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 Sabine season 3 WIP

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Sabine season 3 WIP
« on: Jun 29, 2020, 01:12 AM »
Hello my name is Jess,
I Started my Sabine season 3 so I wanted to start a wip thread. Hopefully this helps other future hopeful Sabines!
I'd like to start by saying joining a group build page is the best first step that I did. I got a great leg up by having Rob and Valerie from the Cerar Clan give me advice. I'm hoping I can pay their kindness forward to fellow Mercs!

So here we go!

I am using the below link for all my reference photos. This is a blessing when you are painting any season!

Here  are my boots these took many days of searching on ebay till I finally found an acceptable pair. May the force be with you!

My gloves I got off of Amazon


Gloves and boots after paint
I used a sponge to tap the colors on and layer them.

All of my armor pieces were 3d printed here is the link to the files I used. I had to modify a lot of the sizes of the print to fit my body.

My blasters were purchased from:
Premier props on etsy:

My belt was purchased from:
Darmans props on etsy

The ever hard to find shirt and pants were made by Jo on etsy. Pics to come.

My helmet was printed by Rob from the Cerar Clan. Hoping to have a way to link him to this in the future.

What it looks like with bondo and resin

Its now got a nice coat of primer

Sprayed with silver spray paint and started drawing on the designs.

Lots of taping and spraying

I ended up repainting the eyes and cheeks to match my reference photos more closely.

Here is my size test before printing out all the pieces, the shins and collar pieces were changed after this test.

After some bondo, then sanding, then primer, then more sanding and silver paint
My elbows were ready for paint! I will post all paints and prep products in one future post!

How to prep: On youtube Nikko Industries has some great tips and tricks.]

Or ask an experienced Merc!

I used a combination of masking tape and Colgate toothpaste, and sandpaper for all my weathering effects. ( sidenote: toothpaste method works well with spraypaint, not regular acrylics. Learn from my pain lol) So I would use masking tape if you are doing just acrylics, also if you stick the tape to the back of your hand first then put it on the armor you wont get residue)



Silver & weathering

First coat Rustoleum: Colonial Red

Second coat Anitas acrylic: 11140 Pumpkin & Deco Art patio paint Marigold
I mixed the two and sprayed them with my airbrush.

After it was dry I lightly sanded the piece with 120 grit


To finish it off I hand painted details to add shading and dimension.
I used Anitas 11140 pumpkin, Anitas 11039 Wine, and Folkart 1642 Silver Sterling

Knee pads***********

Did the same prep as on the elbows. Bondo, primer, then silver paint.

Silver coat with tape

Rustoleum Colonial Red coat

Krylon Pimento

After some sanding and tape removal

After weathering added details for dimension with Apple Barrel Acrylic 20501 E Bright Red.
Sprayed subtle highlight with Anitas 11140 Pumkin mixed with Deco Art patio paint Marigold then sprayed light layer of Krylon Pimento.

For the other knee I did the same process as above but with more agressive weathering and added the striped  lines. All the same colors were used.

All done

Right Shoulder******************

This lil gem requires a plan! So mine is to sketch out my lines in pencil and lots of masking tape!

Sketch on silver!

Masking tape, Im taping so only the white squares get paint.

Sprayed on Krylon satin white

Sprayed the 5 with the same reds from the knee pads, added a little black and brown for shadows

Now on to the black checkers, reverse the masking tape to the white squares, cover yhe 5.

Now the same yellows used on the knee pad stripe with a little pumpkin orange lightly sprayed on top for dimension.

On to the five! I used a couple different sprayed layers of these three yellows Ceramcoat yellow, Ceramcoat Sundhine, Craftsmart yellow, and then added white in for the last sprayed layer. Had to keep layering till I matched my reference photos.

After sanding, weathering, spot clean up and hand painting details

Left Shoulder******************

Or my lil space owl as I like to call it lol.
Also sketching out a plan recommended!

Sketch on silver

First layer of yellow same yellows used on knee pad, it looks gold with the silver shining through. This is the one piece I didnt use any spray paint on. (I wish I would have put down a layer of white for the sake of weathering!)

Covered the owl 🦉 and outside circle then sprayed a variation of Deco art Teal Mint mixed with white Acrylic, Anitas Acrylic 320646 Deep Celery, and Cermacoat Yellow.

Retaped and sprayed the owl with Deco Art Baby Blue

Now for hand painting! I Custom blended colors to match my reference photos then added my detail work and weathering.

Chest Plate 1*******************

Let me preface by saying the chest plates were my biggest pain in the booty. I was trying to get pretty accurate and it was a challenge. Mainly because my 3D printed version is more curved to fit my bust. So I ended up repainting each side 6 times. Yes 6 and it tested my inner peace lemme tell yah!

Since my process went through soooo many stages Im attaching an awesome tutorial on how to paint them by:;u=23132


The photos of my struggle lol

Chest Plate 2*******************

Blaster 1and 2 *******************

I started these and completely forgot to do WIP photos  :( 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ mainly the same process as the other pieces lots of masking, spraying with my airbrush and hand weathering.

Colors, Rustoleum Primer gray, Black Acrylic, Applebarrel 21965E Sunbeam, DecoArt jackolantern Orange, Craftsmart Midnight Blue, Applebarrel 20956E Cobalt Hue, Decoart Turquoise waters, and Applebarrel 21392E Granite Gray

Collar Armor************

Had to bend and shave these. My fillament bends at about 220 degrees. Then shave some of the curve off so its more straight to match the refrence photos.

For some reason all my WIP descriptions got deleted for these so I will post the pics and go back in later with descriptions.

Shin & Foot armor :

Bent and glued my shin pieces around my boots for a perfect comfy fit.

Here are the colors I used on my shin pieces.
I first sprayed with Krylon Gloss purple, then taped off the purple and sprayed Krylon Pimento.
I then used my airbrush and layered the acrylic colors for shadows. The used a wet paint sponge with the acrylics for texture and depth. Then used a chip brush to add watered down splatter.

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