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 The Armory

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Re: The Armory
« Reply #15 on: Jan 23, 2021, 06:11 PM »
Alright some small progress.  I added some wood triangles  to fill in the gap between the end of the barrel and the stock.  I also cut out and glued on a little bit of wood to match the piece in the V area.  Then I coated the middle section with a layer of resin.  I also got the mount for my scope worked up and glued together.  It still has to be mounted but it's coming along.

A few pieces are being held on by gravity and prayers in this picture but it gives an overall progress check.

Re: The Armory
« Reply #16 on: Jan 29, 2021, 05:16 PM »
Finally got around to doing some sanding on the resin.  Got the little pieces sanded and the larger sections on the stock of the rifle.

Then I got a layer of primer on the prongs and mounts.

And primer then copper on the bits and pieces.

Re: The Armory
« Reply #17 on: Feb 02, 2021, 06:28 PM »
Wester 35: I ordered a pair of these beginning of December and they finally arrived.  My very first 3-D print ever.  Seriously never even touched the stuff before these arrived.  I have some sanding to do, which was expected.  I also couldn't help myself and patterned up a holster for them.  The leather I have on hand is really very thin and not sturdy enough on its own so I layered it.

The strap is layered with some leftover suede I had from a different project. 
I also added a third layer of leather to the holster lower down to act as a more of a stop to keep the gun in the proper place in the holster.

I still need to add a strap to the back of the holster to run the tie down through. 

Re: The Armory
« Reply #18 on: Feb 04, 2021, 07:12 PM »
So I did some tweaking on my holster pattern.  It is a touch too big...admittedly I patterned it for either thicker leather or sintra not the thin stuff that I am using.   I added a few straps to it.  One on the inside of the holster to prevent any fall though and another on the top to keep it in the holster (Not that it is an issue, I may just choose to run around in full kit one day).  I haven't decided on the attachment method for this one yet, but I am thinking that I might add a loop to side onto the belt for now.

I also did some work on my scratch build Amban Sniper Rifles.  I got the scope for the second one fully assembled (was missing a piece) and then I set up the pieces for the mount ( ie. cut pieces of pipe to length, insert magnets, cut Sintra to length, sand).  I also started gluing on the detail pieces to the stock.


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Re: The Armory
« Reply #19 on: Feb 05, 2021, 12:13 PM »
This seriously looks amazing, great work!

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Re: The Armory
« Reply #20 on: Feb 09, 2021, 07:31 PM »
This seriously looks amazing, great work!

Thanks Starling  :) 


Little bits and pieces here and there.  I glued on the next layer of plates to both stocks.


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Re: The Armory
« Reply #21 on: Feb 09, 2021, 11:46 PM »
Just found this and wow-great work!

Re: The Armory
« Reply #22 on: Feb 11, 2021, 07:10 PM »
Just found this and wow-great work!

Thanks Ashohqin!


The sniper rifle is so many little things.  I added more plates to the one stock.  I added the bottom fill to the other.  I added some foam as fill for some of the larger gaps between the plates.  Some bondo on the exterior and then some sanding into shape is next for this one.

Got the fiberglass rods primed and painted

I also added some details to my scopes.

And I started sanding down my Westar-35's.  Not liking the sanding (Don't normally mind sanding but this rubs me the wrong way :laugh:)...think I will switch to the fill method for the second one.

Re: The Armory
« Reply #23 on: Feb 16, 2021, 05:26 PM »
Alrighty's more

Amban Sniper Rifle:  I added more bits and pieces.  Got some Bondo on the central area then sanded it smooth.  Then I started on some of the little details that are on the top of the piece.

And progress check...make sure everything still fits and looks good together

Then paint on the scopes and the stock of only one.

I also painted the prongs silver.  Then I did a clear coat on which I put graphite powder.  I did three layer of clear and graphite powder.  Then some purple and green to try and get that heat warped metal look.  Not quite sure I like it but it doesn't look too bad.

I also painted the extra bits for the second rifle gold.

Westar 35's:  I lightly coated these in resin the other day when I was doing the stock and today I began the sanding process.  This will take a few days to finish.

Re: The Armory
« Reply #24 on: Feb 18, 2021, 05:36 PM »
Westar 35's:  I got them both sanded down and then gave them a second light coat of resin.  Now the waiting game as they dry so that I can sand again.

I also remade my spear head.  The one I previously made is just a bit too big.  So I scaled down a new slimmer model.  Cut it out...sanded it....glued the layers together...coated it in resin and am now also waiting on this to dry.

And I put a bit more resin on the stock of the sniper rifles since I had it out and mixed up.

Re: The Armory
« Reply #25 on: Feb 24, 2021, 02:24 PM »
Got the new spear head finished and mounted.  Now I just need to decided how to carry it and maybe add a wrap on the handle.

I also got both scopes painted silver then a layer of graphite powder.  I may do a second layer of clear then more graphite to darken them to the same color as the prongs on the end of the rifle.

I worked on the rifle stocks as well.  I sanded then again...sprayed them silver and then a coat of graphite. 

Re: The Armory
« Reply #26 on: Feb 26, 2021, 07:35 AM »
So the last few days I've been working on some fiddly bits for my rifles.  I think it came out pretty good for sintra and an exacto knife.

And I sanded one of my westars to the point that I wanted to get a layer of primer on to see how far I still need to go.

Print lines almost all gone!

Re: The Armory
« Reply #27 on: Mar 02, 2021, 11:49 AM »
Amban Sniper Rifle:

So close to being done just a few more details to go.  I still need to permanently add the forward grip and wrap the strapping around the grip and the second rod below the barrel.  I also need to add the second wrap in front of the scope but behind the grip.  Then just finish mounting everything.  I might leave the prong detachable to make it easier to get the gun to and from troops/events. 

I sanded the stock with 500 grit sand paper, added another clear coat and more graphite powder.  Then I painted the wires gold and added a few little details to the little thing on the side (very descriptive I know).

I also added a second coat of clear and graphite to the scopes.

I also need to add my strap attachment method but that is coming in the mail soon!  :porg2:

Then weathering and it'll be ready to go.  I think I might wrap something around the stock right behind the trigger but I haven't decided yet. 

Re: The Armory
« Reply #28 on: Mar 04, 2021, 06:35 PM »
I did things with stuff. 

So I made the little bits to go around the barrel and 'attach' the rod to the barrel.  They're only coated in one layer of primer right now.

I glued the scope mount to the stock and stuck the backside of a rivet into it to help keep it in place. 

Got the forward grip added and the strip of wood that I added to the underside stained.  Also touched up the stock with stain as a few spots have gotten dinged up as I moved it around and 'ahem' tested how it's working.

And I mounted the swivel clip for the strap that I will use to carry it when it's not in 'use'.

I know I made the prongs for the second one but I am thinking I might change the end attachment and make it a slightly different piece.  I don't need two very similar weapons but I still want them to be recognizable as Amban Snipers.  With this in mind I am thinking of extending the barrel a bit with a 'cover piece' that I will drill holes into and add a sorta vibro bayonet option to the underside.  Still debating this with myself at the moment.

Re: The Armory
« Reply #29 on: Mar 05, 2021, 06:25 PM »
I added the little round thing to the barrel and the rod and glued them down with contact cement.  Also got the leash attached to the rifle so I can sling it over my shoulder.  However, I encountered a problem.  It pulls to much on my bandolier.  The whole belt is pulled up about and inch so I might just give it it's own sling to carry it on troops.

And I did some more work on my westar-35's

I did my first ever rub and buff as the base silver layer.  This went on top of a glossy black coat.  Then I clear coated it, added graphite powder, another clear coat, more graphite power, and then a third layer.  I taped off different section between each layer to get a pattern on my piece.  I will still be painted the grip a matte black and I am thinking I will add a trophy to the back of the gun.  It feels like it needs something there.

And I finished the holster for it


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