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 WIP 2.0 The Crusader

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WIP 2.0 The Crusader
« on: May 08, 2020, 07:06 PM »
So reading up on things on this board, talking to other people, and getting a dumb idea I want to do in my mind I decided that I want to start another kit.

I have the time, and currently I have the Sintra (I got some off cuts for free/some for cheaper when I went to purchase some due to a slight mess up).

FIrst off I want to do a two piece flight suit for this one so I went and got some black scrubs.

Now I know I am going to have to get an under shirt for this as they are short sleeves but that is fine. Also going to have to work on getting all those pockets sewn up as well!

Next the helmet, basically going to get this one when I can and base it around that.

The scribbles on the bottom of it as my desgin of that I want it to look like. Basically similar to how he has it with white and red, but then with those two bits at the bottom also red. Also going to get it clean, this is going to be a clean kit. (White and clean, what am I doing to myself?!)

Next the idea I had for the chest plates. This is after days of looking at pictures and going through the forums and then basically designing it after this kit I saw on the requirements page:

Going to do something like that, so I drew up a couple designs:

As you notice I included the crusader symbol to be added in somewhere as this era is too early for the Mythosaur. After some deliberation I think I am going to go with the all white with the single red stripe. The scribbles in the strip will be some writings when I decide what they are actually going to say >.>

Next I drew up some templates and tried them on for the chest and abs:

Then edited them a bit:

The back is going to be a simple one I threw together using some of the old template from my legacy kit, but as one piece in stead of layers.

 Also made a template for a sort of half bracer that I am going to attach with leather straps:

Shoulders will be the same template I used for my Legacy kit. Why make more work?

Leg stuff is on hold as it is not technically needed but I will decide later if I want anything or not.

Next I traced out all the patterns onto some Sintra and began to cut! You will notice I made the AB plate a bit bigger then needed just cause I figured I could easily trim stuff off but adding to it would be more difficult.

Then when I was forming my legacy shoulders I started to form the shoulders and bracers for this kit as well!

So that is it for the start of my second kit, figured might as well do something with all this time I have! Also this one is going to be less complicated and in 3mm so a lot lighter, maybe for a summer kit when wearing all that other stuff will be too warm?


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Re: WIP 2.0 The Crusader
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2020, 11:30 PM »
ooooh love the look of this!

Wasu'ran Clan/ Alo'rad/ MMCC#1851/ V.O.T.S. #78

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