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 Obalonís Complete 3D Printed Jetpack Build.

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Obalonís Complete 3D Printed Jetpack Build.
« on: Apr 21, 2021, 11:26 PM »
I have noticed a HUGE lack of Jetpack/backpack content here of any kind with finished props.

 So allow me to remedy this with my recent addition to my armor. From beginning to end. Last year a friend lost his job, his income was gone and was losing his home. So he started doing commisons for those who needed it for him just to eat. So I reached out to help him and to help myself out because I have been working non stop since last year as a delivery man. He agreed and started 3D printing. I supplied the file. But it came with complications. The file wouldnít send for awhile, finally did. Settings wouldnít collaborate to get it printed. Failed several times. Replace filament. Couldnít get it in one go so had to do it in pieces and re-engineer the whole thing to work. And presto. He printed the Jetpack, sanded everything down and used a combo of bondo work to it along with layers of primer filler primer.

When I received it it was amazing but with primering it I could still see some gaps at part connections and 3D lines showing. So I went over it for months off and on. I did more reinforcement all over it and many many more layers of filler primer until I was absolutely satisfied. Safety Mando here! When using bondo and sanding it please wear a safety mask over nose and mouth thank you!

I roll with Rustoleum.  I first went with a primer, enamel black spray paint. Then went over it with another enamel spray for the metal color. I may have put at least 6-7 layers of enamel metal on it. The rest is maybe 2-3 layers of colors on top of that.

Colors! I was undecided on what I wanted it to look like. But I knew what the bases I was going to start with so I went ahead and built that up till I was satisfied. I go overboard but I want to make sure I have a solid base to work on later for weathering which is unconventional from what most use. Again started with black went with silver because I learned from a friend it helps the silver to pop more.

I then sat down and worked out a design. It took a few days. I had 3 concepts I worked on. I wanted it to complement my armor and not be a standalone piece. But then Boba has a Jetpack that was like that and looked completely different to his armor colors. But I wanted the matching look. Doesnít mean you donít have to you do you! JUST MAKE SURE you love it first. Follow where the art carries you and trust your gut. I worked on each one and tried to think of it as an original. I looked at the previous others to try something new on it. After the second I thought itís too much but I then flipped the colors and kept some of the concepts and ideas and bingo number 3 won in the end. Because my primary color is the metal look. So it only makes sense to do the same to the Jetpack.

So I start with a layered look, and went with a dark gray. Followed by my signature green over that. I did the same with the orange. Gray underneath with the orange below. All colors are a gloss I think. NOT MATTE.

But before I placed the colors I went over it using what I use to achieve the first steps to my weathering by using rubber cement. Itís almost the same way as masking fluid but less controllable but cheaper. CAUTION: Rubber Cement fumes is toxic when being inhaled and extremely flammable!!! So use caution please! Thank you! Safety Mando Talk over.

I take a Q-tip and place it where I need it. Corners, raised edges. And then I take a tooth pick and kind of zig zag over it to make it less glob and more random. Sometimes I wait for it to dry a little and take the tooth pick and since it congeals when drying it pulls in whatever direction you pull it. Then I paint.

Add a little more rubber cement on gray areas.

Now to focus on parts.

So when I painted the caps on the right and left I wasnít satisfied. They were too blotchy and looked intentional but Iíll post the photo to show what it looked like at first before I sanded the whole thing and re did it with the final photos in the end and you can see the difference that it was worth the hassle to actually scrape all the paint away and sand it down to redo it. Note: If you have to do that do not stress about it. Sometimes the inner critic can be right but thatís ONLY if you trust your instincts enough to retry. Remember you can always redo something. Nothing is set in stone. It just matters how stubborn and tenacious you can be. And yes itís okay that Tenacious D is playing in the background.

Something bad did happen though. I was painting in the garage when it was cold and then bringing everything inside to cure. Specifically just the parts. When I painted the main body of the Jetpack it was really warm. But the missile, caps, fusalage connector and thrusters was when it was cold. One of the thrusters had a bad reaction and cracking occurred. Luckily it was a small area but still significant. REMEMBER do not lose hope! Do NOT stress out. It happens to everyone even to a veteran like me after 7 years of this hobby. Take a deep breath. Collect yourself and do what needs to be done and pick it up again and plan your options on how to salvage it. Step away from it if you need to. Take a breather but come back to it donít leave it there to collect dust. Be tenacious! I scraped away the paint (good thing for the super amounts of strong enamel base colors because the orange and gray was gone only to leave the silver underneath. BUT just in case I sanded the whole section down to the primer so that I did not risk another reaction. It worked with no reaction. Safety Mando again, wear some kind of covering over your nose and mouth when sanding paint thanks!

After they were painted I started the weathering process.

Now youíre probably asking, but Obalon how did you get that detail?! Wait till the end and Iíll explain. Now painting the Jetpack itself on finishing it. By this point I already started peeling the rubber cement since I started getting excited. Because this is always my favorite part of the build.

Now for the weathering. How do I do it? Well. Pretty simple but tedious. An exaco blade and a pocket knife. You read that correctly! Caution: Itís common sense that a blade is sharp. But exercise caution! Exacto Blades can be some of the sharpest tools in someones shop. Safety Mando stare. Watching you!!!

 I first start going over the rubber cement with just my fingernail. Pull it away with my finger and rub it off revealing the layers I painstakingly tried to accomplish. Then I go over it piece by piece with my blade and knife. Pay attention to raised edges, and any exposed obvious areas. Think practicality. Where would this be weathered when your up against a wall or hugging a corner for cover? I chipped away the paint, added scratches and added dimension. I took a video of me doing it but canít share that. But I will share close ups.


Now look at those caps? Now go back up and see the difference? Less is more.

NOW black wash. I mix brown, gray and black. I mix. I add wash layer by layer a couple of times. Leave dry. But then I take my brush and get whatever paint lays on the bottom and SMEAR it all over the Jetpack. Parts and all. By doing this much more material gets into the cracks of the chipped paint, corners and other desired areas. I leave to dry for a bit. Obalon, why do you SMEAR it? Well it was an accident when I first painted my helmet when I first started. I originally was wanting a Jango look. But I smeared the paint on and made the mistake of leaving it outside in 90 degree heat and it baked. I fell in love with the heavy weathering and I cleaned it up a bit. Did the same thing to my metal armor. So itís only fair to redo that process to my Jetpack. Remember HAPPY LITTLE ACCIDENTS! If you donít know who Bob Ross is do yourself a favor and watch 1 video of him painting. Will change your life. Or not. But pay attention to what he has to say because it is relevant in all art no matter what form it takes.

Leave to dry for a bit. Come back. Pat it. Wipe it. Rub it in. Then clean up areas. Make sure those weathering bits stand out. Put some elbow grease into it until you get the final desired effect.

Thanks for reading my Jetpack TedTalk!!! Carry on ladies and gents! Have fun and I hope that in some way I helped you or taught you something new. Whatever you do you got this!

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Re: Obalonís Complete 3D Printed Jetpack Build.
« Reply #1 on: Apr 22, 2021, 02:20 AM »
Excellent work.  :boba:



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Re: Obalonís Complete 3D Printed Jetpack Build.
« Reply #2 on: Apr 22, 2021, 05:23 PM »
Izzz soo purrty

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Re: Obalonís Complete 3D Printed Jetpack Build.
« Reply #3 on: May 08, 2021, 05:24 PM »
Thanks for posting this. I hope to do this soon and this will really help me be able to go through the steps. Looks awesome.  :like:

Re: Obalonís Complete 3D Printed Jetpack Build.
« Reply #4 on: May 23, 2021, 04:51 PM »
Awesome job! looks a lot like mine that I just finished.


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