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 Post-Imperial Heavy Infantry Build

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Post-Imperial Heavy Infantry Build
« on: Apr 04, 2021, 02:11 PM »
Here's my Post-Imperial armor upgrade WIP. I'll be documenting the entire build here so that its more accessible for other to see and I'll also be showing how I go about working with 10mm Sintra. I primarily work with 10mm and it's also what my current Modern kit's made from. I personally love the esthetic and weight that I get from 10mm.  I'm designing my armor upgrades around the Post Imperial Heavy Infantry armor design and loosely around a specific background Covert Mandalorian for reference.

This is the background Covert Mandalorian that I'm loosely using for armor reference.

First pass at making my paper template with drawn on edits on where I planned to bring it in for comfort/mobility reasons, and where to move folds.

Finished paper template
Note: Adding triangle cuts (Darts)  into your armor template will allow you to shape the pvc to your body easier when complex curves are involved.
Note: This template is designed specifically to my body type and those that wish to use it will have to modify it to fit their own body type. This also includes adjusting where darts lie ensure that you're able to mold the armor to your body correctly.

10mm Sintra ready for cutting and shaping.
Note: slightly heating both sides of the Sintra will allow you to cut through it very easily.

10mm Sintra shaped and fitted.

Bevels on Chest plate sanded and shaped.
Note: I used sanding blocks to get the sharp/straight edges and a sanding block sponge for the curved edges.
Note: My darts were nearly entirely removed in the process but this isn't required they can remain if needed. However if your darts are still visible , you'll need to add bondo to fill the seams and sand smooth.

Penciled in chest diamond detail.

Chest diamond details beveled in.
Note: I used a dremel to carve out the details in combination with a sanding block.

What the underside of the chest plate looks like. You can also to see where the folding points are and remanence of the darts. The majority of the dart flaps are removed in the beveling process.

Upper chest plate nearly finished and ready for paint

The plate is roughly shaped and ready for fitting

Test fitting with the abdominal plate butted up against the chest plate, I've also marked where I'll be adjusting the bends and adding the beveling.

Test fitting with all the edge bevels sanded in. I've still got a little more work to put into it, but I'm very happy with how it's turning out.

Got the Lower abdominal plate securely attached to the upper chest plate, here's how it went.

Started off with gorilla gluing the two pieces together.

Once the glue was dried I attached some tiny chicago screws. I added these to both plates that'll add some additional integrity for the bondo, kinda like screwhead  based rebar.

Slathered on some bondo thick enough to cover all the screws

Removed excess bondo and sanded smooth

Applied some filler primer that'll be sanded smooth once fully cured

So I wasn't overly happy with the internal diamond details when comparing it to the entire piece, and decided that I wanted redo the area to have a sharper beveled look.

Slathered on some bondo around the original beveled areas.

Sanded down the excess smooth.

Sanded smooth the internal bevels and diamond with a tiny DIY sanding stick. These are super easy to make and work great from when you're wanting straight even edges. I made this one with a strip of 250 grit that I gorilla glued onto a popsicle stick.

Sprayed two layers of filler primer.

Final result after sanding smooth with a combination of 400 and 2000 grit paper.

For my metallic/metal base I decided on the Montana Gold Metallic Graphite and here's how it went.

Seeing a few rough spots from the shaping stage I applied a few more layers of Rust-Oleum filler primer

Lightly wet sanded down with 800 Grit and polished smooth with 3000 Grit

Applied three layers of Montana Gold Metallic Graphite
Wet sanded smooth with 3000 Grit

Applied two layer of Rust-Oleum 2x Ultra Cover Gloss Clear
Wet sanded smooth with 3000 Grit

Final Result

 Next I plan on working on the thigh plates and shoulder bells.

Re: Post-Imperial Heavy Infantry Build
« Reply #1 on: Apr 06, 2021, 09:19 PM »
Wow, impressive shaping skills! bookmarking this for reference


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Re: Post-Imperial Heavy Infantry Build
« Reply #2 on: Apr 07, 2021, 01:58 PM »
Like it! Can't wait to see the rest of the build!  :like:


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