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 Soft good question

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Soft good question
« on: Jan 27, 2021, 04:18 AM »
This may be long got questions about soft goods.
1. With flight suit or scrubs which is better suggested to go with ? ,i kinda like the scrub side. Also it said something about underarmor if i got a black underarmor longsleeve shirt and pants to match would this work for suit?
2 armor flack vest
Was wondering if someone has made one from leather? What oz weight should be used i got some 4 to 5 oz that i could use? Also what method is better suggested to strap this in what i mean is if its a front and back with sides open is it better to velcro the sides or use some eyelets and lace it up.
3Girth belt
 i need to get some paracord in color i want to use and i should be able to make one i just need to know how wide and a better picture or use rope or some other type of string. Whats best to use?
4 kamas
I could also do this in leather with a logo on it but need a pattern of sorts or more pics as far as what they look like different styles of so to say. Also if this is a replacement for the cod armor should i still have the cod in event i dont want to wear the kamas
5. Gaiters
Well this another item i could probally make should not be hard to find a pattern for this out of leather.
6. Gloves
What is best ideas on glove types.
Which set up is best way to go with.
Closing of questions
So think im done with main questions.
Tyia dor any help



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Re: Soft good question
« Reply #1 on: Jan 27, 2021, 09:59 AM »
1. Do you want one-piece or two-piece? Itís personal choice. Just make sure it looks like all one piece.

2. Lots of folks use leather but I donít know weights so youíll have to use your judgement on what will be strong enough. Laces would probably look better than Velcro but you could also use leather straps.

3. Rope, paracord, a fabric sash, lots of options. Make it wider than your belts; 5-6Ē.

4. Watch The Clone Wars cartoons or search the characters. Look at the 501st clone CRLs, lots of kamas there. Basically two rectangles that you can vary. Also, the kama doesnít replace the cod, youíll need a loincloth, too.

5. Sounds like you answered your own question.

6. What kind of gloves does your character wear?

These are all basic questions your Ruusíalor should be able to help you with quickly. Look through WIPs, get ideas. The great thing about this club is the customization. There are minimal rules, make your kit your own!


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Re: Soft good question
« Reply #2 on: Jan 30, 2021, 11:51 AM »
Girth belt
Found this at tandy so thinkbi got everything to make a girth belt. But got a question is it just the rope leather ends and some buckles with some straps to put together or can i line this with a leather belt like item with the rope type girth belt on top of it.
Armor build 4

Heres my build out look so if i was ro line it the back leather i would do black with the rope side of the girth belt being red. Also what type of buckles are okay to use.


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