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 Boba Fett Re-appearance "The Mandalorian", chapter 14 Soft Kit

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I already started a WIP in the German section, but I was advised to seek for help and information here, too. So I will do that. I am pretty well into the build, and as more information starts to show up (among others also a draft of CRLS in the Bounty Hunter forum), I am starting to get a bit frustrated.

Here is pretty much what I have by now:

The pants used in the picture where I wear everything together are placeholders, as the final ones  had not arrived at that point. Also, placement of parts is still not quite right, so please forgive me there.

The shirt is a composite of a pretty form-fitting herringbone cotton shirt with sleeves of imitated raw silk attached to it, cuffs again from that same herringbone shirt, as they are a bit stiff and a very solid support for the gauntlets.

The pants I intend to use are a pair of so-called "Ninja Hakamas" (the correct Japanese term is different). It means they are Hakamas with tight shin parts which work perfectly with the leather gaiters, no tucking of tons of fabric. I had my doubts about these, as the crotch does not go down fully to the knees. But by now I have seen a video from behind the scenes where it seems Temuera's seems not to go down fully either.
The alternative would be a skirt shaped Hakama which needs to be tucked into the gaiters, which I do not think would be possible in a convincing way. So I will go with this model. I will modify the fastening though, as the double binding and side slits are not used in the chapter.

For boots, I use a pair of Skechers Black Robards SR winter boots, which seem to be pretty identical to the Nortiv 8 regarding the rubber part. I found them in a store and my orthopedic insoles fit perfectly. This is important for me, as otherwise I would not last long.

The gaiters are made by myself, I will add the necessary decorative parallel stitching later as mentioned in the CRL draft.

The sash is made of imitation raw silk, the hanging parts are sewn on in box pleats to give the necessary volume, started to hem the edges, but did not yet them cut them to the correct length. I first wanted to let them fray nicely (the fabric frays like crazy, I have to figure out something to stop it from fraying, otherwise there wil be only strings and no fabric. Maybe spray glue or hairspray). Side hems are therefore necessary, will be finished after cut to length.

The girth belt was made by accident of 11 rows:

The ammo belt was made by me, but sadly I made only 17 loops instead of 18 (I will redo the loops to have 18):

For the neck, a loop scarf seems to have been used, so I got a lightweight scarf and sewed the ends together.

Regarding the gloves, I had two pairs of leather gloves from my grandmother, a plain black and dark brown pair. I modded the black ones accordingly, and put them over the dark brown pair. I shortened the cuffs. 

I know, not the very best of pictures. But at the moment, the weather is horrible. Please have a look over the elements to see whether I am on the right path...


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