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 Soft Parts WIP / Build Log

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Re: Soft Parts WIP / Build Log
« Reply #15 on: Oct 11, 2021, 02:26 PM »

Your soft parts are spectacular.

Amazing job!!!

Thanks Vod, your words emboldened me to get after things some more now that my Helmet is in decent shape. I've put in a little more time weathering soft parts. I feel like I've got a respectable first pass, and I'll probably add a bit more here and there after I let things settle in and get some feedback.
Neck seal, might be a bit more here than on the vest but helmet on/off and necksweat would get this area pretty grimy on a long campaign.

And Flak Vest - here's an overview shot.  I'm working with the plates attached still so I know what is covered, figuring that the areas under plates won't get as dirty and won't be seen. I'm running a bit behind each plate though, since dirt and views will work around the edges anyway.

Bottom front detail - looking to get a bit of muddy edge here, I put a run of thinned ochre in all the stitches, then put more concentrated brown in on top to simulate sweat running through and then capturing dirt in the crevices. I think I need some more dusty highlights in the flatter high spots still.

Side panel - Thinned brown in every stitch line, thinned ochre in a few random lines, and then I made smudges by repeatedly soaking a few washes of thinned brown in spots, then dry-brushing and finger smudging un-thinned brown on top. Also did the brush-and-smudge on corners and some spots on the edges.

Collar plate (sorry it came out blurry), pushing some discoloration to line up with the surface damage on the plates.

Shoulder/arm opening - highlighting the portion in direct contact with my under arm area with lighter color to give it a dingy salt-trace from lots of fight sweat. Running Ochre and brown in the channels as previously mentioned. I think I'll get some more dusty highlights on the upper parts of my torso and make the muddy edge and splotches etc stay lower. I probably should pull the feel of the neckseal downward a bit to blend things together and keep it from looking too much like I've done each part separately.

I'll need to take another pass at my girth belt to keep things in line - next working session I might have to lay my flightsuit and all out in the correct layers and go at it all together to unify the pieces better. I'm delaying making a cape, wondering if I should apply without one and then add it on later...

Re: Soft Parts WIP / Build Log
« Reply #16 on: Nov 05, 2021, 01:19 PM »
It's been a minute - I had to do a pause for Spookmas. Now we're past it, I have been adding some weathering layers to the soft parts to get my whole kit to a more consistent level of wear.
So I cleared the table and did a Flat Mando Layout to see where I need to add wear, tear, and Space Grime.

Bumped up the brown and black wash in the girth stitching channels.

Added some extra grime on the back at the outside corners and bottom hem, in case I ever get my act together and build a jetpack.
The top edges front and back have lighter 'dried sweat salt' coloring drybrushed on.

Smeared some "grass stain" on knees, elbows, and a little bit on the set of my pants via light thumb smudges of undiluted Olive Green fabric paint and layers of the same thinned with water. I also experimented with brush blending the smudges with the wash, to see if it broke down sharp edges on spots.  I think it did ok.

(rear pockets are concealed by butt plate, relax....)

(might re-do the closure to velcro instead of buttons)

And gloves. I used Brown, Tanned Leather, Ochre, and Russet in wash and drybrush layers to dirty them up good. I'm going to re-work the left glove and handplate a bit on the outside to add some scorchier black spots because that's where my flame thrower is.

I think the next step is to add some physical damage via abrasion, cuts and mending, and tumbling in the dryer with some tennis balls for an hour or two.
Tell me what you think vode, constructive feedback is always welcome.

Re: Soft Parts WIP / Build Log
« Reply #17 on: Nov 20, 2021, 09:35 PM »
I made a cape. I've had the material for a while but I've just...not done it. So I took a leap and got started.
The fabric I got is (mostly) wool, black with a red and white stripe woven into the cloth; I got it on clearance/deadstock at Mood Fabrics. the piece I got was just enough for one long rectangle-y cape-like object or two O.G. Fett-style shoulder capes.

So I cut it in half, rolled the side hems for a narrow hem, and made a wider hem at the top, which also helped capture the reinforcing patch I put in on the underside (leftovers form the flak vest shell fabric).

For this part of my kit I decided to go back to my roots and do all stitching and finishing by hand, and it turned out great.

I can't say enough about the drape, the weight, and the sound it makes if you flutter it. It's going to be really hard to half-destroy it for The Aesthetic.

I tacked it on with safety pins to snap some quick pics to see how it hangs, and immediately decided it needed a proper attachment, and as soon as possible.
So I poked holes and did eyelets like I do, and re-purposed a plate I had made to cover the gap between my collar and back plates but never used.
It was just barely warm and dry enough today to do a simple speed paint -

Self-etching primer, Midnight Blue, and some colored stripes with some basic fluid masking and post-paint scratching and abrading. Once it's fully cured I'll hit it a bit more and give it a brown/black wash.

I think sometime next week I'll be in a fit state for a kit-up and photos for some full-kit feedback.

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Re: Soft Parts WIP / Build Log
« Reply #18 on: Nov 22, 2021, 10:32 AM »
That cape looks great!

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