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 Te'isa WIP log

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Te'isa WIP log
« on: Feb 03, 2019, 09:52 AM »
I wasn't sure where to start with my kit, so I started from the bottom and the things that were "easy" for me as a seamstress. 

I picked up a pair of cotton blend type jeggings.  They had an awesome "moto style" pleating effect across the thighs.  I also picked up a cotton blend long sleeve shirt that worked just right with the pants.  I removed the back pockets of the jeggings with my seam ripper. 

I went to my Joanns and picked up black duck cloth to make the vest with.  I wrapped myself in duct tape to make a pattern for it.  I had also picked up webbed strapping and brassy D-rings as well as industrial velcro for the closures.  I Took some left over batting I had and sandwiched it between two layers of duck cloth for the shoulders and neck/collar.  I then quilted straight lines through it.  This gave both items really nice structure. 

20180718_164112 by allred.sarah, on Flickr

I faced the edges and sandwiched the webbing straps between them on the sides.  I used three sets per side.  I then added a strip of industrial velcro to the back as closure. 

flakvest2 by allred.sarah, on Flickr

flakvest1 by allred.sarah, on Flickr

I moved on to the other soft bits next, mainly the loincloth.  I knew I didn't want to do a cod for now, so a nice substantial loin cloth seemed suitable.  I took two layers of a red linen blend fabric and sandwiched a heavy piece of interfacing between them for structure.  I then used twill tape to make a waist tie.  I was nervous about moving onto the armor building process so I decided to procrastinate by embroidering into the fabric.  I chose a design from my original concept drawing to embroider.  I used a thick button twist thread interwoven with a gold thread. 

20180625_164237 by allred.sarah, on Flickr

loinwip by allred.sarah, on Flickr

loinsashwip by allred.sarah, on Flickr

The sash was made using the same red linen with a layer of interfacing for body.  I used a 3 inch buckle slide as a means of attachment.  The buckle was painted flat black. 

I also purchased a pair of boots secondhand.  The problem was, the didn't fit me in the calves.  I had to get inserts to widen the calve area.  I got these from a company called Bootband if any of you wide calf ladies are interested! 

purdyboots by allred.sarah, on Flickr

After finishing up a lot of the armor bits, I finally got to work on my cape.  It is also made of the same red linen as the other pieces.  It is attached to my vest by industrial velcro at the shoulders for ease of getting in and out of the vest.  I have pleated it in an almost roman cape type fashion with knife pleats at each shoulder.  I used a wire brush to wear a few spots down in areas that would ordinarily show wear from sitting or leaning.  There is also a few small knicks I made where the bottom of the cape would have caught from time to time.  It only needs a really good ironing and I'll put a picture of it up soon. 


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