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 Question - Finishes for Modern/Post kit

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Question - Finishes for Modern/Post kit
« on: Jan 09, 2022, 12:55 AM »
I have a question about:

This question is regarding an out-of-the-norm use of an approved material as a finish for a Modern/Post kit.

 Iíve read the CRLs a half-dozen times , read all the forum threads I could find that might apply to the subject, spent several weeks completing a helmet at proof of concept, spoken to two Russíalors and so far this  design seems approvable.

This post is me double checking with you (The App Team) before completing the rest of the armor for the kit.

 The question is:

Does it fall within the CRL's for Modern/Post  kit to wrap/edge select parts of (Beskar) armor made from approved materials (3D PLA+ Prints & Sintra)  with a thin skin of leather similar to how some of the Deathwatch had leather details incorporated over their Beskar to silence their armor for effective stealth in the Maul comics line?

The design has Beskar exposed in most places, but places where the armor plate would rub together or rub against surroundings like branches, etc. the armor would be wrapped or edged with thin leather to quiet the armors movement and reduce reflective surfaces for hunting/assasin work.

Helmet is a 3D PLA+ single unit print with the bottom edge of the helmet trimmed to alter the look profile. Sanded to a 220 grit polish. Then wrapped in thin leather.

Horns are soft resin (Con approved for safety) with a metallic finish to mimic Beskar.

Weathering has leather damaged in places to expose the Beskar beneath.

This is done to emphasize that THIS IS NOT LEATHER ARMOR, but rather it is Beskar armor with leather accents incorporated for more effective stealth and reduced reflective surfaces.

Thank you in advance for your time looking into this for me.

Iíve pulled my inspiration for the leather accenting directly from select Deathwatch armor designs in the comics.


Venix Arden

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Re: Question - Finishes for Modern/Post kit
« Reply #1 on: Jan 10, 2022, 11:44 AM »
Thank you for your question! I've copy/pasted some elements from the CRL's I found under the "additional info" section.

Quality Clause
"Some examples of instances where the quality clause may be invoked include, but are not limited to, materials used in construction, craftsmanship or construction methods used, questionable greeblies or props, attachment methods, and alternate color painting methods like glitter, colored vinyl stickers, wraps or hydro dipping in lieu of regular paint in large areas."

Face Character Items
"No unmodified parts or themes can be used from Star Wars canon/legends face characters. This includes, but is not limited to, lightsaber trophies, lightsabers/darksabers, paint schemes, symbols/sigils, and armor pieces/elements."

The only era that uses leather in large quantities is in the Crusader Era. There is no reference that I can see of a Modern or Post Imperial Mandalorian using leather wrapped Beskar. For those Eras, leather is mentioned in the CRL's for attachment methods, not as armor itself.

The best way I could answer your question is to say that if you want to do a Canon DeathWatch from the comics, read the CRL's for that character and work with your Ruusalor staff to accomplish that goal. As it stands right now, leather wrapped armor would not be approved for the above quoted CRL points.

Personally, I love the look of this helmet and you should be very proud that you crafted a beautiful piece. If I were you, I'd display that on your wall with pride. I wish you the best and happy building!


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