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 Urchin's work in progress WIP

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Urchin's work in progress WIP
« on: Dec 31, 2020, 03:31 PM »
Alrighty, after the long arduous journey of learning that I have to first upload images to Imgur here are first couple of picture ideas.
First, for BC 8x4ft sheet of Sintra at Home Depot for $50 sound about right **No, that stuff was corrugated** or any places better or cheaper to look? Also Coveralls? Mark's about the best pricing?

I'm trying to get on track, let me know if I'm missing anything off my check list for a complete OM required kit.
•Flight suit; Have one to work with (Blue)
Want to make Orange to match my vest!
Needs weathering and snaps maybe for plates.
•Vest; have one made, want to make second (green) to go with blue flight suit
Needs weathering and snaps
•Neck cover; none
•Gloves; Second needs to be seen to fit and dyed
•Shoes; have
•Lace covering; not applicable
•Belt; have
•Secondary waist item; have? More belts, maybe sash
•Pouches; none yet
•Helmet; Want the Sundaram by Gedyc Armouries
•Back covering; back plate cut, needs sanding shaping and paint/weather
•Collar plate; cut and shaped, needs sanding, paint/weather and snaps
•Shoulder; cut and shaped needs sanding, paint/weather and snaps
•Chest plates; cut and shaped, needs sanding, paint/weather and snaps
•Iron Heart; not sized yet
•Ab plate; not sized yet
•Vambraces; none
•Cod piece; contemplating
•Knee pads; none
•Weapon; plenty to work with and ideas

•Thigh plates; pattern made
•Shin plates; think I'm going for Schnees!

First stab at colors

Second stab at colors

Before I even signed up and read rules, still not a bad medium to work with to get a see and feel for the looks.

And I now know about spacing too

Also, would a heavy wool like this work for a cape or potentially loincloth material? And would the color bars on the one be acceptable?

        ***********Next Update***********
Found an old shirt to make a pattern for a vest.
Done this before for a doublet years ago so it was fun remembering to breath lol

Also, might not be a greeble in the simplest of form, but I've got these!

I've always thought that they'd be perfect for modifying Nerf guns or maybe even as thrusters on a jetpack? I've been hand dying yarn for the last few years and it comes on cones like this. Cardboard ones as well, just don't have one on hand for pictures, but we just recycle them. So if anyone locally wants some, I'll start saving them.
Or if you have any ideas to share, I could always use extra inspirations.

Now, getting to the brass tacks and finally sitting down to add stuff!

It all starts with an idea, or a couple of lucky trips to the thrift store.

This too is what I ended up using as the main part of my vest pattern.

With some guidance here is the evolution

I had more pictures, but they aren't wanting to upload.
Still need to take in the shoulders and around the arms, and a few darts to help it fit better.
Now for some of the armor stuff.
Trial and error on sizing, with help from our
Russalor Solyc, we decided that the 90% sized print out worked best for my collar and a combo of 90% wide and 100% tall worked for my breast plates.

Hit a stand still moment and started working on shoulders, if they are too big I can take them down or use them for someone else if too small.

And because this is a family activity, my beautiful wife sewing my vest for me 🥰

Update 6/12/21
Been working continuously asking for help and tips along the way on Facebook. But here is some food for WIP
Gotta get creative sometimes with shaping and forming!

Going for one of the bigger Sintra pieces

As I'm often behind the camera while things are being done, we are still working on this together as a family so here are some in progress pictures

Actually got some parts formed!

Also got some fun bits and pieces to play with

Also, might be going with the theory that you should base your kit around a fandom, and after trying to dye this pair of coveralls silver and they went more purple, I may be leaning in another direction!?

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Re: Urchin's work in progress WIP
« Reply #1 on: Jan 08, 2021, 02:36 PM »
cool! you're on a roll!

btw- love the hair color :D

Any questions regarding kit should be referred to our Ruus'alor- she'll be able to give you definite answers!

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