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 Work in progress

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Work in progress
« on: Aug 22, 2020, 04:04 PM »

Dit is mijn w.i.p video. Sta open voor advies en tips.


Pascal Klerks



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Re: Work in progress
« Reply #1 on: Aug 29, 2020, 09:50 AM »
Hi Pascal.
You posted this in the global soft parts channel so Iíll add my reply in English.
Your video is in Dutch, should a moderator want to move this post it probaly belongs here:

You made a unique design, itís very colorful. I like it!
You also have most of your armor cut out allready! I noticed you are using EVA foam floor mats to build your armor. EVA foam is widely used in the costuming community however it is not very sturdy. After a while of wearing a costume made of EVA foam will likely come apart. Thatís why costumes made with EVA foam will not get approved by the MMCC app team. Meaning you cannot become an official member. Here is more info on costume requirements.

I have little experience with EVA foam. I would advice to use other materials which are more durable like hard plastics and metals. Probably most used in our club is a material commonly named Sintra. Itís an expanded pvc plastic and it is much more durable then foam. You cut it with a sharp hobby knife just like foam. But only after you heat it up (for instance with a heat gun) can you bend and shape it. When it cools down again it will retain its deformed shape. You can find it in a hardware store (Hornbach). You can make all armorparts from Sintra, including gauntlets, jetpack and even helmet. More info on Sintra and how to shape it here.
Know that should you decide to finish your costume in EVA foam then you can not apply for official membership of the club. But you still have a cool costume and and the joy of building it. Itís up to you.

You had a specific question about attachment methodes. There are several ways to attach your armor to your vest. Most used are probably Velcro, snaps, magnets or a combination of either of these. I use Velcro for almost everything. I sewed one side on my vest and glued the other on the inside my armor plates. Itís a bit tricky to place the Velcro just right so it doesnít stick out. You want it to be invisible. This method will work for all your plates, including legs and knees. More info on attachments in costume requirements.

You also asked about gauntlets or vambraces. Thatís the armor around your lower arm. Shaping a cilinder to your lower arm is usually enough as long as it fits. Donít make it too long or it will hurt your elbow. Itís cool to add details like communication devices or blasters or even rockets to them. You decide how crazy you want to go. Here is a tutorial for a simple basic vambrace.

I've linked to several tutorials in this reply. There is much more tutorials available wich may interest you. I hope this answers most of your questions. if you need a Dutch translation please post it in the Dutch forum.

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