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 The Armorer - The Mandalorian Season 1

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The Armorer - The Mandalorian Season 1
« on: Oct 26, 2020, 09:08 AM »
This is the BRL for the Armorer.  The base CRL is written in white while the items in BLUE will be required to join the MMCC Canon Brigade with this character.  All questions should be addressed to the Brigade Marshall and Division Captain.

The Armorer BRL

  • Must be painted antiqued gold, with gunmetal horns.
  • Must feature a raised comb running along the center of the dome running from the center of the visor to the key slots on the back.  On the front, the comb ends in a “V” right above the nose guard.
  • The comb section has three raised portions running front to back.
  • Must feature a brow ridge that is split by the comb. It runs across the top of the helmet, alongside the comb, over the top of the helmet, above the visor area over the ear caps and intersects the comb at the back of the helmet above the key slots.
  • Must feature five horns on the top of the dome.  Two larger horns on top of the dome are set above the eye slots of the visor, from the side they are set forward of the ear caps and are approximately 1 ½” tall.  There are two smaller horns set a little farther back from the two larger horns, farther up on the top of the dome and are part of the brow ridge that runs along the comb and are approximately Ύ” tall.  The last and smallest horn again is set back a little from the middle horns and is on the top of the dome in the center of the comb and is approximately ½” tall.  All horns are set forward of the ear caps.  These horns are painted a dark weathered metal color, such as gunmetal.
  • Both ear caps are mirrored copies of each other.  Rounded at the top with a band that runs across the top of the ear cap horizontally at the end of the curve that is taller than the rounded part of the ear cap and has a flat section approximately half of the rounded top section of the ear cap.  The ear cap extends down to an angled ridge that runs along the bottom of the helmet from the cheek to the key slots.  The bottom part of the ear cap has one vertical ridge that runs from the top part of the ear cap to the bottom ending just above the ridge that is taller than the rest of the bottom portion of the ear cap.
  • The back of the helmet has a rectangular box with 6 louvered key slots, with two triangle like cutouts at the top of the key slots pointing into the center.
  • The visor area contains two stylized eye slots across the top of the visor broken in the center by a nose guard.
  • Visor must feature two indents just below the eyes that have four sides, matching visual references.
  • Must feature rounded cheeks that are recessed and end at the bottom of the helmet in a ridge that runs from the end of the visor area to the ear caps.
  • Weathering on the helmet must be painted to match visual references as closely as possible both in color and in weathering pattern.
  • Helmet must match visual references.

Flight Suit
  • Must be a cotton or cotton blend one or two-piece garment colored dark grey, must fit snugly to the wearer.  If a two-piece suit is used it must appear as if one-piece.
  • Must have long sleeves with short sleeves on top of them, made from the same material.
  • Each short sleeve has a burgundy trim piece running on the bottom edge of the sleeve.  The short sleeve also has a reinforced “Y” stitch or patch on the outside of the sleeve. There are three levels of the “Y” stitched patch.  The “Y” patch has a top stitch that matches the fabric of the flightsuit.  The short sleeve must match visual references.
  • The flight suit has chaps on the front of the legs.  These chaps run from the upper thigh down the front of the leg ending at the ankle or under the gaiters.  These chaps are made from the same material as the flist suit.  They run from the inside seam of the leg, extend over the front and end within about an inch of the outside seam of the leg.  The chaps are sewn into the legs of the flight suit, however on the outside of the leg the chap ends in a one inch flap that is visible. The chaps have a visible top stitch on the hemmed edge.
  • Collar of the flight suit is up turned and has an open V neck in the front with a backing panel behind the V of the collar.
  • The flight suit has no visible pockets.
  • The flight suit has light weathering across its entirety.
  • Flight suit must match visual references.

  • Must be be made of leather colored dark brown.
  • Must consists of 8 pleats/layers from the waist to just above the knees.
  • Two “Y” seams close the apron in the back. The top of each “Y” has an open slit that shows the skirt underneath.
  • The apron wraps around the Armorer and the two sides meet at a tabard in the back that is a seperate piece. The tabard has a raised section running the length of the tabard and is approximately 1” wide. The raised portion ends at the bottom of the tabard where another raised section of leather trims along the bottom V of the tabard.
  • The apron has light weathering.
  • The apron must match visual references.

Neck Seal
  • Must be made from same material and color as the flight suit.
  • Must extend high enough in the back to cover the neck.
  • The neck seal should be worn on the inside of the flight suit to cover the neck. The up turned collar of the flight suit should be visible over the neck seal or Balaclava.
  • A Balaclava must be worn to give the impression of a fully sealed flight suit.
  • The neck seal has light weathering.
  • Neck seal must match visual references.

  • Boots must be leather colored dark brown in color.
  • Must feature an armored plate covering the toe of the boot painted dark brown.
  • The armored plate must have a reinforced sole that also shows a rectangular plate screwed into the sole at the front of the toe plate.
  • The armored plate has three raised strips running from the front of the plate over the top of the toe of the boot each strip is approximately Ύ” wide and has a raised edge with a lower section in the middle of each of the three sections.
  • Boots are covered by dark brown gaiters made of leather or suede extending from just below the knee and completely cover the top of the boot up to the armored plate and they cover to the heel.
  • The gaiters have a pleated leather band that runs around the gaiter at mid calf. The band matches the same material as the gaiter and has a finished edge covering the top and bottom edge of the pleats.
  • Gaiters must match visual references.

Chest Armor
  • Consists of a solid chest plate with a raised chest diamond.  The diamond is contained in a recessed channel that runs from the top of the chest plate to the bottom of the chest plate. The diamond has a recessed rectangle in the center.
  • Must attach securely to the flight suit.
  • Chest plate is a burgundy or dark red.
  • Chest plate must have a recessed ab plate that covers the abdominal area.
  • The chest plate must contain the four tapered “steps” seen in the references.
  • Must feature a raised edge on all sides that runs along the bottom of the plate up the sides by the arm pit area and continues up the side of the plate to end at the collar tabs. There is a additional raised section of the rim in the center of the abdomen that is approximately 1 ½” wide and covers from the top to the bottom of the ridge.
  • Must appear to be at least 3mm thick with rounded edges.
  • The plate must be painted and weathered to match references in both color and weathering pattern.
  • Chest armor must match visual references.

Back Armor
  • Consists of a solid back plate that extends from the shoulder and neck down to the small of the back.
  • Back plate must be painted the same burgundy or dark red as the chest plate.
  • Back plate must match visual references.

  • A fur cape must be worn in addition to the back armor, covering the neck and shoulders to the waist and it is wider at the top than the back and tapers down the back.
  • The cape attaches to the chest plate at the shoulder seam.
  • The cape must match color and curl of the visual references.

Shoulder Armor
  • Shoulder armor consists of two shoulder plates of leather in a basket weave pattern and has a solid leather trim piece at the bottom edge.
  • Shoulder armor must be dark brown in color.
  • Shoulder armor has light weathering across its entirety.
  • Shoulder armor must match visual references.

  • Dark brown, leather or leather-like belt approximately 5 inches in width.
  • The belt has a dark brown recessed portion that is approximately 3 inches wide with a medium brown trim piece on the top and bottom that is approximately 1 inch each. There is a third section approximately Ύ” from the top of the recessed portion of the belt and approximately 1” from the bottom of the recessed portion of the belt.
  • Belt closes in the back where a leather obi of approximately 4 inches wraps around the belt with the same medium brown trim piece like on the belt on the outsides that are approximately 1” each.
  • Must feature leather straps to hold the 3 different belt Greeblies as well as one additional loop that remains empty.
  • One belt greeblie should appear as a larger rectangular box with two circular hole sections on the side of the box and the top left portion of the box is yellow brass like color, one is a skinnier taller box with a recessed top portion and the other is a small cylinder with a gear toothed top.
  • Belt Greeblies must match visual references in size and shape.

  • Dark brown suede gloves with a visible thumb seam.
  • Must feature a suede patch sewn to the back of the hand.
  • A quilted suede gauntlet extends from the wrist to just below the elbow. The quilted squares are approximately 1” wide.
  • The gauntlet ends in a burgundy or dark red cuff near the elbow that matches the trim on the flightsuit.
  • The gloves babe light weathering across their entirety.
  • Gloves must match visual references.

Weapons & Tools
  • Large forging hammer painted silver approximately 21 inches long.
  • Large pair of tongs painted silver approximately 17 inches long.
  • Weapons must match visual references.

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