided she wanted to put some on hers as well.
We will place a small version of this on her right ear cap.
I am going to print out a small droid port for her left ear cap as well.


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