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Electronics : Electronics Symbols and Diagrams

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Bar'uun Strieg

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: Electronics Symbols and Diagrams
« on: Jul 20, 2018, 09:22 AM »
Tutorial: Electronics Symbols and Diagrams
Lead Author: Bar'uun Strieg
Edited by: MMCC Education Team

This tutorial will cover basic electronics symbols and diagrams and is intended to allow novice users to better understand things they may see when considering adding electronics to their kit.

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Basic Wiring Schematic

Does this image make sense to you?  It is the wiring diagram for a simple LED circuit using a battery, a switch, a resistor, and a LED.  This image shows how you could connect these components to turn a LED off and on using a switch. 

So how do you read this schematic?  The black parts of the diagram are the individual components and the red lines indicate wires connecting the components.  Starting at the bottom, the schematic shows a battery with positive (+) and negative (-) poles indicated by the long and short parallel lines.  Moving to the right and up, the zig-zag lines indicate a resistor, but do not give the actual value of the resistor.  Proceeding up and left, the triangle and arrows represent a LED.  Further left and down, the circles and line represent a switch.  Finally, moving down and back right to the battery the circuit is completed.  If you were to use actual components, when the switch is closed, electricity would flow from the battery, through the resistor (which would impede the flow so as not to overload the LED and burn it out), through the LED causing it to illuminate.

Symbols and Schematics

All of the most used electronics components such as LEDs, resistors, batteries, switches, etc., have a standardized symbols that are used to represent them in electronics schematics or diagrams.  If you were to search for how to create a particular electronics project, you could just find a diagram.  If you know how to read that diagram, you can determine if it suits your needs and if it will allow you to complete the project.  If you cannot read the diagram, you could pass that project up and miss out on having some excellent electronics for your kit. 

Schematics or diagrams are made up of these symbols so that anyone with the knowledge can read, understand, and recreate a given electronics project with the proper components.

So what exactly do these symbols look like?

Some basic electronics symbols

More symbols and images of what they represent

The images above are a representative sample of some of the many symbols you may run across when researching an electronics project.  The symbols shown are by no means all of the symbols that are in use world-wide.  It should be noted that some symbols vary slightly between US and European standards.

Follow this Link for an excellent guide and more information about electronic symbols and schematics.


Fritzing Diagram

In the course of researching an electronics project, you may run across a diagram like the one shown above.  This is a Fritzing diagram.  Fritzing is an open-source hardware initiative that makes electronics accessible as a creative material for anyone.  Fritzing allows users to document their prototypes, and share them with others, among other uses.

Fritzing is a free download that allows you to draw out electronic prototypes showing the components used and how they are connected.  Through Fritzing, users can create more easily read and comprehended diagrams for use by others who may want to create the same (or similar) projects.

If you design a circuit, you can easily share that circuit to others using Fritzing, making it easier for them to duplicate your project and incorporate it to their needs.

More information and the download for Fritzing can be found Here

Final Thoughts
This tutorial introduces basic information about electronics symbols and circuit diagrams.  There is a wealth of information and other tutorials available in the Internet to assist you in learning more about these topics.  Those wishing to learn more are encouraged to search, ask questions, and practice what you learn.  You are also encouraged to share what you learn with your clan mates and on the MMCC forum to help others learn and complete their projects.  Mandalorians are strongest when they work together and share what they know.

--MMCC Education Team--

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