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 Master Sigils List

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  • I probably have a link for that.
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Master Sigils List
« on: Feb 01, 2022, 10:21 AM »
Master Sigils List

Below you will find a list of sigils within the Star Wars universe and whether they are permitted for use on custom armor or not. As with most costume-related requirements in the MMCC, this is a living document and is subject to change and adaptation to new content.

Symbol        -     Final ruling for use on custom armor (Yes or No)

13th Strike Wing      YES
302nd Flight Wing      YES
535th Assault Wing    YES
8th Elite Squad      YES
Aarrba’s Starship Repair      YES
Admiral Trench's crest      NO
Admiral Trench's crest variant    NO
Ado Eemon's Emblem     YES
Ailon Nova Guard     YES
Alliance     YES
Alliance Intelligence      YES
Alliance of Free Planets    YES
Alum Frost Royal Guard Academy   NO
Anakin Skywalker's podracing symbol   NO
Ante-Endor Association   YES
Army of Light (Lord Hoth)   NO
Aurdoium Sword   YES
Azzameen Family   YES
Bad Batch NO
Bakura   YES
Balance   YES
Baron Pitareezes Insignia   YES
Barriss Offee's Crest   NO
Black Sun   YES
Blade squadron   NO
Blazing claw   YES
Blazing claw variant   YES
Blazing claw variant 2   YES
Blazing claw variant 3   YES
Blazing claw variant 4   YES
Bloody Bones   YES
Bo Katan Helmet emblem   YES
Boba Fett & the Assassin Droids   NO
Boba Fett Pre-Pro Shoulder Patch   YES
Boba Fett Shoulder Patch   YES
Boba Fett Shoulder Patch (Marvel)   NO
Bravo Squadron   NO
Brentall Commerce Academy   NO
Broken Horn Syndicate   YES
Bureau Of Ships and Services   NO
Burr Danid Royal Guard Academy   NO
Calamar officials insignia   YES
Carnor Jax Royal Guard Academy   NO
Chiss Ascendancy   YES
Chiss Expansionary Defense Force   YES
CIS and Separatist Holdouts   YES
CIS Flag   YES
Clan Eldar   YES
Clan Ordo   YES
Clan Rook   YES
Clan Varad   YES
Clan Viszla (Rebels)   YES
Clan Wren Jaig Eyes YES
Claw Clan   YES
Clone Army Patch   YES
Clone Cadet   YES
Clone Commander Neyo (CC-8826) 91st Mobile Reconaissance Corps   YES
Clone Ordinance Specialist Symbol   YES
Cobalt Squadron   YES
Code of the Sith   NO
Coins   YES
Commerce Guild   YES
Commision for the Preservation of the New Order   YES
ComNet Corporation    NO
Corellia   YES
Corporate Sector Authority   NO
CorSec YES
Coruscant Health Administration   YES but only permitted with no text
Coruscant Security Force   YES
Coruscant Security Force During Clone Wars   YES
Crimson Aces   YES
Crimson Dawn   YES
CT-9544 Tattoo   NO
Cult of Ragnos NO
Dagger squadron   YES
Dark Lord of the Sith (Naga Sadow)   NO
Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire/Fel Empire   YES
Death Squadron   YES
Death Watch (blue)   YES
Death Watch (red)   YES
Death Watch Airborn Chest Emblem   YES
Death Watch Airborn Shoulder Emblem   YES
Death Watch Flame emblem   YES
Death Watch Grapple (?) Shoulder Emblem   YES
Death Watch Rank Insignia (all)   YES
Death Watch Shoulder Patch   YES
Death Watch, Clan Viszla   YES
Death Watch, Clone Wars   YES
Deeply Religious   NO
Demise   YES
Desiligic Clan   YES
Dex's Diner   NO
Dharus’ Pirate Group   YES
Diversity Alliance   YES
Elrood sector   YES
Emperor's new clothes   NO
Empress Teta Symbol   YES
Endurance   YES
Eternal Empire   YES
Exar Kun's Forehead symbol   NO
Exegol symbol YES
Eyttyrmin Batiiv    YES
Farstar   NO
First Order (Hexagon)   YES
First Order (Round)   YES
First Sun Mobil Regiment   YES
Flasks   YES
Followers of the Cosmic Balance   YES
Frangawl Cult   YES
Fringer   YES
Fromm Gang   YES
Fulcrum   YES
Galactic Alliance Infantry Symbol   YES
Galactic Credit Standard   YES
Galactic Empire   YES
Galactic Federation of Free alliances   YES
Galactic Republic   YES
Galactic Republic  Yellow   YES
Galactic Republic Bendu Symbol Black   YES
Galactic Republic Bendu Symbol Blue   YES
Galactic Republic Bendu Symbol Red   YES
Galactic Republic Symbol during Unification Wars   YES
Galactic Republic Variant   YES
Galactic Senate Symbol Black   YES
Galactic Senate Variant Coloured   YES
Gamorrean runes   YES
Garbis Family   YES
General Grievous Crest   NO
Grappa’s tatoo   NO
Gundark script   YES
Gungan   YES
Hapan Royal House   YES
Hapes Consortium   YES
Happy bore medicated dewormer   NO
Havoc Squad   YES
Heliost Clan   NO
Hell's Hammers   YES
Hitak Harriers   YES
Horn Company   YES
House Barnaba   NO
House Benelex   NO
House Cadriaan   NO
House Calipsa   NO
House Mecetti   NO
House Melantha   NO
House Neuvalis   NO
House of Organa Symbol   NO
House Paramexor   NO
House Pelagia   NO
House Reena   NO
House Renliss   NO
House Salaktori   NO
House Tresario   NO
Hutt Cartel   YES
IG-88 Unknown Symbol   NO
Imperial Information Office   YES
Imperial Navy   YES
Imperial press corps   YES
Imperial Remnant   YES
Inferno squad   YES
Infinite Empire   NO
Infinite Empire Flag   NO
Infinite Empire Flag 2   NO
Infinite Empire Flag 3   NO
ISD Avenger   YES
Ivax Syndicate   YES
Jaig Eyes   YES
Jaster/Boba's chest emblem   YES
Jedi Conclave on Deneba   NO
Jedi Order   NO
Jedi Order 2   NO
Jedi Younglings   NO
Jinata Security   YES
Jodo Kast's Insignia   NO
Journeyman Protector YES
Kaarenth Dissension   YES
Kachirho Clan   YES
Kailio Entertainments    NO
Kanjiklub   YES
Karazak Slavers Corp   NO
Katarn Clan   NO
Katarn commandos   NO
Kendamari Casinos   NO
Khoonda flag   YES
Kiffu Guardians   YES
Kir Kanos Royal Guard Academy   NO
Kouhun    YES
Krayt Draggers    YES
League of Tapaani Freeworlds   NO
Lemmet Tauk Royal Guard Academy   NO
Logo of the Phantom II   NO
Lok Revenants    YES
Lusankya symbol   YES
Mabari   YES
Mandalore the Indomitable Basilisk Symbol   NO
Mandalorian Crusaders   YES
Mandalorian Enclave (great Galactic Civil War)   YES
Mandalorian Guard   YES
Mandalorian Mercenary Emblem   YES
Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders   YES
Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders Flag   YES
Mandalorian Powertech Emblem   YES
Mandalorian Protector   NO
Mandalorian Secret Service   YES
MandelMotors   YES
Mandroxan    YES
McQuarrie Concept (all)   YES
Medical Red Sigil   YES
Metalorn Symbol   YES
Mezgraf slave mark   NO
Mirak terrik Horn symbol   NO
Moderation   YES
Moff Sarne's personal seal   YES
Mon Calamari Guard   YES
Mon Mothma's Seal   NO
Mudhorn Sigil   NO
Muur talisman   YES
Naboo Emblem   YES
Naddist   NO
Naga Sadow's Insignia   NO
Nebula Front   YES
New Jedi Order (post ROTJ)   NO
New republic   YES
Night Fangs   YES
Nite Owls/Clan Kryze   YES
Noble Court   YES
Nomad Squadron   YES
Novahawk   YES
Nym   NO
Ohnaka Gang   YES
Old Republic   YES
Old Republic Empty Cog Cream   YES
Old Republic Empty Cog Yellow   YES
Old Republic Symbol during Sith Empire Return   YES
Old Republic Yellow   YES
Old Sith Empire Symbol   YES
Old Sith Empire Symbol 2   YES
onderon rebels   YES
Open Circle Fleet   YES
Order of Revan   NO
Order of Zildrog   YES
Ororo Transportation   NO
Partisans   YES
Pentastar Alignment   YES
Pentastar Alignment (Insurrection)   YES
Pentastar Alignment (Judgement)   YES
Pentastar Alignment (Politorate)   YES
Pentastar Alignment (Protectorate)   YES
Phoenix cell   green squadron allowed, rest banned due to real world alphabet
Pirate symbol   YES
Potentium Symbol   YES
Pre-republic era icon   YES
Pre-Vizsla Helmet Sigil   NO
Priamsta   YES
Prophets of the Dark Side   YES
Pyke Syndicate    YES
Queen of air and darkness   YES
Qulok's Fist   YES
Radiation Zone Assault Trooper   YES
Ragmar V flag   YES
Raider   YES
Ranc Gang   YES
Ranulf Talkin's Paramilitary   YES
Rebel Alliance General Collar Insignia   YES
Rebel Alliance symbols   YES
Rebel technician hat symbol   YES
Rebels Red/blue/green squadron   YES
Red Hand   YES
Renegade squadron   YES
Republic Military (Navy) During Mandalorian Wars    YES
Republic Navy   YES
Republic Navy 4000 BBY   YES
Republic Service Organization   YES
Republic Strategic Information Service   YES
Restored Empire   YES
Rhen Var ruins symbol   YES
Rodian head   YES
Rogue squadron   sigil permitted if it is the sigil without  real world alphabet
Rori   YES
Sabacc Symbols RPG   YES
Sabacc Symbols Solo Movie   YES
Sabers   YES
Sabine Wren's starbird   YES
Sabrin Ring   YES
Scrapper Guild YES
Scyre   YES
Sebulba's Podracing   NO
Sector Rangers   YES
Sector Rangers Variant    YES
Senate Building Symbol 3996 BBY   YES
Seventh Fleet   YES
Sith   NO
Sith Empire (Great War)   YES
Sith Empire (Jedi Civil War)   NO
Sixty-first mobile infantry   NO
Skull Squadron   YES
Skystrike Academy   YES
Smugglers' Alliance   YES
Socorran flag   YES
Solonar Rangers   YES
Specter squadron   YES
Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium   YES
Star Hoppers of Aduba-3   YES
Starforge station   NO
Stars' End   YES
Staves   YES
Stormtrooper fire division   YES
Strike force Attagak   YES
Sundari Mandalorian Hospital   YES
Surronian   YES
Tallon's Family Crest   YES
Tango Company   YES
Tantive IV atmo substation symbol   YES
Tantive IV deflector symbol   YES
Tantive IV hyperdrive symbol   YES
Tantive IV power substation symbol   YES
Tarkin Initiative   YES
Techno Union 1   YES
Techno Union 2   YES
Tenloss Syndicate    YES
Thalassian Slagers   YES
The Alliance Symbol   YES
The Black Bha’lir    YES
The BlastBoast 200   NO
The Cell   NO
The Daughter (Light Side of the Force)   NO
The Evil One   YES
The Exchange   YES
The Idiot   YES
The Scourge   YES
The Son (Dark Side of the Force)   NO
The Star   YES
TIE Pirates (Eiattu Pirates)   NO
Tierfon yellow aces   YES
Tiss'shar   YES
Tobbi Dala Shoulder Emblem   NO
Tobbi Dalla Chest Emblem   NO
Trade Federation   YES
Trade Spine League   YES
Trandosha   YES
Troob   YES
True Mandalorian   YES
True Mandalorian - Jaster   NO
TuskBlaster   NO
Twin Horns Storage   YES
Ubrik Adelhard's Imperial Remnant   YES
Ulic Qel-Droma Forehead symbol   NO
University of Sanbra   YES
Uprising   YES
Vana Saga   NO
Vengeance Battle Group   YES
Verpine   YES
Victor Flight   YES
Vohai unirail   YES
Void Wings   YES
Warning Symbol (seen on Hoth in delegated scene)                  YES
WolfPack Emblem (Commander Wolffe)                                      YES
Wraith squadron   YES
Xim the Despots Death's Head   YES
Yoda's crest   NO
Yuuzhan Vong Empire   NO
Zann Consortium    YES
Zoorif feather   YES

The following link contains a list that includes some imagery of the sigils in this list. Visual representation of these sigils can be very convenient; however, this list is not maintained in any official capacity by the MMCC. As such, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. The use of this list as a point for reference for approvability on custom armor should be done at your own risk.

Visual Sigils List

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