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 Question - Soft part questions, back plates, connection devices, other influences

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I have a question about:

Starting work on my first mando, 3rd costume.  I ran into some issues with acceptance on my first 501.  The crl seemed a lot more simple than what was really accepted. Want to avoid that pitfall this time before I get fully started.  I have a finished helmet and a bunch of questions I have not been able to find answers to searching.  Any help would be appreciated.
1) Is the MMCC "gml" from a local clan?  
2) I want to, like most everyone here, make a bounty hunter style character with influence from the 1313 fett.  Can you add fett style pockets to your flight suit?  Have to be exact, or just similar style since pockets are a topic in the crl? What can be added sewed on pouch style??  
3) White fett concept has different seems added into the suit.  Legal?  
4) What HAS to be symmetrical?  A side from chest armor?  Knees?  Gauntlets are open I am guessing?
5) Lets say you wanted to use a gauntlet style on one arm from a modified storm trooper or death trooper.  OK?  
5) I have seen some cool plates that add layers to create a little diminsion.  Legal?
6)The character from assassins creed has a red sash hanging down.  Is that something you could do in addition to a half back cape?
7)I used to race motorcycles and had some articulated back armor.  Since this is one of the only places I have seen it used, would it be considered "sports equipment" if you build something similar, but not the same?  
8) I have seen a lot of D rings and normal belt buckles used and I am guessing they are legal as is?  

Ton of questions I know.  I plan of going to local chapter armor party and trying to catch a few MMCC at a show to ask also.  
Thanks for your time and help.



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1. MMCC doesn't have a GML we have the Apps Team. It's the same job but MMCC has members worldwide that vote on everyone's kits from all over the world. Supporting the app team we have the Ruus'alors, these are local so each clan or stronghold area will have at least one to help with local recruits.

2. If by Fett style pouches you mean the thigh pouches with the diagonal flap, yes those are approvable. Variations are allowed as long as they follow a similar cargo pocket style. Slit pockets that you find at the top of trousers are to be avoided.

3. As long as your flight suit appears to be the same material for the upper and the lower we don't have any preference for seams just don't make them look like the bride of Frankenstein.

4. Symmetrical designs are nice but as long as your kit is well balanced and has all the minimum armour components symmetry isn't necessary.

5. The layered armor is trauma playing and it is approvable. It is suggested to avoid having so many thick layers that you look to be wearing a giant foam block. Using thinner materials for the trauma plating on multilayered designs can help.

6. Sashes and capes are approvable. You must have two minimum of the following items: sash, rope girthbelt, ammo pouch belt or a belt for holsters and other items. You can have more than the two if you wish. The cape must be of a decent quality, practical material, no sheer fabrics or velvets, other than that there is no limit on design.

7. Segmented backplates are allowed. The Modern era Legacy style uses a 2 part segmentation on the backplate, however many people break that down further and have 4 or 5 layers.

8. D-rings and buckles are fine. If plastic we prefer them to be painted to appear metallic or to be black/match the colours of the kit and a little metallic wash on a few corners will give the look of painted metal.

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