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 Crusader era helmet and armour questions and Queries.

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I am currently working on a legacy kit but then hit a huge snag on it (mostly due to the pandemic), and while it will be taken care of it will be a month or there about, so I find myself with a lot of free time. After roaming the message boards I decided to maybe look into another kit to fill the down time.  The crusader caught my eye but I have a few questions about it.

Honestly there are so many styles out there and not many templates or the like about and everything I have seen basically says refer to people's kits that have been approved and other resources in the forum. I have done so and now I have a few questions I am wondering if people could clarify for me? My Clan is not sure as we don't actually have many people (I think maybe one or so) that have done crusader and I have been unable to get a hold of them.

To start off the kit I am looking to emulate is the one in the CLR page that has two people standing in brown armours.

A screen capture of the one I am talking about below as I can't seem to link to the picture itself and can't find the persons WIP page to link.

Basically I was wondering if this style crusader armour would work with this helmet?

In the forums it is stated that the above helmet is acceptable for Late Crusader so would it work with the armour type shown above?

Also I see lots of mentions of Late Crusader and Crusader but have no idea what that means? Like a sub category in the Crusader era?

Now if that helmet and armour type is acceptable I have tried to make some templates for myself and was wondering if they would work?

They need some trimming and the ab plates may need to be shortened as they are a very rough thing I threw together in about a few minutes after searching the site for more information.  As for the back I am thinking just a normal back plate, nothing fancy, as it may be covered with a cloak if I can do what I am thinking.

Any help that could be given in this regards would be helpful.

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Re: Crusader era helmet and armour questions and Queries.
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2020, 09:02 AM »
So Late Crusader refers to the Mandolrian Armor seen in the Star Wars the Old Republic MMO. It in my book should be its own era, but that is a whole other bag of cats.

That helmet you linked is an example of a Late Crusader helmet. But it could work for a Crusader kit, because well Crusader armor is WIDELY varied. There are some good resources for Crusader Armor in the War College in the Reference Boards. I would suggest checking out those boards if you haven't already.

My biggest piece of advice when it comes to Crusader Armor is to pick a picture from the Legends Material, again there is a collection of such images in the War College and use that as your base to work from. What you have there with the chest plate is a good start.

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Re: Crusader era helmet and armour questions and Queries.
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2020, 07:39 PM »
So in short, the Crusader Era is broken into Early (EC) and Late (LC).   Early Crusaders are bone and leather "caveman" kits, Late is KOTOR comics and game.  It used to just mean "before the Boba timeframe" which is why they got lumped together, but now that we have multiple Moderns and a Post-Imperial and Legacy, they could and perhaps should some day be split out, but that's irrelevant right now.  For now, for your purposes, consider "Crusader" to mean anything before Boba Fett and "Late Crusader" to mean "after bone and leather were obsolete".

The main thing about the LC kits is that they were said to be custom handmade pieces by/for each mando, not a uniform, so every Crusader's plates will be unique.  That makes it very hard to give style advice and leaves it up to the recruit to communicate their ideas and get approval before committing too far.   The best advice we can give is to get some sketches going, ask specific questions, and look at the existing kits (reference images and approved kits) to get a feel for the aesthetic.  If you are building a Modern kit, you can get a hard yes or no because the plates are pretty much all the same. 

You already know that helmet will work and the plates are along the right lines so I'll drop some tips.

Some common LC style elements:

- Hoses:  Crusaders loved hoses on their helmets.  (I believe in-universe it was before sealed space suits so they used life support systems, but may be mistaken)

- Large plates.: You almost always see single-piece chest plates and large ab plates in this era. Your sample chest plate is a great example.

- Melee weapons:  Not mandatory, but you will notice a lot of them in canon references carried a melee weapon of some sort either in addition to a blaster or instead of a blaster.  For my kit, the hardest part was actually the blaster.  My blaster design got sent back for a few reworks because it "didn't feel era-appropriate" but that wasn't/isn't really defined anywhere.   I say that mainly to say this:  do not expect to use any recognizable modern blaster.  A staff of sword may well be your easiest bet for an approvable weapon.

- Furs and spikes:  Don't go full caveman on the furs, but a cape or kama from fur would likely not be a terrible idea for an LC.  Shoulder spikes are worth considering as well.  See Rohlan Dyre for a few examples of how those might look.  Depending on who drew the particular panel, his shoulder spikes looked all sorts of different ways :P

- Leather:  avoid nylon belts and other synthetic materials.  Again, don't go full caveman, but leather belts and straps go a long way in this era to make it look less modern

A final note for now, be careful how closely you emulate an approved member's LC kit.  As I said above, every LC's armor was custom made for the warrior and members put a lot of research, time, and effort into making a truly unique design that will fit within the aesthetic.  I'd recommend you try to base it off of comic or game references more than off of an approved kit.

Late Crusader WIP

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