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 Katís Executioner WIP

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Re: Katís Executioner WIP
« Reply #45 on: May 31, 2021, 03:18 PM »
It was nice weather out, so I could work outside on things.
Todayís project was getting all of the varying shades of brown leather to be closer to he same while also making sure it was applied in such a way that any unevenness can be incorporated in to weathering.
So I hauled the dress form outside

Covered it with a plastic bag to protect it

Then put my vest on it

This way I could make sure that I was getting all of the side and edge bits that might be visible evenly and not worrying about places that werenít seen.  Plus, this way I wouldnít have weird Ďlinesí where the edges were if I laid it flat on the ground.
Then I pulled out my airbrush and the leather dyes

I used the chocolate color to apply a nice coat on all of the not-darkest-brown bits to even it out.

I pulled the vest off and laid it out to dry (yay new clothes line) and put the cloak on the dress for and repeated


Iím letting that dry completely before I put the plates onto the vest and then put everything onto the dress form and start weathering it all at once.  I plan to do all the weathering at once so that I can make sure to keep it all even.



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Re: Katís Executioner WIP
« Reply #46 on: Jun 08, 2021, 06:15 AM »
Very nice work!

Re: Katís Executioner WIP
« Reply #47 on: Jul 16, 2022, 11:59 AM »
So itís been a while. But with being unable to work on things in the house if any of the components have chemical smells since the fabric bits are mostly done, I had to try to find time when it wasnít either a)40+ mph winds or b)over 90f by 10 am.

Which has finally happened.

Work on the knives - I had leftover leather bits from making the vest and cape. So I cut up some of those and made handle covers for the small knives.  They still need weathering and a bit of trimming, but the leather is now attached.

Iíve been working on all of my 3d printed items using XTC, which works well but I always end up with drips and having to wait forever for them to finish curing before I can go on to the next area. Over the Arctic tundra months one of the 501st friends suggested using UV resin instead, so I got some from the inter webs to try out.

Started with a small area, and so far it seems to work well

Thankfully I waited until I could do this outside. The fumes are a bit strong and definitely would have given me a migraine at the minimum if I had tried this indoors. Thankfully itís supposed to stay cool enough that the pieces hopefully wonít melt while drying.

Going to try a bigger area next on the two guns I have left to finish.  The smaller one at least needs to get done, since I have a holster for it.

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Re: Katís Executioner WIP
« Reply #48 on: Jul 16, 2022, 02:17 PM »
More work!

Since the test patch looked good (and had a nice even finish, not too thick AND the lamp came with tools so I could get into those little corners nicely) I continued with more spots.

Got a nice bit done on both guns before it started to rain and I retreated indoors.  Dug out all the pieces and parts to make sure the blasters were the only bits that were still at the beginning stages, and realized I had never dyed the spats/gaiters like I had intended to:
(Leather belt for color difference)

So I pulled out the dye

And trusty dye pot (please make sure to never use your dye utensils and tools for food!  This is an old canning pot that was rusty so we couldnít use it for food anymore but it works perfectly for dying.  We have our dying things clearly labeled to keep them separate)

Filled it up with water:

Making sure that the fabric is pre-wet and the water in the pot will completely cover the fabric without issue.  Then pulled out the fabric and added the dye.  Usually I would mix really well and make sure the fabric is stirred while waiting so that it gets an even color, but this is for a mando - itís okay if itís not even. It will just look like weathering.

Let the fabric soak for about half an hour, then pulled it out and rinsed it.

Itís currently drying now. Turned out nice and dark.  Should be perfect.

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Re: Katís Executioner WIP
« Reply #49 on: Jul 17, 2022, 01:37 PM »
Got magnets attached to the inside of the knees to help keep them in place.


And while I was dying things, dipped the lighter colored throwing knife handles into the pot briefly to give them a bit more color

Then pulled out the foam remnant from a friend and decided to use it as the base of a Hal etc bag, since I donít yet have one for my mando helmet

Use a motorcycle helmet bag as the template once I checked that my helmet fit

Quick drafted a pattern from it

And have dug out some remnants of fabric from other projects to use for assembly.

This morning it was fairly cool and sunny, so I set things out to try to get the resin to finish any curing and to get the spats to dry

Small gun 1: ready for sanding
Small gun 2: half done
Large gun: around 1/3 done.

Unfortunately itís too hot to work outside again today (and promises to be even hotter for the next week) so assembly of the helmet bag and probably placement of magnets for the knees will be the main things I can work on inside.

Re: Katís Executioner WIP
« Reply #50 on: Jul 24, 2022, 03:05 PM »
More work done this weekend. Unfortunately it was very hot very quickly, so no resin work.  But it was cool enough to go out and sand and I had a couple indoor things I could do.

These little sanding wheels and the dremmel worked really well to sand the first small blaster.  It was areas where the XTC3D got a little drippy as I tried to make it conform to a 3D object.

The helmet bag only needs the handles and zippers still.  Iíve been using Ďalmost but not quite English stitchingí for it where I traced around my pattern, cut it out with seam allowances added, folded everything over at the seam allowances and attached the inside to the outside with a topstitch. Then I pieced it together and stitched along the edges.  Except for the zipper edges.  Those Iím putting the zipper between the two pieces of fabric so theyíre in the seam.  There are probably easier ways of assembling, but I didnít want to mess with having to stitch it all together then flip it and match the inside to the outside and topstitch it in place.  So me being lazy and pinning the two layers together while listening to a new album then stitching together.

Three seams and attaching the handles and it will be done.

When I last put the holsters on, the double strap was being annoying and not staying sitting nice.  So I decided to use some of the leftover leather from making them to add a Ďspacerí to keep them close to even distance apart no matter what (they were all over the place and annoying me)

Still need to sew in the magnets for the knees, add straps to the knees, and finish the weapons.


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Re: Katís Executioner WIP
« Reply #51 on: Jul 27, 2022, 11:03 PM »
Keep up the great work vod!


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Re: Katís Executioner WIP
« Reply #52 on: Sep 05, 2022, 02:31 PM »

Got some work done this weekend.

Glued foam to the inside of the knees so I donít kneel directly on metal

Finished getting the resin on the guns and started the sanding

Some more sanding is still needed, but should be close to painting, so I dug out the primers to make sure I had some on hand

Are they made of metal? No.  Am I still using these primers?  Absolutely. Hopefully will have time off and on the next few days to finish the sanding and hopefully do some painting in the next couple of weekends.

And since those are getting close, decided to look through and figure out what I have left that HAS to get done.
Magnets into pants to hold knees in place.
Straps on knees
Finishing the two small guns
Putting the range finder on the helmet

Which is where I ran into a snag. We had primed and painted the range finder when painting everything. Then, we put it Ďsomewhere safeí while working on the rest of the things.

And now we canít remember where that is.

So, new metal bit and range finder have been found from one of the OTHER helmet kits we have

Which means drilling the metal bit so it fits the hole already present in the helmet, finding attachment items that fit the hole already in the helmet, sanding the range finder, priming and painting the range finder, weathering the thing to match the rest of the helmet, and then attaching the thing.

So a little bit of a snag, but nothing too horrible. And Iím fairly certain once we get done getting THIS range finder all completed and attached is when weíll find the other one. Because thatís how things work

Re: Katís Executioner WIP
« Reply #53 on: Sep 09, 2022, 05:30 PM »
Did I buy gloves to go with my kit?

Did I decide I want to make fingerless gloves from my leftover fabrics instead?
Also yes.

I dug out my fabrics to make these. I knew I wanted the body to be my leather, but also wanted the between-fingers bits to be a bit more flexible, so I pulled out my sash/lining and flight suit fabrics. After consulting with my local clan, I decided to use the grey sash/lining fabric for the accent.

I have previously made gloves for my 501st guards, so I pulled up the pattern I used for my last set of gloves. Remembering the pattern was a bit small even for my XS-S sized hands, I printed it at 110%.

(If I did this again, Iíd print it at 120%, since theyíre a little snug)

Then I modified the pattern so it would be fingerless instead of full fingers

Since I donít cut out original patterns unless I have no other choice, I traced the modified pieces onto some tracing/tissue paper

Then I realized that the pieces didnít have seam allowances included, so I added those

I cut everything out, remembering to reverse the pieces so I would have one of each hand instead of two of the same.  (Picture is for one hand only)

Stitched up the thumbs, then the side seams, then between the fingers. Because itís leather, I didnít have to worry about finishing the edges of those parts, which saved time since this was entirely hand-sewn.

So, new gloves that match my cape/vest/loin cloth and sash/lining.
Just need to weather them, which i plan to do when I do final weathering to everything.

Re: Katís Executioner WIP
« Reply #54 on: Sep 15, 2022, 08:46 PM »
There has been a lot of waiting for paint to dry. 

Primer on the guns (and the range finder, but I forgot to take pictures of that process and have a couple layers of colors left yet)

And black

And letting it dry really well before I weather it.

While waiting for the layers of paint to dry enough to either turn the piece over and get the other side or to add the next layer, I worked on various other Ďfinishingí projects.

Pulled out the acrylic paints

And added weathering to my boots.  Left is weathered and right is pre-weathering.  MUCH better after

Sewed pockets for magnets on the inside of my flight suit legs

Realized I had never put the colored bit into my one gauntlet

So dug that out and got it glued in

Disassembled the leather belts I bought in mass for this to use for straps for my knees and got those attached.  Which included some removal of decorative rivets from the belt itself to use as straps.  Still need to paint the rivets holding the straps on, but much closer to done.

Decided I didnít like how the chest diamond kept trying to sink back into the hollow between the chest plates and either look like it wasnít there at all or like it was too far apart, so I took off the plates, put the vest onto my dress form, drafted a template for stiffener to put behind the area, cut it out of leather, punched holes and used the awl thingy to make them more even, then ripped out all of the grommets that were in that area using a needle nosed pliers and put in new ones with the leather inside.  It was a process.  But, now my chest plates are attached and donít shift around so much and donít try to sink back and annoy me.

And for the final project since my last update - a way to store all of my knives.  Iíve been using the lid of the tote my armor goes in as a sort of storage table thing, and it works well.  So I decided to use it as the place I attach my knives to.

Laid out some tracing paper to try to get an idea of how much space I was working with.

Then I tried to figure out the best way to attach 18 throwing knives to the area using scraps of fabric from other projects.

Ended up deciding to sort of sandwich them in.  This would give me a lot of space to work with.

Got the sheathes sewn in and had some extra space, so I added some pockets for my gloves so I can hopefully keep track of them better.

Used the dremmel to drill some holes in the support thingies inside the lid and just have to attach it all down.

Re: Katís Executioner WIP
« Reply #55 on: Sep 23, 2022, 09:14 AM »
What a great build, I hope mine turns out half as good. Lovely to see different ways of fixing and how you intend to transport your kit when it's finished.

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Re: Katís Executioner WIP
« Reply #56 on: Sep 23, 2022, 05:32 PM »
Awesome work, need to get it finished, no pressure. 


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