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 Heavy Infantry Variant Kit WIP

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Cabur Besbavar

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Heavy Infantry Variant Kit WIP
« on: Jun 21, 2021, 10:50 PM »

First time posting here. Finally got the chance to start my first kit so I'm posting here to document. We decided to go the 3D printed route for a heavy armor variant kit.

The armor is by Geek Out Studios and will be here in a few weeks, weapon and all. Next step is either ordering or making the soft parts. I already have boots and gloves so its the flight suit, belt, tasset padding, kamas, flak vest and neck seal. We have a rough color idea but we will hash it out after the sanding. I will update this thread as parts arrive. My girlfriend is already an OM so I'm lookin forward to trooping with her and everyone else in the future.

EDIT: 07/05/2021

Su cuy'gar!

My wonderful girlfriend and I have been busy at her shop getting some of the soft parts done before the 3D printed armor arrives.

This tan flight suit is one that I used during my time in the Marines but had to be modified a little (civi life). We do understand that the pockets and all will need to be covered or removed but we just wanted to get the measurements and trail run done before the arrival of the armor (hopefully this week) as well as post updated pictures to the group.

Thanks again for all the help thus far and we will be posting more as we can!

Ret'urcye mhi

PS- if anyone knows a better way to add pictures to this page aside the way its has been done, please let me not the best with computers.  :porg2:

EDIT: 07/06/2021

so below are the pictures from round 1 of soft parts. Again, my girlfriend (she is an OM) and i are aware of the rule for the pockets but an old flight suit seemed very resourceful not to use.  Thanks again to everyone!

EDIT: 07/08/2021

Su cuy'gar!

The flack vest is almost complete and the tasset pads are done except for attaching it to a belt! That is why the top of the tassets are unfinished. We wanted to wait till the armor arrived to match a belt to it. The flack just needs clips for the top and bottom of both sides, which we also wanted to wait to see if they would work with the armor. If they do not, we have an idea to use snaps instead to make it look complete.  I will be attaching photos to this post as well.

I was also just notified as i was typing this message that my armor is coming in later today!! I will post picture of them when they arrive for the before and after records.

Its all starting to fall in place and i can not be more excited! :porg2:

Ret'urcye mhi

EDIT: 07/08/2021

Su cuy'gar!

well the armor and all the 3d printed pieces came in about 2 days early then expected so I did what anyone would have done.....destroyed the BBB and began to figure everything out!

these are a few pictures of what parts i have and the process on...of course....the heavy blaster!!

and of course....

EDIT: 07/15/2021

My girlfriend and i have been busy sanding and getting the pieces ready for the first coat of primer. We also got the blaster complete!

Thank you for all the advice and help during this process! :like:

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