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 Brigade Requirement List - Open Seasons Deathwatch

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Brigade Requirement List - Open Seasons Deathwatch
« on: Sep 28, 2018, 09:44 AM »

At this time we do accept Canon characters in addition to the standard kits as outlined below int the PRL's.  We accept Isabet Reau, Dred Priest,Pre Vizsla (CRL), Bo-Katan Kryze and Tor Vizsla

Open Seasons Death Watch
Aside from meeting the minimum CRLs, a member of the Death Watch must adhere to the following requirements:

  • The primary color of the armor must be black or dark green. A main secondary color must be present, either green, dark blue or yellow.

  • Helmet: The helmet must be styled after the Death Watch helmet as seen in the Open Seasons comic book. 'Real world' versions such as the one made by Falin Skirata are acceptable. Versions closer to the artwork are also allowed, but all other helmet types are prohibited. The visor frame/mandibles must be the secondary color (dark blue, green or yellow).
  • Armor must be of medium configuration (collar, chest and ab plates, back plate, shoulder plates, cod piece, thigh plates, knee plates, shin plates and boot plates) and must be of traditional Fett design**, with some slight variation allowed. That includes knee plates, although the knee darts do not have to be identical to Boba' or Jango's.
  • Gauntlets: Gauntlets must be of Fett-style or streamlined weapons-platform design based on those depicted in the Open Seasons comic books and artwork. May be painted the primary color, dark blue, yellow or green.
  • Cod piece and back plate are required, cannot be substituted by loin cloth or full cape.

'Soft' Parts
  • Capes such as the one worn by Tor Vizsla in the comics are optional. All other cape-styles are restricted. Colors: Red, dark blue, yellow or green.
  • Full flightsuit required, with the option of having the Boba-style 'double-sleeve'. May be two-piece, provided that it matches the general appearance of a full flightsuit. Colors: Medium or dark grey.The flight suit should be a clearly different color from the armor.
  • Vest: Must be similar in design to Boba's or Jango's and colored to match the flight suit.
  • Gloves: Must be similar in design to crush gauntlets. Colors: any within reason, must match or complement other soft parts of the costume.
  • Belt: Brown or black Fett-inspired leather or leather-like belt with a minimum of four (4) brown leather or faux-leather pouches, two (2) to either side of the buckle or four (4) across the front. May include two (2) oversized pouches hanging below the belt, suspended above the hips (one on each side).
  • Girth belt: Must be included, either Fett-style rope girth or of waist-wrap design. Colors: Medium grey, dark grey or black.
  • Boots: Any boots acceptable as per CRLs. Any laces must be covered completely by armor and flight suit leg.

  • Jetpack: Optional, must be of canon design (Boba, Jango or TCW hybrid style)
  • Weapon: Must be era-appropriate canon weapon. With the WEG RPG guides, comics and video games, there are literally hundreds of 'canon' weapons. Weapons can be customized to an extent (such as a modded E-11) but it must still be recognizable as a canon SW weapon from that era, defined as early-Imperial era onward.
  • Beskads styled after the one depicted in the comic book may be worn in addition to primary weapon.

  • The Death Watch sigil must be worn on one shoulder plate. It can have varying levels of damage to it, and must be red or faded red/orange.
  • Clan sigil may be worn on the other shoulder plate.

**Addendum: The 'Fett-style' plate requirement is not meant to exclude female members from becoming Death Watch. Female-style chest plates that conform to the general appearance/configuration of Fett-style plates are acceptable. The diamond and abdominal plates must be as close to Fett-style as possible.

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