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 Rane's Legacy armor

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Rane's Legacy armor
« on: Jul 15, 2021, 11:04 PM »
Okay, so I'll post the image of a concept I've worked on based on an older idea I had a few years back, then get on with the description and intention, as well as build concepts.  Before the in-depth descriptor gets written below, yes.  I have a fondness for trauma plates.  Up-armor ANYTHING is a good thing when people are shooting at you.

Okay, initial intention with this armor is to make a Mandalorian Legacy kit, stylized to look like an age-old Paladin.  Heavily armored, thick armor, able to take hits, keep coming and keep firing.  More so than a normal Mando, at least.  Since I've been told that Legacy kit is in-fact Lamellar armor, I decided to try and make things relatively easy on myself, and make the whole thing Lamellar in aesthetic.  (Segmented plates, held together via cords or rope.  Allows it to be flexible.)

Starting from the basics, the entire torso armor section will be tied to a vest that has the zipper running up the spine in back.  They'll be held by grommets and the cords that hold the plates themselves together, as one unit.  The chest plate starts with a sternum plate, which holds the chest diamond, and flares out slightly to allow a strapping point for the other plates.  There, two breast plates are attached, with three ab plates down the belly. 

The flanks of my wrap-around kit are a series of either 9 or 3 plates, interlocking and segmented like the ab plates, and tied to them as well, to allow for flexibility.  The reason its one or the other is because I haven't tried this design out yet with construction paper, or anything else.  I'm thinking if I go with the 9 plate design, it'd be overlapped on each other still, and still interlocked with the other plates.  The three plate section on the flanks are just the same idea, lowered in complexity.

The back section is a little wonky.  Here is why.  Since the zipper for the vest is in the back, I decided to have the back plates have a gap in them to allow for the zipper to go through.  My intended armor has a jetpack to go with it, a slim styled Sabine Wren model.  My solution was to have a separated section of spine protecting armor plates that attached on top of the vest's plates, and just tied into it down the length of it.  What I'm figuring is to have a couple of hard point mounting hooks on top of the rear plates to which the Jetpack mounting plate would actually attach to.  Then, it'd be hopefully simple to just tie it on down the length of it.  I say hopefully, because I've run out of ideas without input or testing.

Edit:  For the gauntlets, I'd had some ideas, and I'll be jotting them down for later. 
Idea one:  Top of forearm equipment slot.  Options:  Flame thrower:  Fake, use LEDs for emitter.  Armor computer:  (OLED screen, controls, etc.)  Rocket Launcher:  Beware those wrist rockets. 
Side of Forearm equipment slot:  Combat dagger:  Hunter has one, and its a decent location idea.  Misc tool kit:  Not sure on this one.
Under the forearm:  Pile-bunker style spike:  Make non-functional, only show the tip and it's housing.  Grapnel cable:  Easy enough to make work, get a big enough ID badge retractable dohicky, mount and hide.  Fix a small tip to the end of it for cosplay.  Could also function as a mono-wire cable, ALA Cyberpunk 2077.

Secondary attachments for the gauntlets:  Lights on the glove/wrist for utility work.  Put a small LED flash light on the heel of the hand, or its comparable location on the gauntlet.  Also get some of those light gloves to incorporate into the gauntlets.  See about putting in a micro-repulsor style thruster onto the elbow of the gauntlet.

For the Shebs:  Make a butt plate setup.  Hardmount a dagger scabbard or pistol holster to the plate.  Also add in thruster units to the plate.  Or to the hip, considering the location.

For thighs:  Make armor utilitarian other than as just protection.  Mounting points for pouches, blasters, etc.  Maybe a thruster set on top of the thigh plate.  On side of plates, add in spot location for a hard-mount pistol holster.  Design like the one from Farscape.

For knees/shins:  Add in additional plating and pouch mounting points.  Add in boot dagger and hold out blaster.  Possibly add in an additional pile bunker spike and mount along the shin, though again, make non-functional.

For boots:  Design with the intention of kicking shebs.  Metal toe caps, heel caps with a 'noise maker' of some kind to make a deep toned clang when walking.  Maybe akin to the click of a tap-dancer or a cowboy's spurs, but heavier.  Also need to design a thruster set for it as well, to fit with the overall aesthetics.

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Re: Rane's Legacy armor
« Reply #1 on: Jul 16, 2021, 09:51 PM »
Love the look of the concept! Can't wait to see it!


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