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« on: Oct 19, 2021, 09:53 AM »
 :mcq2:Calling all Clans!!!! :vizsla:

The 38TH ANNUAL Richmond Christmas Parade is scheduled for 12/4/21 this year, and we need you.
The website for the parade is at

Come join the Firestorm Clan and make a big presence for the 38th Annual Dominion Richmond Christmas Parade

The date this year is SATURDAY DECEMBER 4TH, 2021. Suit up is from 7am and be at the muster point by 8-8:30 am.
The Parade will depart from the Science Museum on West Broad Street at 10 am and continues East until ending on Seventh Street around noon. The previous year's holiday event PRIOR TO 2020 attracted more than 250,000 spectators from all over Virginia, with thousands more watching a live television broadcast. It is the largest single-day event of the year in Virginia. This year's Parade will have huge high-flying balloons, elaborate floats, star-spangled marching bands, and as always, SANTA CLAUS!
The route is about 3.5 miles in length down the main thoroughfare in Richmond
These past years, both the Rebel Legion, Mando Mercs and the 501st have marched in the parade, come rain, sleet or snow.

This is considered a Medium profile event, meaning, this is an official event that does not involve Lucasfilm Ltd. and is for promotion or charity. A formal costume is the requirement unless otherwise requested/permitted.
All decisions regarding costume types for events are up to the Base Commander, Event Coordinator, the Rebel Legion Event Officer, and Legion Council.

Just to give a little background:
This parade is sort of like Richmond's version of the Rose Bowl Parade in California. The Parade is broadcast LIVE on the local PBS and CBS networks of Richmond, and will be rebroadcast on Christmas Day and will be ON DEMAND from COMCAST and YouTube.
TV: The Parade is broadcast LIVE on WTVR-CBS 6 the day of the parade from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.
Here is the link to the parade info and pics from the past ones:

I am hoping we can get everyone from last year as well as more from neighboring garrisons, bases and clans. As always the more the merrier.
I will be extending this invite to Firestorm Clan, Terrapin Base, OLG, Freedom Base and other garrisons/bases. You can also invite others to join in as long as it is an Approved 501st Legion Costume

If you are interested in joining in the Reindeer Games then post your interest and we will go from there.
I would love to see a good sized group this year, especially with the addition of some of our newest and returning members.

Please lets please try to keep this to one Face Character per movie/costume
Example.... Vader, Fett, Emperor, Kylo, Face Character Sith, Face Character Clones, etc.
Obviously with Vader there are multiple versions BUT we still dont want multiple Vaders
but we can have multiple:
Clone Troopers
Royal Guard

You get the drift...

Here is the GOOGLE SHEET for sign ups

Thanks in advance and lets make this one bigger and better. :D

Stoagie ďArenít you a little short for a stormtrooper?Ē Schwank
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