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 ve'vut kal- mandalorian custom sniper

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ve'vut kal- mandalorian custom sniper
« on: Oct 20, 2020, 11:19 AM »
my little brother had a faze of buying almost every nerf gun possible and after a while he just didnt know what to do with them so i took the sniper which was really bad looking, neon green red orange pink you know the drill and desided to pain it well more like a gun...that was 2 years ago and until today only half of it was painted, a few days ago i desided to do something about it and give it a whole brand new look for it to match my future merc mandalorian armour.
it was a pain in the bottom to do everything but im half way done and wanted to show the progress.
not i forgot to take photos from start to finish so some progress was lost im afraid.
so first i took apart the gun to all the small pieces and painted each part a few coats of black
that will stain me until the day i die

then i started tapeing areas i wasnt to stay black and painted the areas gold like my helmet
the sound of duct tape will now forever give me nightmares i swear i almost finished the roll and the spray cans i used

them i used some spray foam and put it in a roll of toilet paper to keep its sape to cut after it dried up, added some details to the gun
and cut a stick i painted black to the bottom of it inspired by din djarin's sniper

i also added a scope that looks like what i have on the front of my helemt, i just though it would be neat to make the tie between the two items

2 years ago when i took the nerf gun i lost the ammo compartment so i desided to come up with a more creative idea, this gun in the starwars universe is opperated by gold coated crystals which are kept in small bottles, i took does tiny shampoo bottles you get in hotels, washed them out painted the caps gold and the watermark of the hotel i covered in black leaving an empty clear space in the middle where the "crystals" can be seen, the "crystals" were made by me taking raw sea ssalt from the dead sea i got not long the a year ago from my grandparents which is used for baths (its bath salt) sprayed them gold and put em in, since it was sealed i didnt worry to much about it attracting ants or something also it was covered with spray which i dont think they will find tasty heheh. anyways not the best pics i could get cuz like i said some progress is lost but i still want to progress to be monitered.

i am of now going over the foam with hot glew to keep it from falling and to have a smoother platform.
when i said i am only half done i mean it, all of this progress was made on only one side of the gun it will take me another few weeks to finish the other side and school is a bit much right now so i dont have alot of time for myself and creating and doing the things i love so this might take me longer then i thought it would but i will keep this post updated everytime i make more progress

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ve'vut kal (golden blade)
Re: ve'vut kal- mandalorian custom sniper
« Reply #1 on: Nov 23, 2020, 12:09 PM »

very mella idea to replace the magazines, I'm curious to see the rest

spesso sei come una foglia in balia degli elementi, ti muovi seguendo il vento ma non sai mai che succede, e perché succede, segui solo il vento.

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