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 The Application Process

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The Application Process
« on: May 14, 2018, 06:23 PM »
The Application Process
Lead Author: Kal Revik
Edited by: MMCC Education Team

It's easy for new members, and members who don't use the forum with any great degree of frequency, to become confused on the Application Process for the MMCC. This post is intended to serve as a companion checklist for the full UM to OM Guide.


  • Please make sure you have a WiP (Work In Progress) thread before starting. Not only does a WiP thread allow a larger audience to see what you're doing, but gives you feedback from a broader range of the Club's membership.  The benefits of a WiP include helping you avoid putting time, effort, and money into an element of your kit that violates the CRLs, ensuring that your plates are sized correctly, your soft parts are tailored properly, and allowing the membership to give suggestions to overcoming problems with your build - or inspiring creative directions - that you might not have though of otherwise.
  • Please take clear and well lighted pictures. Your pictures should be level with you in the center of the photo with no busy backgrounds. A blank background is recommended. The picture should just have you in them, and should be as PG-13 as possible, and ideally you should fill as much of the picture as possible.  You don't want a photo with half the top of the picture being nothing but empty background.
  • Make sure your pictures consist of a Front picture, Left Side picture, Right Side picture, Back picture, Helmet Off picture, and a Weapon picture.
  • No action poses, please.
  • Make sure to update your Ruus’alor with all progress during your armor build.

The approval process

  • Get your kit done and take pictures.
  • Create a checklist using the CRLs and make sure you have everything you need for basic approval.
  • Send the pictures to the clan Ruus’alor, or post in your Clan or Stronghold Pre-App thread.
  • The Ruus’alor will judge the kit to the best of his/her ability and give a yes/no on if it is ready for Pre-App. 
  • If your Ruus'alor feels that your kit is ready for pre-app, they'll copy the pictures of your kit to the appropriate Regional Pre-App board.  This board is not able to be viewed by the general MMCC membership.  We cannot stress enough how much participation in the Pre-Approval process, and starting and maintaining a Work in Progress thread, benefits you.  Not only does it mean CRL violations are caught early, but it has demonstrably improved the percentage of people whose kits are approved the first time they submit an application.  Once your kit is in Pre-App, it may take some time for your Ruus'alor to get feedback to you.
  • If your Ruus’alor gives a suggestion/fix list from Pre-App, please make the changes. And keep in mind that any fix list you receive is to correct any errors of CRL compliance with your kit.  Any suggestions you receive were made with an eye toward improving the overall quality of your costume.
  • When the fixes are done, send in the Pictures of the updated kit to your Ruus’alor, or post them in your Clan or Stronghold's Pre-App thread.
  • Your Ruus’alor will then send in the updated Pre-App photos and it's once again time to wait for feedback.
  • When your Ruus’alor says you're cleared to submit your application, feel free to proceed. Please do not proceed without permission from your Ruus'alor.  Important note:  When filling out your application and adding the photos, please make sure to follow the instructions on the form: "Please upload your photos to a site such as and copy the 'DIRECT LINK' that ends in .png or .jpg for each photo on the corresponding lines below."
  • Once your application is submitted, your kit will be reviewed by the Applicant Approval Team.  Typically, responses from the App Team take 1-2 weeks.  Sometimes, though, due to real life constraints, or the high volume of applications submitted leading up to the bigger cons such as Celebration, Dragon*Con, SDCC, and others, response times may lag a bit; during these high volume times, responses are typically 2-4 weeks.
  • If you get a letter from the App Team with a fix list, those fixes are necessary for approval.  If you receive a fix list, you'll have three weeks to make the necessary alterations and submit new photos.  You'll want to send that fix list to your Ruus'alor. Make the fixes and send in the updated pictures  to the App Team and your Ruus'alor.  Everyone understands that real life comes first, and takes precedence over the Club.  Sometimes, because of real life, you won't be able to make the necessary fixes before your three weeks are up.  If that's the case, let your Ruus'alor know, and e-mail the App Team.  They're generally very understanding and will usually grant an extension.  If you're not able to make the required fixes in the appropriate amount of time and don't communicate with the App Team, you'll need to submit a new Application.
  • On rare occasions after you've made the fixes the App Team has sent you, your new photos can reveal something that's still not in line with the CRLs that wasn't visible in your first round of photos.  This is rare, but it does happen.  They understand that fix lists can be frustrating, and will work with you as much as possible to ensure that your kit fulfills your vision while still complying with the CRLs.
  • When your kit is approved, you'll receive an e-mail from the App Team.  Within a few days of your acceptance e-mail, you'll receive a PM through the forum that includes your Catalogue Number, or OM Number; during this time, the Tech Team will update your forum status and you'll receive your "Kill Stripes."
  • After approval, please update the Clan Command Staff with your OM number;
  • If your Clan or Stronghold maintains a roster you will be added to it and be given all the privileges and responsibilities of an OM.

In summary

If you follow this process it will ensure your approval is smooth, swift, and painless. Good luck!

MMCC Education Team

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