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 Xonn Krys - Mandalorian Bounty Hunter concept (Modern/Post-Imperial)

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Xonn Krys

Xonn was born in 16 BBY on the world of Chyrem in the Mid-Rim. Xonn's family would be murdered by Imperial Stormtroopers during a riot in 10 BBY. In the aftermath of the riot, a now orphaned Xonn would be discovered by Mandalorians  and taken with them as a Foundling with the Children of the Watch. Xonn would live on the Mandalorian moon of Concordia where he would be raised and trained as their creed stated. When Xonn turned 13 in 3 BBY, he would come of age and per Mandalorian custom, swore the Creed of Mandolore and donned his first helmet.

One year later in 2 BBY, Xonn would survive the Siege of Mandalore and the Night of a Thousand Tears being located on Concordia and fled with a covert to the Outer-Rim world of Uamar. After the covert established itself, Xonn would take to becoming a Bounty Hunter to help fund the Covert and its Foundlings. Xonn's first weapons beside his Vibroknife, would a be a set of DH-17 Blaster Rifle and DH-17 Blaster Pistol, which had been given to the covert from members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Being that he was located in the Outer-Rim, bounties were in abundance which brought Xonn to the next great challenge of his life on Tattooine.

In 0 BBY, Xonn was on Tattooine in between bounties when through unusual circumstances, Xonn had struck up an uneasy alliance with a tribe of Tusken Raiders where both had a mutual enemy, a Krayt Dragon. This dragon was not fully grown yet but was already causing untold chaos and carnage on the Tusken tribe and Xonn's bounties that were foolish enough to wander into its den. Having learned the Tusken Sign Language, Xonn was able to coordinate with them to lure the Dragon out. Their combined efforts were successful as the beast was slain, but Xonn's armor had taken a beating and was damaged in multiple areas. Both Xonn and the Tusken Tribe, however gained great rewards: The Tuskens would feast on the meat and ichor of the dragon, and Xonn's reward was a handful of Krayt Dragon Pearls from it's stomach, a baker's dozen in total, each one worth 100,000 credits. Xonn would depart Tattooine with the pearls and return to Uamar.

Upon return to Uamar, Xonn returned to his Covert to repair his armor and give some of the pearls to the Covert to fund the Foundlings. The Coverts Armorer forged Xonn a new Cuirass of Armor from the Beskar that was available. The signet of the Krayt Dragon was applied to Xonn's right pauldron. After restocking his munitions, Xonn would use a few of the Pearls to purchase and modify a Corellian YT-1930 Freighter, naming the ship the Dragon's Fortune. When the ship was ready, Xonn would make his next move, this time aiding in the liberation of the Wookie Homeworld of Kashyyyk.

During his time on Kashyyyk, Xonn would aid the Wookies in repelling slaving parties from both Imperials and Trandoshan slavers. His true challenge came when a young Wookie had fallen to the forest floor of Kashyyyk. Xonn volunteered to go down and save the young Wookie. Xonn used his jet pack to fly down and was able to locate the injured wookie. He tended his wounds while keeping guard but were both attacked by a Madclaw wookie. Xonn was able to outmaneuver the wookie, using his own smaller size to his advantage to avoid it's powerful blows. The Madclaw was successfully slain by both Xonn and the young Wookie he was protecting. Taking part of it's pelt and a few of its claws as a trophy, he returned to the tree-villages above with the young wookie. Earning the clan's respect and admiration, they gave him the endearing nickname, "Iron Wookie". As part of their gratitude as well, the clan would show Xonn how to craft his own Bowcaster, a weapon prized by many Bounty Hunters. Xonn would use his DH-17 Blaster Rifle, which had been damaged in the battle with the Madclaw to create his own Bowcaster, enscribed with his initials and the Krayt Dragon signet.

  • Beskar Armor
  • Jet Pack
  • Bowcaster "Dragonfang" (Made from a DH-17 Blaster Rifle)
  • DH-17 Blaster Pistol
  • Z6 Riot Control Baton Prototype
  • Vibro Knife
  • Grav Charges x6 (3 on each hip)
  • Left Vambrace: Flamethrower with internal fuel tank, Whipcord Launcher, Whistling Birds, Holoprojector
  • Right Vambrace: Flamethrower with internal fuel tank, Whipchord Launcher, Whistling Birds, Holoprojector

Ship: The Dragon's Fortune

Modified YT-1930 Freighter
Length: 36.8 Meters
Width: 21.6 Meters
Height: 9.6 Meters
Maximum Speed: 950 km/h
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 1(Backup Class 8)
Shielding: Heavy Duty Shield Generators (Spread out for better regeneration)
Hull: Reinforced Hull
Navigation System: Navicomputer
  • 2x Quad Medium Laser Cannon Turrets (Top and Bottom Mounted)
  • 2x Medium Ion Cannons (Mounted on Nose)
  • Medium Concussion Missile Launcher
  • Space Mine Launcher
  • Tractor Beam
Crew: 1
Passengers: 4 (2 Holding Cells, 2 Passenger Quarters)
Cargo Capacity: 200 Metric Tons
Consumables: 4 Months
  • Medical Suite with Bacta Tank
  • Carbonite Freezing System (For Bounties that cause trouble on the ship)
  • Droid Repair Team: 3x Astromech Droids
  • 2x MSE-6 Repair Droids for keeping ship clean
  • Jamming Suite
  • Armory and Cryo-Furnace

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Xonn Krys - Mandalorian Bounty Hunter, Captain of the Dragon's Fortune

Karson Wren

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You clearly put a lot of thought into this, love the details about the bowcaster and his relationship to the wookies.  :like:


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