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 MMCC Handler Basics

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MMCC Handler Basics
« on: Jul 12, 2018, 10:44 PM »
Guide: MMCC Handler Basics
Lead Author: Mishakitty
Edited by: MMCC Education Team

This guide will cover the expected duties and importance of Handlers at events.

_________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ ______________
Handler Crash Course

What is a Handler?

Handlers are people who help out at troops. They can be recruits, OMs not in kit, or friends/family who are volunteering to help for the day.

Why do we need Handlers?

Handlers play a critical role in our group. They are the support staff of events, and without them official members could not troop as successfully. These volunteers do everything from helping members kit up to making sure everyone is safe, effectively providing a positive environment for club participants and event-goers too.

What you do as Handler:

  • Helping members get into, and out of, their kits
  • Guiding members through event spaces (especially if an area is not lit well)
  • Handling crowd control
  • Escorting members to and from event
  • Watching for anything that may be dropped, pieces falling off of costumes, and help if there are any problems with costumes
  • Taking photos during events
  • Keeping an eye on members to make sure everyone stays safe
  • Answering questions about the club and passing out business cards
  • Whatever needs to be done!

How it benefits you:

Being a Handler is a great way to learn more about trooping before actually breaking in your armor. You will have a “behind the scenes peek” at the club, and can get an idea of the actual requirements of trooping. You can learn what works, and what doesn’t, for different types of armor. You will also get a chance to meet and know the other members of the club, and of course get to hang out at whatever spontaneous, fun after-troop activity occurs.

If you want to Handle at an event:

To handle at an event, post on that event’s thread on the forum. The Point of Contact for the event will let you know whether or not the event needs handlers. If the event was received as an invitation from the 501st Legion or the Rebel Legion, the Mercs contact will need to verify with the other club as to whether or not handlers are needed. For their events, we need to go through their contact in order to find out if additional handlers are needed.

Please understand, not every event is open to handlers. Some events, such as Lucas Film approved events, may have a capped number of attendees that includes all people in attendance, troopers and handlers, and so may not be able to have handlers.

Once you have been confirmed as a handler, please follow the points listed in the next section. If you need to cancel for any reason please tell the Point of Contact.

The day of the troop:

What should I wear as a Handler?
Any type of Mercs or Clan branded gear is best, and technically required by the club, but if you do not have one a solid color shirt will work. If you are wearing a solid color (non Mercs shirt), you will need to wear a handler button (available from Command Staff) and/or a Mercs nametag. It’s great if you can wear something that ties you into the Club if at all possible.

When should I arrive?
Please be sure to arrive promptly to an event - at the same time as the kit-up time for official members. It’s important that you get to the site as the same time as the other members so that you can assist as well as make sure that you get inside to the proper area to be with the group.

What should I do?
Ask the Point of Contact for the event; they will often assign a specific task to you. Otherwise keep your eyes peeled and help where you can. When in doubt, take photos!

What happens after the event?
Stick around to help members remove their armor and enjoy the fun - we usually all go out somewhere after each event.

During the event:

  • Always, always, be polite to the public.
  • If you see something on a kit that is breaking or not working properly, please be sure to alert the member.
  • If you are unsure, ask questions.
  • Do not use a member’s weapons, try on their helmet or any part of their armor without asking permission first.
  • Ask members if they need help getting ready, and if so be willing to assist.
  • Don’t be disappointed if a member won’t let you touch or help with their armor; for many members the armor is very special and not something to be shared.
  • Always be on the look out for pieces of armor that may fall or break. Oftentimes members cannot see it and rely on Handlers to notice and help retrieve anything that may fall.
  • If you can, take photos throughout the event. Each event requires an invasion photograph with all participating members in it so handlers can always assist by taking these photos. There may not be a specific person assigned to take photos and, if there is not, handlers can be a huge help by taking photos.
  • When members of the public ask to take photos with the characters, offer to take the photo for them if they would like to be in the picture.
  • Always be polite to other members of other costuming groups.

Interacting with the Public:

As a handler, you can often be the “face” of the Mercs just as much as the Official Members who are in kit. While their presence in armor is of course important, it is often the handlers who will be asked questions about the club and how to join. It’s important that you, as a handler, present a good impression to welcome potential new members and encourage them to join the club.

A few basic points to convey:
  • The members in armor are part of an official Star Wars costuming group, the Mandalorian Mercs.
  • The characters we portray are custom bounty hunters.
  • We volunteer our time for a variety of events and activities in order to bring smiles and joy to the public. The public can request us to invade events too if they would like to have us attend. This is a service we for which we do not charge.
  • Anyone can join the club, provided they have a costume that meets our requirements. Information about the Club can be found at
  • Anyone interested in joining should be encouraged to go online to the website, join the forums, and get started!

Some other good points to discuss:
  • We help members become official by hosting armor parties. These are free events where members can get together and learn from one another and get help building their kit.
  • We are a family-friendly group and even have a kids’ organization too so children can become part of the group.
  • Most Clans also have their own Facebook page, which is a great way to learn more about the local group and the different types of things we do.

Is there anything I shouldn’t say or do?
  • DO NOT speak badly of any individuals or other groups, especially other costuming groups. This will absolutely not be tolerated and you will not be able to participate in activities where you interact with the public if you badmouth the other groups.
  • DO NOT call someone a “dirty Jedi” or any other derogatory terms, even if you are joking.
  • DO NOT photobomb or make any gestures (such as bunny ears) that will disrupt a photo.
  • DO NOT get into an argument. There may be people who try to outsmart you or challenge you. Listen to them as much as you can, but if it seems like they are simply trying to “out star wars” you in terms of knowledge, it is perfectly acceptable for you to disengage and move on.
  • DO NOT criticize, condemn, or complain.

A few thoughts on interacting with the public:
  • SMILE! Be friendly and welcoming. Remember, these folks are potential recruits and/or event partners, so be sure to show them that we are awesome!
  • Answer any questions they may have, and if you don’t know try to find out. Someone else in the club will be glad to help. It is totally ok if you do not know the answer.
  • Create your own emotions - if you want to seem enthusiastic, then be enthusiastic!
  • Many of the people you meet at these events will approach you because they think what we do is absolutely awesome. Enjoy that! Engage them in conversation and be willing to share what you know about the club and Mandalorians.
  • Converse with people - don’t talk at them or down to them.
  • Be sure to establish and re-establish eye contact often.

If you are working the Mercs Booth or a table at an event:
  • Remember to keep the table neat and clean. This will make you seem approachable and will keep the table clear for people to see everything on it. Do not put food, drinks, or personal materials on the table.
  • If you are sitting at the table, be sure to say hello to people as they walk up. Do not ignore them, play with your phone, or simply sit without engaging. It is important that whomever is sitting at the table be friendly and engaging.
  • If you are sitting with another person having a conversation, be sure to interrupt it to talk to anyone who approaches the booth.
  • Greet anyone who comes up to see the booth. Say hello to people as they walk by. Ask “can I answer any questions for you?” And be sure to pass out any free materials we may have to give away.

In Summary

In short, remember that you are representing the face of the Club, and always be helpful, appropriate and friendly!
And always remember to have fun!

--MMCC Education Team--

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